Why can't we have anime about med girls struggling

Why can't we have anime about med girls struggling

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Claiming bottom left "Kawashima Hatoko".
Hoping she's INFJ.
>Likes shounen mango
>Dislikes horror media
Based. Well worth it.

Did you get kicked off of Yea Forums? There's no reason to have so many threads about this game, it isn't released yet. There's nothing to discuss except UUUOOOH NENEKO BELLY AND CHEST

we literally have healer girl this season

Ironically nobody cares much for Neneko because fat tiddy Chinami, DFC Hatoko, and stinky gamer girl Kasumi.

>Matcha ice cream, rivers and waterfalls, the starry sky, shooting
Shooting...? Shooting what...?

No one claims Yumi? If no one claims Yumi, I'll have to claim Yumi instead.
Hatoko needs a provider, and many an user would chose her.
Yumi needs me.
Targets. :^)

None of this characters are actually interesting
By how their bio were written, it was as if the writer decided on their personalities first and then their history

It's blatantly fetishizing girls who have no confidence about themselves
The tragedy they had
And their neediness

And let me guess, MC is a guy who aims to "fix" them like a knight in shinning armor?

This is unironically Katawa Shoujo but without the respect for disabilities

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Hey, I already claimed Yumi. I want to swim with her.

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>Attraction + altruism bad
Do you think you're a woman?

>let me guess, MC is a guy who aims to "fix" them like a knight in shinning armor
That's how these things usually work, ESL-kun.

What would be a "studio apartment that resembles a grave"?

Bottom on the leftest is for marrying bottom left is for cum and dump

Alright, user. We'll meet at the swimming pool and become frens, the three of us.

Is it even being worked on?

It's not the "fixing" part thats the problem
It's the part where it is clearly going to be written with a "hero complex"

Hero complex stories suffer from being preachy and high on your own farts
"Just be happy"
"Just have confidence"
"Just talk with others"

This is what I expect the MC would do to "fix" them. No respect, no empathy, just "act like everyone else" said in flowery words

Illnesses of every kind must be shown respect.
The goal of psychiatry isn't to fix the patient but to help them fix themselves by actually listening and teaching them that there is no problem.
You are who you are, you just have to know when you are going too far.

The actual respectful games I've seen are the likes of
The Cat Lady - discussed depression and suicide
Celeste - anxiety attacks

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Snoot game is pretty good
One ending is literally grooming and she can't live without out that all of Yea Forums likes
But the superior ending has Fang live her life and grow as a person and u are just basically there to help her out and be closer to her friends.

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We're not MCs.
A good amount of us are just as broken as these heroins are.
We know how
>"Just be happy"
>"Just have confidence"
>"Just talk with others"
Doesn't help.
If you push anons enough, you'll probably hear a blog post about how they relate to their claim's descriptions. But we don't want that here, do we?

>blatantly fetishizing girls who have no confidence about themselves
>The tragedy they had
>And their neediness

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You could fuse one half of the cast with the other and probably end with better rounded characters, i honestly don't know why he went with 7, there's only so many twists you can put on the awkward girl before they all start blending into a blur

top left a best

>186 cm
Are her parents volleyball and basketball players

Bottom right is a freak

did this came out yet?

Plenty of the girls bio were literally try hard misery porn
I am confident that anons arent going to relate

Are we looking at the same picture? parent's divorce, disliking your own body, feeling abandoned or stifled and choked, failing to meet expectations, permanent scaring on one's body, are all pretty common things people deal with; I've met people with much worse stories irl, it's just that most do get over it eventually


Easy to make a relateable prompt
But i am sure this writer never did any research on how actual people in those circumstances cope with their history

Generic tragic backstory

But these girls aren't Mediterranean

>But i am sure this writer never did any research on how actual people in those circumstances cope with their history
Wow, I didn't know traumas came with standard pattern copes.

I suppose we will find out when the game comes out, wont we? but as far as 'doing the research', the most you can really do is just ask your close friends about their experiences, as well as your own, it's not something you can look up online...

they do, its happy pills until you're no longer sad or alive

Urin on Twitter. Guess I'll explain. Urin made this image some time ago, and it caught on here on Yea Forums. Yea Forums wanted to make it into a visual novel, and later Urin said he was going to make his own visual novel of it as well. Yea Forums's version is largely in limbo because most of the collaborators left the project because Yea Forumsirgins coordinating is tenuous at best, but from what I understand most of the writing up to act 1 (where you choose a route) is done, they're just missing art, backgrounds, music, etc.

