Pretty Series and Aikatsu Stars

There will never be a character as rockin' and rollin' in Aikatsu as Rola was ever again.

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I miss them.

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We all do, ainon.

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>Rola OP
Yikes, but also yikes

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No one does, fag.

Based and correct

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I want to die.


>There will never be a character in Aikatsu ever again.
Would also be applicable.

so bunny love

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Green bunnies die from loneliness.


Reona's cojones

rola melograno

Remember them?

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Fuck you.

I want to board their ship.

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Am I the only ainon left?

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So many ainons have died.

Not enough anions have died.

don't open

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Is this the Shikimori's Not Just a Cutie thread?

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fuck off

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Nuzzling warm soft wriggling fur
Thoughts of Garnet filling my head


Why nobody talks about Jewelpet anymore but the mascotfuckers? I thought it was one of the big 3 once upon a time?

Sanrio's been putting out nothing but shit since Fairilu S2.

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Garnet is so beautiful. In a very real sense I feel I am married to her.

Whatever, Blue Knight.


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>Bandai is expecting Aikatsu sales to continue to drop
Don’t know what you’re pointing out when everyone already figured that out.

Dropped harder than Dorothy’s life.

This is the first time the estimation for the next year is lower though.

Excuse me, what did you mean by this?

Aikatsu is dead and irrelevant just like Dorothy

> no concerts
> Stores closing up
> only a movie mid summer with no sign of another anime in sight
Quite frankly I would be shocked if they even humored the idea of getting higher sales the next year. They crippled the brand hard this year and it'll take a miracle and a really passionate team to reverse the trend.

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It's not surprising considering how little content was put out over the past year or so. The estimation has me worried that the low content trend may continue and Aikatsu's future heavily depends on its preexisting fanbase spending a ton on the planned movie/cds.

Doroth is our queen.

Aikatsu is mostly dead, no Sanrio anime and Pretty doesn't seem to be doing particularly well either. I fear for the future of /ai/.

But Zucchan is going to dab on Aikatsu at the Bandai Nancy Festival and show them what a success looks like.

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>Pretty doesn't seem to be doing particularly well either.
are you retarded or just blind?


I don’t give a fuck about that traitorous bitch.

They can't even get their damned released.

Maybe those live events in the summer and fall might determine its future too. Who knows how much people miss seeing the performers live since it's been 3 years now.

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They are either having production issues, which likely hurt for a fairly small franchise, or they have zero confidence in their ability to compete with pretty much any other game.

Syn-Sophia has never made a live service game before.

are you talking about idol land?


Someone is missing.