Shingeki no Kyojin

Are there cuter murderers than Eren and Mikasa? They're so adorable!

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I love mikasa so much

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what's the meaning of this?

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that mikasa has cute feets

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You know what to do

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BAsed BAchad

I bow arumin-sama

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The cutest murderer of them all!

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>BAfat samefag

KYS incel. Shit picture.

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>BAschizo talking to himself

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Cute and canon


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this is a female.

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A handsome female.

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I hope Isayama's next MC will look like this.

>mogs WIT
>mogs MAPPA

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>Ani stop fucking Arumin

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>That Bert
How the FUCK was this guy not drowning in cadet pussy during training?

I'm always on my knees

I swear Armin and Mikasa get more Chad with every season.

That's the entire point of the series. Armin was the actual Chad, and Eren was the virgin. It is a profound commentary.

Thanks for this

MAPPA still hasn’t done anything like that one junior high sakuga at the end

>defending a little girl/yourself from rape

Sorry user, Hackayama recontextualised this as murder on eren's side, too bad!

Stop samefaggung fucken cancer

Kick in your face by creat original.

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Cheched. BAcuck BTFO

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This is....beautiful

BAchad, I'm speaking for everyone here: Thanks for existing

Stop samefagging fucken retard. Mods?

This CHAD aura.....

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Cute cute cute

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>beruanism dumlrtard

Fuck off beruanism

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BA is blasphemy. Bert belongs to Ymir.

>Godholt.....I swear your daughter, Mina, will be very happy

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>mentally ill BAspic
Kys cringe schizo

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Cucked by Ghostholt, can it get any worse for Arminb-, I mean sisters. Your ship's looking great hons!

Arminbros.....first Chadholt cucks Armin by impregnating Annie then Annie can't stop thinking about Ghostholt......

Beautiful, magnificent. You can tell the ghost of Bert was there in that scene.

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Best megane

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So cute

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Late start to my morning!

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Get yourself a insane bf like Eren

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ereh is beautiful

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Another day of being completely in love with Mikasa! Love it! Love her! Yahoo!

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its erehisu week! are there any sisters left here?

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>lobov retreats
>gabi doesn't get on the airship
>sasha doesn't die
>mikasa doesn't exit the room
>zeke makes small-talk
damn you lobov

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Imagine being cuckholt. Imagine losing to and being eaten, painfully, by the man who will later fuck your oneitis. Imagine he defeats you so utterly, takes for himself everything about you that makes you unique, and then to top it all off he hooks up with the only girl you ever loved and allies with your best friend who knows that the guy killed you.
Cuckholt died a fucknugget. Literally.