Why does it never work

Why does it never work

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it used to work but now it doesn't

werks on my machine but default entire site to mobile friendly layout/ui sucks
go back to something decent

Its been working for me lately.
I do miss the comments though even though 99% of it was cancer it gave me an idea of why it was popular or hated or what happened to chapters, group, or translators

Wait, the comments got deleted?

I can't find the comment section maybe I'm dumb?

the site got hacked and they were forced to release an unfinished but more secure version of the site that they were slowly working on before the hack

I can only access this shit on mobile now

No idea if the old ones got deleted, but there's been no comment sections for anything since the redesign.

they dont plan on reinstating those functions (forums included). they dont have enough modstaff to police the site.

It's still in early access and will be until 2030. Please understand.

you work you lose

Works on my machine but I need to change dns since it's blocked here.
I miss comments and I kinda want to move to Batoto, but 1. I am too lazy 2. batoto isn't really complete (not that MD is, mind you).

Maybe the solution would be whatever hachineko alternative there is on pc, but I don't like it.

It's infuriating, it's whole draw is scans that aren't downsampled and then I can't get in th menu to turn it off because of course it defaults on.

I just use an aggregator. Their m*bile layout is pure fucking cancer. The search function is probably the worst one I've seen.

just use mangasee123 like a working white man

? Been having no problems since it came back.
Literally a case of works on my machine. Get better internet idk

Works for me.

are you using Vista or something?

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A bunch of scanlators are never going to go back then.

good fuck those attention seeking faggots the comments where the worst part of the site.

Don't forget to give a bit of you BTC because life is rough...

how do they get their stuff out there? I thought most aggregators scraped from mangadex?

Works on my machine :^)

Why the fuck do you faggots even want comments back? all it ever did was attract thirdies and casual fucks. 99% of the comments on batoto were :
a.) Scanlation drama
b.)mod drama
c.) some cringy thirdie
d.)some faggot complaining about ntr
e.) literal reddit tier le wholesome reactions

You don't want to laugh about them ? All those things are just funny.

site works perfectly fine for me. I even upload stuff to it.
sounds like your ISP is blocking it.

there are times when i know a chapter will piss a bunch of people off and i derive pleasure from reading their seething comments.

People still read manga? I used to read so much manga back when I was a teen but you just stop doing it once you grow up.

Well, I know I'm never going back.
I'm using my private server and nyaa nowadays.


It's great but there's barely anything.

The main thing that really ticks me off is they fucked up the Feed.

It used to be if you added series to 'Plan to Read', 'On Hold', or 'Dropped' that they wouldn't show up in your Feed, because obviously you aren't fucking Reading them since they aren't in 'Reading.'
Now it fucking puts every fucking title in your Library on your fucking Feed, so all the series I'm actually reading are smothered by series on my backlog, or even series that I've fucking dropped. I've resorted to blocking the uploaders for the latter.

They spent half a year making the site objectively worse.

I used to enjoy the asspain. Comments being gone isn't as big a deal as the fucked Feed, though.

Just use mangasee123


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I bet you'd want to delete the comments on rule34.xxx too wouldn't you? Some people are just allergic to fun.

Read better manga nigga

Missing series, missing different chapter versions. It's a good source for some things, but not enough.

"Better manga" tends to grow in popularity and attract retards.

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I remember reading "My recently hired maid is suspicious" and after among us came out, every single comment became "sus"

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Which is why every single manga thread here dreads what's going to happen to their thread when an anime comes out

It works for me.
More like it's still not implemented. When will they re-implement it? Dunno.

Yes, which is why comment sections are bad since it gives these retards a platform.

Generally because people in the comments would ask the same stupid questions I have and from them I could get an answer.

I feel like all these MD threads are weirdass gaslighting attempts. There are occasional downtimes but nowhere near as frequent as the OPs keep implying.

I want to tell mtl trash to kill themself in a place a lot EOPs can see that they've been eating shit. Also if you read trash for retards you get retarded trash comments. Wholesome and good manga had good and comfy comments.

How long until it gets hacked again?

works just fine.

probably once the site is finished being built just to spite them

Which'll be In 2 more weeks

I like comments because it warms me about a scanlator stopping, leaving the site, or series going to shit.
There are more manga than ones talked about here and it's more useful to have comments even with the cancer

Any good translated manga goes like this:
>gets mainstream popularity
>attracts insufferable retards
>gets copyrighted


>remains unpopular/niche
>gets axed
>scanlators drops it

Gone are the days where you can read a good quality manga til completion, everything nowadays gets dropped,axed or milked dry.

>open mangadex
>get bombarded by chink & gook shit

You just described Yea Forums.

You forgot
>series is MTL so know one picks it up
I want MTL fucks to die

Just filter shounenigger threads.

And romcom threads. And isekai threads.
I'll just filter Yea Forums how about that.

Modern sites are mobile first webchud. You lost this fight. Phoneposters will reign supreme

Isekai and romcom starts out as a niche and comfy, I remember following Kaguya and toubun threads and it barely gets 20 replies. Mushoku tensei, overlord and Konosuba was very tame and had quality discussions before the anime.

Or reddit, or any random forum, or Fag95.
The modern internet sucks
Non bait nostalgia threads or pre anime manga threads are still fine

>The modern internet sucks
I never said that though?

For some reason the site refuses to work without cookies.
It's practically useless anyway.

No, I did. I didnt greentext so it's not like I was implying that was the intent of your comment

I'm surprised people still want to use this website after they leaked everyone's passwords

Dear OP,
use a different manga streaming site.
>but it doesn't have this specific manga that mangadex does! And scanlators update it there first!
You don't deserve to complain if you use reddit websites and won't look for alternatives.

Hokuto no gun are still working through good old stuff.

>delete the comments on rule34.xxx too
Not him but yes

A lot of translators only upload there so there isn't much choice