Urin's version is the OP, with five "main girls" that you grind friendship with to help them out and get to know them better, and three "sub-heroines" that may just have a short route or nothing at all. According to the outline, Shizuku, Shiori, Yumi, Yukie, and Hatoko are "main heroines", while Chinami, Kasumi, and Neneko are "sub-heroines". This may or may not change because Chinami and Kasumi are so popular.

This is what I know, at least.

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ITT pseudo intellectuals pretend they're the only ones who have read DSM 5

So something that is entirely tangential to Yea Forums at best is being shilled here? Why?

Claiming Shiori. I can fix her.

Because people like to skirt the rules and play chicken with the modteam by posting borderline ontopic threads.
And I guess because people are eagerly anticipating a potential new visual novel?

You can litterally just look it up online lol
Not even blog posts but actual psychiatric studies on neglected, traumatized, and imprisoned children

For me it's Shizuku and Kazumi.

I'm still pissed that pigtails was pretty much thrown out entirely and poorfag looks wildly inferior

It's not the same though, I don't think anyone will be as open to some university professor as they would be to their closest friends; An academic is necesarilly looking for trends in the data, trying to find the through line and looking past the subjects, when its your friend talking to you about their shitty past and how they got, or are getting through it, you get a much deeper understanding, the kind of understanding needed to write real characters

If you actually respect the situation, you listen to both of them


>and teaching them that there is no problem.
That is not what a psychiatrist does. A psychologist might do that depending on the patient, but if that is their only tool they are shit. There's plenty of people with actual fucking problems that aren't just 'you know those compulsions you have to bite people around you? There's no problem, just b urself'
And 'just b urself' is literally as retarded and insipid, worse even, than all the crap you listen as problems. At least those have an actual end goal in mind. Should the person hearing voices telling themselves to hurt themselves or those around them just listen because that would be themselves? Fuck no, you're god damn retarded.

And a psychiatrist is a pez dispenser for addictive and expensive drugs to fry your brain, they just listen to bullshit you say and write a prescription and cash a check while you spiral into oblivion.

And they aren't prescriptive or absolute or universal. Lots of people react in lots of ways to lots of things just because some reactions are more common doesn't mean other reactions don't exist. There probably isn't even a single majority reaction to any kind of traumatic event.

I feel like this discussion belongs more in /adv/ than Yea Forums

>Big tits sexually liberated childhood friend ready to bang
Why bother expending energy trying to chase the other girls, bird in hand worth 2 in bush

You mean listen to you right? Because you're passing judgement as the arbiter of everything without knowing what research or experience the writer has with any of this. You just looked at it, declared you know better and they don't respect the material because they didn't follow generic trends that lack scientific rigor for inability to replicate from whatever fucking single study you've read and also simultaneously capturing some unique individual's experience that your study can't predict nor does it apply to. Hypocrite.

Why do you keep talking about an unreleased visual novel? Also your opinion about writing is worthless considering that you your image is from a manga with shit writing

Meds are used because the brain chemistry got fucked over.
However, the main focus is, and slways will be, forming a bond with the patient

Meds are just a support. You litterally cannot just happy pill a depression away

Anti depressants made me emotionally numb and cannot jack off. I still got like 8 tablets i never took

If you actually read about those studies none of them cares about "reactions"
This aint chess

The goal is searching what caused it and how to help the patient by forming trust and emotional bond

Meds school aren't interesting just like glass making. Also that would require the writer/author to have medical knowledge and education

>you havent tasted it yet how can you tell it tastes shit
Because the signs of bad writting are there?

>However, the main focus is, and slways will be, forming a bond with the patient
Tell that to 99% of practicing psychiatrists today. They don't give a fuck, they ask you how your meds are doing and dose you higher or lower or change them and kick you out.
>Meds are just a support. You litterally cannot just happy pill a depression away
Tell that to 99% of practicing psychiatrists today.
>Anti depressants made me emotionally numb and cannot jack off. I still got like 8 tablets i never took
No shit sherlock. All the garbage meds are trying to short circuit a complicated problem in ways we barely understand because doing things correctly is hard to potentially impossible. They'd prefer to fry your brain than actually fix you in any way so you keep paying out. And they'd love to just switch you to the new, trendy, and most importantly expensive pill to make themselves feel better (and more wealthy). They literally have fucking quotas on what shit they're supposed to be handing out.

