ITT: Sunk costs

Hard mode: No Berserk/One Piece/those in hiatus

Pic related. Ever since Grand Blue switched to full romcom (chapter 34 with Busujima) it has been a slog to read. We're now at chapter 75 and I still cling to the hope that it will go back to the peaks of the early chapters even though it obviously wouldn't happen

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Here's another one. The last time I genuinely enjoyed D-Frag was way back in Hashimoto Island. That was chapter 50+. It's on 140+ now. It's inevitable that a gag manga will get stale but this has been running on for too long now. Just focus on each character's closure with Kazama and end it

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Dropped Kaguya year ago and my life has been much better.
Then I came to a realization that I hated it and was just forcing myself to read it

I'm still enjoying d-frag.
It has some god individual chapters but I'd agree the arcs are less appealing.
The trapped in an rpg arc wasn't very good and I get the feeling Tomoyo is stuggling for ideas.

Komi-san I guess. I dropped it when the goblin started taking too much space in the plot

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>some god individual chapters
Agreed. The Kazama dad chapters are fine, even necessary. Take the rest out and I figure many wouldn't even care
>Tomoyo is stuggling for ideas
Gag manga should never overstay its welcome. Case in point: Hinamatsuri. It should end on a high, like Chiyo-chan. Even his other work, that Maou-sama Sore Totte thing, got stale after 3 chapters

This was never really good

dropped kaguya midway around the ishigami arc, couldn't imagine if I am to continue reading now, the sunk cost would be too much to bear

JJK and Kingdom for me.

MHA just to see who else is going to die or any other dumb twist

Maybe Kengan and Shuumatsu no Valkyrie as well


Le naked funny faces is never good

why do trannies project their politics on everything?

I had to stop reading because I realized this specific manga was turning into "experience college life you never got" type shit with me.

Oshi no ko.

I read it week by week on Yea Forums but I'm not sure if it's still good or not.


One Piece
Oshi no ko

wait you guys dont like this anymore? sure it's not as good as the first 5 or so volumes, but it's not that bad nowadays

Pretty much expected as it was the case with Baka to Test as well with the later volumes.
OT, yeah just to name a few:
>Prison School
Author went out of ideas.
>Black Clover
Its shit
>World Trigger
Its shit
>Triage X
Somehow it turned into Highschool of the Dead.
I blamed his editor for the blatant waifu pandering.
>Silver Spoon
Rushed due to author's personal circumstances.
>Diamond no Ace
The story drags on with nothing much happening most of the time. A curse which plagued most sports manga.
>Go Toubun
The second season of the anime is pretty great though.
>Nodame Cantabile
Should have ended at first season.
>Dr Stone
Too long.
>Hori san
Side characters.
>One Punch Man
The gag stops being funny
>Index/Heavy Object

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Nagatoro for sure. Why did that shit have to turn into yet another romcom? Nagatoro should be bullying but instead she's smiling because she's on a date with the author's self insert. For the 4th fucking time already

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Where the hell's the new GB chapter? Hiatu again?

user that's literally just a gag from years before the anime

>dont like this anymore
You expect the gags to be repetitive, sure--it's Japan after all--but not to this degree. You just groan when you see another classmates chapter, another Aina chapter, another oh-it's-just-a-simple misunderstanding-but-let's-drag-it-for-4-chapters arc. They're all the fucking same and the author is not even bothering to spice it up a bit

The author is sick apparently.

Uzaki I guess. Not so much turned to shit as turned to a painfully slow and inconsistent release schedule. Also feels like the story is on life support, and for no real reason. If he's trying to tie it up, spend more time with the main characters. If he's not, well, he should, because he's clearly either incapable or no longer has the passion to keep up with it.

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You know. i'm finally starting to believe that moe and waifu shit is killing mang
Fuck Nugatoro and fuck you

What do you mean with sunk cost? If I don't like a manga I simply stop. Are you all actually retarded?

>Nodame Cantabile
You mean the anime? Yeah I agree it's shit but I absolutely love the manga, I reread it every year or so

JJK for me as well. Liked it early on, but it's turned into wordswordswords no jutsu like HxH did.

never could have kept up the tone of the original shorts. Wouldn't work serialized. Unless it was just straight hentai.

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Naruto, Bleach, and Prison School for me.
I dropped MHA long ago and I still love One Piece regardless of Wano or the fact I think it is worse post time skip.
Oda needs to learn more characters doesn't equal better

SnK after the Reiner and Bertolt reveal. It was all downhill from that point onwards. I'm glad I dropped it immediately after they found the basement and reached the shore.
The upside down earth and Joos in Ghettos were too fucking stupid to continue. Beast Titan talking coupled with Reiner, Annie and Bertolt was already iffy and badly executed.

Glad I followed my gut instincts seeing how utterly garbage everything turned out to be.

He got better apparently and new chapter coming in june


I was kind of in the same position as you, in fact I was still planning to watch the S3 anime. But peeking at the manga threads and all I saw was just melodrama shit I decided to completely drop it. I never enjoyed the melodrama stuff and never will.

kengan omega

the last fight of the soul eater anime made me feel if the whole show had been like this, i probably wouldn't have bothered watching 50 episodes


that's the worst offender of this

Started reading it in 2016; been losing bits and pieces of hope since O MY 7 QUIRKS but I NEED to see how it ends.

ITT: faggots too retarded and devoid of agency and personality they cannot move on from things they don't enjoy

bunch of vapid brainrotfaggots

that's so much bad taste all around

Most of these aren't even that long for sunk cost to have happened, agree with OPM though

Because it will never have an ending.

Every time I think I've dropped Omega, I end up returning to the threads anyway. I still hope Sandwich gets his act together but I'm starting to think current Kengan is the real, genuine Sandro experience.

Hajime no Ippo. My life will end before it does, one way or another.

>World Trigger
I think you’re just not autistic enough.

But user, how could anybody not enjoy discussing higher ups discussing how the candidates discussed the delegation of test questions?

Tokyo Ghoul Reeee really flew off the rails after Arima died. There got to be a point where there were just too many characters to keep track of doing completely uninteresting things.

Shitposting helps keep it alive, I think.

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The threads are the sole reason I'm reading this arc monthly instead of in batches at the end of each year. I need to be present in the event that megane does something seetheworthy to Katori or anyone else.

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JJK has always been like that

Yu yu hakushou after dark tournament. But pretty much all long running (especially weekly) manga where the author clearly had no outline for his story

> They're all the fucking same and the author is not even bothering to spice it up a bit
i dunno what your expecting. but its pretty god damn funny you expecting more from a gag manga.

Any romcom created

same reason chuds such as yourself do

Guys, I know this might seem revolutionary but if you don't like a manga you can just, you know, stop reading it. I know mindblowing.

I do this 95% of the time, but every once in a while you get shit like Shokugeki’s final arc that’s fun to read for the trainwreck factor.

autists can't, they would rather delude themselves into thinking "muh sunk cost when in reality its just cope. If I don't like something my first objective is to stop being near it.

ITT: it's their fault for even starting

>if you don't like a manga you can just, you know, stop reading it
>don't like
i don't think you understand.

so what's the concept of "sunk cost" then