Jujutsu Kaisen

what is Kirara doing right now?

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owari da....

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>"you're Angel/Sukuna!"
Lmao, my boy Panda might die but him running into Hajime was something I wanted from the start.

what's panda's running speed

What did it say here?

Panda thinks kashimo is angel
Kashimo thinks panda is sukuna

and the final word?


uh okay, thanks

This is a fake panel btw
Text leak here










Author Comment

Me don't understand, translate it

>> 237619854
This is a fake panel btw
Text leak here

# 184
I'm only skimming
Fighting pandas and cashimo

— —

Panda's soliloquy in a place like a container terminal
(Somehow it's possible to enter a barrier and be divided like that)
Well look for an angel or start walking
Encounter with Deer Shiun
I pretend to be a panda, but it's easy to get caught
Take a strong blow
(It's a belly bread, but it feels like the back side is blown away. In the next scene, there is no hole in the belly)
Going into gorilla mode and hitting a tremor fist, but it's not very effective
I'll tear off my right arm with a counterattack

Do you know the lodging?

I don't know

While I know

Transform into an older sister and challenge

Where's the inn

To next time


Author Comment
Tsubasa kicked his head or neck
I was thinking, but the person in charge is on the shoulder
There is a possibility of

So we really just had 4 weeks of building up what the fuck Hakari's CT and DE is just to not see what the end result of a "jackpot" is?

The cat is an eternal tease

>4 weeks of building up
2 and a half chapters of Hakari. Fight only been 2 chapters.
Don't use that word.

What about the spoilers with the fisherman?

I'm somewhat dissapointed that "Kamo's head exploded" was the fake spoiler

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It was obvious user

I know I know, it sounded really fucking funny though

Fuck yeah next week will be great

>panda shows up for a single chapter
>fucking dies

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So which ones are the real spoilers? We had like 4 spoilers this week

Whichever one you find the least exciting is usually the real one

isn't kashimo supposed to be female?


Oh no, Kashimo is retarded

Bro, thats been a meme for months and months now. Since the Shibuya arc.

Next you'll tell me panda isn't a panda

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And then, Kamo head explodes

I thought the encounter with Kashimo was supposed to be at the last page judging from Is it a fake leak?

Real leak, fake image

>yfw panda dying to protect yuji's identity will just be used to fuck yuji's mental even harder

PandaGODS...Yaga isn't here anymore...we can go all out...

It's time to use THAT.

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>It's fucking monkey time

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The chapter ends with Panda bringing out the Sister Core and immediately exploding

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>Panda is a suicide bomber

Now this is a twist I wasn't expecting

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>panda backstory is actually a fake memory
>His real backstory is a mujihadeen fighter

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What happened to Hakari fight? did Gege just got bored of it?

Apparently it ended last chapter

>literally see Hakkari get his win condition and win
>durrr w-wat hppen to Hakri fit?

we didn't see the bonus tho

We'll just get a random update where Charles got forcefully feminized.

Big Romcom tits smother charlie

black guys

Another TL:

- Panda encounters Kashimo and Panda tried to act like a Real Panda but he gets easily found out later.

- Panda VS Kashimo.

- Panda receives a strong blow that destroys his back and becomes disabled but he recovers later.

- Panda turns into Gorilla Mode and punches Kashimo but does 0 damage.

- Panda's right arm gets fucked up in a Kashimo's counterattack

- There's an explanation about Kashimo's cursed energy and its relation to electricity, similar to Killuas.

- Chapter ends with Panda about to use his Sister Form but the form actually gets fucked up and explodes because of Kashimo and the chapter ends with Kashimo saying "Where's Sukuna?"

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So Panda just straight up fucking dies while Kashimo is still schizo about Sukuna?


Seems more like Panda's just heavily damaged, not dead.

Still, how much longer are we gonna get jerked around until we see the sister form?

>panda turns into a female
>immediately dies

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Cleaning out his bussy for Hakari to pound later.

When Gege finally can decide what it even is, honestly he should just have shown it back when Panda explained his forms instead of making it a mystery that's hard to do justice.

Inb4 it's just a form that knows RCT. Or I'm going full schizo here, it's an actual panda girl form with massive tits.

I fucking hate panda
worst character

Nah that goes to maki

>He's finally here

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No fucking way Maki is worse than Panda.
Maki is just tumblrbait, panda is just unfunny, bland garbage.


Good cuz once this fag gets defeated we can finally get the plot moving again.

Why is Kashimo important again?


Why is Kashimo important again?

>Big shot has big points
>Beat him and get points
>Add new rule to fuck over the culling game

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Enter, TENTbara.
Kashimo is gonna become Panda’s bro, I’m calling it. Everyone gets a designated bestie in the Culling Game.

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