Machikado Mazoku

Shamiko looks good as a priestess of the light clan, ngl

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How deep does this lore go? I thought it was a cgdct with a busty demon girl. Now it's got more plot than most shows this season.

You better brush up on your demonology and Kabbalah studies before we hit the second half of the season

It runs in the family

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Why do fanartists forget that Momo absolutely towers over Shamiko by a whole head?

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all magical girls are evil

Because she's a mental midget

well then you are lost

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All mazoku are unfortunate.

It has always been around half a head

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Why is melon eating her own hair?

Being yandere?

Half a head officially

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21cm is around average height of a head.

Looking at them together like this is the first time I've really seen the Shamiko/Lilith resemblance

that was the intention

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>Shamiko has become beefy enough to drag Ogura
Momo would be proud if she was there to see this in person
>Barrier aging, which is why Shamiko can come across a magical girl if she so desires
Does that mean Momo meeting Shamiko was not planned, but just serendipity?

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Convert mazokus

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>ep 6 preview images
yamiochi transformation sequence???

Now I'm hyped.

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so is this actually yuri or is this just the readers' doings?
Good news, the anthology's selling well so they're issuing a reprint.

It's Yaoi, Shamiko and Momo are actually crossdressing boys

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el hohol поржал спасибо

We are all pawns in Ito's master plan.

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Season three here we come.

It is all our imagination.

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I want her to eat my liver.

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I have a feeling that JC Staff won't fuck up tomorrow's episode

That doesn't sound healthy

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The henshins have been the only good anime original content they've added to the show. Cautiously excited

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Where would 8pack monmo be on this list?

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The extended moment beetween Shamiko and Ryo ien the internet episode was a nice touch

Maybe he's an alcoholic.

eating mikan jelly from hinatsuki confectionery

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Yeah. It'd make sense for Sakura to be one of those walking moisture makers by nature. Think of all the nemeses she's likely made.

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It's all in our head

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I keep wondering where they'll fit this into the plotline. It seems to take place after the zoo trip, but that was when Momo had no control over her strength. She would have ripped Shamiko's arm off trying to put her into some kind of judo wrist lock.

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The gag is not dependent on any events in particular, so it might just be a moment when Shamiko is admiring Momo's form. So either when Shamiko first meets Dark Peach inside the hospital, or right before they go into Mikan.

Wouldn't it be right after waking Shami from her meeting with Sakura? She is wearing her sleepwear there.

any pics Момо in Вишиванка traditional Ukrainian clothes ?

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They'll probably put it in a series of shorts based on extras before the opening plays in some non-serious episode

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Ito...... ,,,. ... mm.... ....

Why was Sakura so cold torwards Suika

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Suika to Sakura reminds me of Ogura to Anri.

Sakura probably has plenty of past experience with clingy nemeses to know to get involved with obvious crazies.


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Says ch44

>Shamiko and Momo have only known each other for half a year by chapter 81
It's a bit terrifying that Shamiko's everyday life have been this nonstop series of crises since her awakening. She has come a long way, with astonishing rate of growth if you think about it, but that doesn't take away from the fact that her new normal is just batshit insane.

That's why Ryo admires her, Shamiko can just brush off all the crazy shit with a smile on her face

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Why does she sit like that?

Maybe her butt hurts.