A Couple of Cuckoos

Believe in the plan. Believe in shimaidon

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Hiro will win

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Hiro will defeat the toxic sisters

>Cuckoo has unrelated food stuff on volume covers
>has good sales
The envy.

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Denial: "Sachi will win"
Anger: "Hiro will lose"
Bargaining: "Shimaidon ending"
Depression: "ninibros..."
Acceptance: "I-it was just funposting"

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Nagi is a lucky guy, living with two beautiful flowers

Maybe the mangaka should do multiple ending for each girl so there will be no hard feeling.

Sachi and her fans have been a disaster for the Cuckoo race.

Nice bait and implying implication. Can't wait until Hiro loses and Hirocucks like you get their comeuppance

notNino will win and we will rejoice.

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Erika a best!
Sachi a best!
Hiro a worst!

Hiro will lose in the poll and in the story like the cuck that she is.

Hiro will win in the poll and in the story like the winner that she is.

Can't wait to see the biggest loser in romcom history getting BTFO in animated form.

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Nino will win in the movie

Nino will win in the movie.

>the rest of the quints join them on the honeymoon
Did Fuuts get any shimaidon himself?

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Sachi in a bride dress...

Ninoid being delusional as always I see.

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Shimaidon is the miracle that gives happiness to our lives

>chapter thread failed to hit bump limit
>episode thread failed to hit bump limit
What went wrong?

MC doesn't have a br imouto love heroine.

Would you be in a trio with Erika and Sachi?

She isn't Nino.

>chapter thread failed to hit bump limit
no hiro in the chapter
>episode thread failed to hit bump limit
censored pantyshot

When will we get the cucking

Literally in the latest chapter. Sachi the cuck got cucked again.

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Why do people hate Hiro?

Jealousy and fear. The weak hate the strong.

Hiro is a puta

Ai must win

People hate Hiro because she is annoying.

>Hiro's hobbies
What a great character!

>reading manga
>MC's biomom locked them in the hotel
I have only one question. Why is this shit not over in 2-3 chapters?

Sachi facts:
1. Sachi is cute!
2. Sachi is strong!
3. Sachi is beautiful!
4. Sachi is gorgeous!
5. Sachi is the best!
6. Sachi is perfect!
7. Sachi is a goddess!
8. Sachi is wonderful!
9. Sachi is indescribable!
10. Sachi is cute!*
*I counted cute two times because she is so cute!

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because it makes money sir

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Some random slut who showed up in their late teens is not her sister.

It's okay. His sister who was his sister for the whole life isn't his sister anymore.

Sachifags doesnt really believe Sachi will win, but just excited how far the incest route will go

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I'd call Hiro haters speedreaders but you seem to unable to read so that wouldn't be exactly true

Why are Hirofags like this?

the absolute state of veteran seo being outsold by newbie amagami-san's author

Seo should have retired a decade ago

sachicucks are fucking pathetic. they want a 2nd price win because they know that ericute gonna win

Nice try Hirofags

We love Sachi here

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>top student
>has an unreadable handwriting
Does she actually suck dick for grades?

You expect characters to have sex in a romcom?



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Erika and Sachi are so beautiful and cute!

We know, Nagi

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Shino will never be kanojo.
Sachi will never win.

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>characters fuck
>worst arc in the manga begins
Sex was a mistake.

A couple of KEKS.

>late teens
Sachi is 14

Shimaidon a best