those names dont look mediterranian though?

do enlighten us on the heralds of bad witting, great all-knowing one, for we are too ignorant to be wary to their presence

I am a regular a psychiatric hospital, though

OCD if you are asking
Love pattern and washes my hand 13 times everytime

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>If you actually read about those studies none of them cares about "reactions"
Then why is that all you cared about? "Uggg, I can tell this was done with no research or respect because these people don't react in exactly the way an amagalmized individual based on a study would on average predicatively react'
Someone got shot, what's the one reaction to trauma they have to have according to you or else it doesn't count and can't be real? Because in real life people deal with that all sorts of ways, but you've decided you know exactly how all of them would react and therefore what's even allowed as a possible reaction to it. So what is it?

Poor research
And fetishizing serious issues

You'll know if you read about them

I didn't even notice the huge cans and I already know mob is the best girl.

You have seen his research? has he made it public?

>I'm wrong so I'll just say to read a random unspecified study that definitely says everyone reacts to trauma in exactly one way. That study definitely exists, but I won't tell you what it is or what it's conclusions are
Yeah sure, mr. "expert". I'm sure that's a real study that really exists that really validates your retarded opinion that there's only a single valid reaction to a traumatic event and anyone who doesn't respond that way just didn't to the research on how they were supposed to universally react. Retard.
You can't even site your supposed research and you're here bitching about poor research from tiny character blurbs of a game.

If you take a first glance at Doctor Stone it looks a like a shitty shounen manga with no effort put into it. After you start reading it you will realize that the author actually researched what he wrote about

>it's like this most of the time so it's always like this
Can't be like that user, I've passed over good shit that way. You have to give everything its fair shake until it disappoints you fair and square, as arduous as that is, or you'll miss gems.

Inagaki also had a science consultant to help him with his research.

Is it really that difficult to find and read articles like this?

Read that
It's just Highschool physics.

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Put out your faggy game already. It doesn't take that long to write and code a VN. I've done it myself, so I would know.
No point in shilling if there's nothing to see.
Hotoka a cute

>it's like this most of the time so it's always like this
That's literally their entire position on why the game is going to be bad and disrespectful. Because some random, unpronducable study told them 40% of the time if a child was beaten they developed X issue, so 100% of beaten children must have X issue or you're disrespectful and didn't do your homework. And if by some chance you're listening to either your own experience or someone you know's experience to do something different then you're still disrespectful because you/they reacted wrong.

So people trying to capture Katawa Shoujo fever again except with 2022 Yea Forums instead. Good luck with that.

>Read that
>It's just Highschool physics.
Yet, it looked like it would not have even that so please stop making assumptions without proof

The MC outright had E=Mc^2 on his shirt
But the author never discussed quantum physics and Energy to matter conversion.

If he is capable of discussing it, even

Good show, but it's really just highshool stuff

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>Is it really that difficult to find and read articles like this?
>Effects of child neglect can differ depending on the individual and how much treatment is provided
Wow, so hard to instantly blow you the fuck out. Maybe you should try a little harder to find things that actually support your retarded position that trauma X always results in Y outcome or it's bad research and invalid.
See, I already know trauma results in a wide range of potential problems, but you're the one who doesn't. I don't need wikipedia to let me know what I already know so you should read that instead or go find your actual retarded studies that figured everything about trauma out already so you can consult on vidja games about how there's only one way these characters can be.

>This is unironically Katawa Shoujo but without the respect for disabilities
Its not so much that KS was "respectful" of disabilities (although it does a fairly good job at not letting the characters be defined by them) but that the premise was a little more palatable if you suspended disbelief.

The kids at the school presumably had a healthy social life, were surrounded by presumably trained staff, had a support system, etc. and Hisao himself could relate due to getting in because he had a disability of his own already. This eliminates the distasteful "bunch of fucked up kids no one cares about, including school staff, are left to their on devices" angle.

>Is it really that difficult to find and read articles like this?

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Why would those subjects matter in a series about rebuilding civilization?

Obviously in case you wanted to reset everything with nukes again.

Ask the author why it's on the MCs shirt if it doesn't matter

>Good show,
It really wasn't good, it was a 6/10 with indulgence , but that's beside the point, the point was that by looking at the manga/anime synopsis you would expect all show to use some magic-science with no effort put into it

The coolest thing they did was make coke.