Just finished watching Ping Pong - The Animation. Really enjoyed it

Just finished watching Ping Pong - The Animation. Really enjoyed it.

What did you think?

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Greatest anime ever made, possibly the best TV show in general. Stop watching anime now you'll never find anything as good.

It was good, you can tell by the first two posts.

Cringe + kill yourself

Yea Forums absolutely hates it, so going by The Rule it's at least an 8/10


Strong first coule of episodes, and peaked during the christmas episode imo. The final batte kinda felt forced and contrived too much

ping pong is shit

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*the shit. also, cherrypicking one frame that looks good in motion

Decent. Not good but not bad either.

what constitues as a good in your opinion


desu I thought it was overrated right up until the finale changed my mind and retroactively made all the build up worth it

I don't believe in any other criteria than enjoyment.

One of the best anime of all time.
Yuasa is a god. Ushio is a god. Great characters and character arcs.
Not much to talk about, though.

i remember i saw smile vs joe match on youtube thinking it's some amateur animation and thought it's nice for one dude to do it. Then i discovered it's a series and was mindblown.

which is subjective anyway

matsumoto is the only god here, yuasa just had the honor to adapt such a good manga

was okay, a solid 6/10

one of the very few good anime

Yuasa is still a god. A good source material doesn't mean shit if the director is a hack.
Ping Pong is one of the best manga adaptations ever.

>A good source material doesn't mean shit if the director is a hack.
Wrong, all good anime you see out there being praised as masterpiece are almost exclusively based on good source material.

Not enough BL fanart of the two protagonist

"Almost all good anime are based on a good source material" still doesn't mean that all good manga turn into good anime. Flawed logic.

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Read more books, please

I disagree.

Kensuke ushio can elevate mediocrity (silent voice, heike monogatari) and make trashpiles (japan sinking) bareable. His work on ping pong isn't his best imo but it still adds so much to the series. I'd say it's comparable to the pillows x FLCL in the way the show combines visuals and music to become greater than the sum of its parts

>It looks like shit so it must be high art
This is the mindset of 70% of the people who like this.

Pity you didn't like it then

Pretentious of what? What is it you think it's pretending to be and why do you think it failed?

It’s just a solid fucking story you dumb nigger

>Everyone enjoys everything exactly the way I do

I think his best soundtrack is Koe no Katachi, perfect blend of high concept and enjoyable to listen to. Liz is like this as well, but Koe no Katachi was just more engaging a listen for me, and it had the cool "inner silence" ambient cut as well. His worth with Yamada is a cut above.

best sports anime easily, not manga though, that goes to sd

I didnt really understand the aesop or the point of the anime, if you dont have talent is better to give up? Which is kinda shitty

Never reply to a shitposter seriously.

The best work of Yuasa.

That's Mind Game though

Absolutely agree, while i did not care much for the movie itself, it's definitely my most listened-to ost of his and i think it works as standalone ambient music as you said. Ping Pongs ost really is just better with the scenes from the show. Almost no ost is reused in ping pong if i remember right, and if they are it's usually slight remixes of other tunes from the ost.
I really wish more shows cared more about the music direction. For example I like kiseijuus ost but fuck me they overuse some of those tracks so much that they just lose any emotional impact they might' ve had if they had been used more sparingly

It tries to cover a by the books sports/passion-as-a-vehicle-for-moving-forward story with fancy animation, as if that elevates it above the source material. The irony is that it actually is a disservice, as people will praise and remember the flashy matches more than the character arcs they're an expression of. In other words, it INSISTS UPON ITSELF.

This but it applies to all anime. They only good anime are power point adaptations since those can be appreciated solely on their narrative and characters without covering it with pretty colors and animation.

Why do you argue that the animation "covers" the story?

This, and without sound optimally. Music and voice acting are emotional manipulation to cover up the writing's lacking quality.

I wouldn't give many anime the label "must see!" but this is definitely one of them.
Pure genius from start to finish.
You can't describe this show to someone and make it appealing as it is, You just need to watch it for yourself.

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I totally agree also make it black and white

Better yet, just black

The only good anime are OVAs actually.


Hypest shit ever

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Would want more

>I'm a retard who couldn't pay attention to the story because of the fancy moving pictures, and as a retard I can't imagine that anyone else is capable of paying more attention than I could

I hate this anime because it's right. Those without talent will never make it, and I'm not talented at anything.

Making it is a spook

Sakuma had no talent for ping pong but he still got a cute retard gf tho

In the end he finds happiness in his mediocrity. I have the drive and passion to be great, but no talent.

Grasping at straws, I literally said the story itself is nothing out of the ordinary and follows a template used by many other sports stories. It doesn't take 3 brain cells to follow. That is not to say the story is bad or that its characters are not worth caring about, but other sports manga have already walked that path so what makes Ping Pong some kind of GOAT masterpiece?

Over-the-top animation doesn't add anything; doesn't serve a purpose except to show that yes, you can animate well. It's FORCED and PRETENTIOUS. The fault lies in the director, not the mangaka. And the fault also lies in the gullible viewer who is awed by the animation and mistakes it for substance.

So are you arguing that the show would be better if the animation were worse?? Your perspective is crazy I don't get it at all.

It's been awhile since I've watched it, though I think I'm gonna read the series next time since I have the physical edition of the second book. I love the characters and the style, I wonder if granny was as hot as she says she was when she was younger

That's not mediocrity, he just knew that there'd be someone always better than him at ping pong and lost the drive so he focused his energy towards something he's better at.
Having sex

sports anime suck dick

He was aiming for the top, practiced religiously, and lost all drive and motivation, if that's not descending into mediocrity at what was once his goal, what is, user?

Ping Pong is good

Instead of being a sour puss that some people are just inherently better at certain things than he is, he decided to cash in when he did and got out of ping pong as whole, as far we know. That's not, "descending into mediocrity" that's knowing your limitations and stopping yourself from falling further into frustration that you'll never be good enough and waste your life being mad at this fact.

He was mature enough to realize this and move on. If he kept playing ping pong, and stopped trying to improve but still carried the notion he could be the best someday, then yes that would be falling into mediocrity.