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toc today!

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Toc doko

earthchild color page?

I can’t fucking believe these elevens. They ranked Earthchild at fucking 2. 2!!! And next week it gets a LCP + Cover… WSJ is fucked

When are we gonna get red hood's author new one shot

In 2 weeks.


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unlike us, they keep chewing to find how good earthchild is

Are you fucking kidding me rn

Or how much worse it can get. Last week was a new low

what the hell do japs actually like earthchild?

It's fake, no ToC yet

>let's just go back lol
Considering authors' comment "I stopped caring what people say" from the same issue, I guess Taguchi told him to reintroduce wife asap and he decided to not follow through.

I also can't believe that it's already gotten an anime announcement as well. Guess Best Dad is so cool that all the anime studios wanted to animate him so much.

Sakamoto is getting next issue cover

We just keep winning Sakamoto bros

Oh no no Earthchildbros, we've been fooled!

it just meant that the higherup (read: nakano) told taguchi "hey lad, the review of this manga is getting really good, actually you can delay the return of the wife to fully flesh out the relationship between the dad and the baby by making them doing anything else"

We're the new Dr. Stone now

New pillar of Jump

Based Furusu enjoyer!

Watch Sakamoto get an anime announced before anything else.

Actually very likely.

I mean, it's old enough at this point, it wouldn't be that special.

It's more than a full year below Yozakura and has sold a lot less than Mashle (almost a full year older than it)... It'd be pretty special.

So what? AT was exactly this old when it get it got its adaptation announced and the reasons why yozakura or mashle don't get theirs are completely irrelevant to Sakamoto. The only think that matters it's how old it is and Sakamoto is old enough.

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I baleeted my Twitter, and it feels great.

Anywho, I expect Earthchild to nosedive after its color page.


Watch more mid-2000s internet


>Anywho, I expect Earthchild to nosedive after its color page.
So does anyone else with common sense knowing the AyashitBatch will be axed around the same time.

its already nosediving if u look at its rankings before its color page. not like akanes consistent high spots

i see, thanks. so just another word for deleted, got it ^^

Jujutsu Kaisen- 9.214.042
Tokyo Revengers- 7.022.835
One Piece- 4.147.037
Spy x Family- 4.021.080
My Hero Academia- 2.701.060
Kimetsu no Yaiba- 2.510.670

I started reading this, and while interesting it's really a shoujo manga, isn't it?

PPPPPP is a Shounen manga because it is serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump.

>Tokyo Revengers- 7.022.835
With the quality of the final arc I'll be fucking disappointed if this passes 10m this year. Wan Pissers on suicide watch being 4th place at the half year mark though.

>One Piece- 4.147.037
The hell happened to this franchise

Will Spy x family triumph over One Piece by the end of this year?

Weekly Shonen Jump #24/2022 ToC

Witch Watch (Jump cover and lead color pages)
One Piece
Boku no Hero Academia
Ao no Hako
Jujutsu Kaisen
Super Smartphone (Color Pages, 25 pages)
Sakamoto Days
Akane Banashi
Mission of Yozakura Family (Color Pages)
Mangaka no Neko de aru (Color pages, One-shot by Tsutsui Taishi (We Never Learn), 17 pages)
Nige Jouzu no Wakagimi
Me and Roboko
Children of the Earth (Color pages)
Kokousei Kazoku
Doron Dororon
Undead Unluck
Mamore! Shugomaru
Black Clover (Hiatus)

Weekly Shonen Jump #25/2022 preview

Sakamoto Days (Jump cover and lead color pages)
Witch Watch (Color pages)
Chou Neraware Taishitsu no Ore ga Sute Secret Service wo Hirotta Ken (Color pages, One-shot by Seiji Hayashi (Jimoto Ga Japan))
Super Smartphone (23 pages)
One Piece (Break)
Black Clover (Hiatus)

Weekly Shonen Jump #26/2022 preview

Nande Nanda-san (Color pages, One-shot by Yuki Kawaguchi (Red Hood))
Black Clover (Hiatus)

It's our time Doronbros.

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It stopped releasing 5 volumes a year, then it stopped releasing 4 volumes a year. Now it releases 3 volumes a year.

>doron made it out of the flop 3

>One Piece was absent 8 issues ago
1 ・ My Hero Academia ・ NO. 348 - UNREQUITED
2 ・ Blue Box ・ #45: August 26
3 ・ Jujutsu Kaisen ・ CHAPTER 178: SENDAI COLONY, PART 5
5 ・ Akane-banashi ・ STORY 6: SENIOR PUPILS
6 ・ The Elusive Samurai ・ CHAPTER 55: KUSUNOKI 1335
7 ・ Me & Roboco ・ Chapter 81: Saturday Street Date & Bondo
9 ・ Mashle: Magic and Muscles ・ CHAPTER 101: MASH BURNEDEAD AND THE DARK MAGMA
10 ・ High School Family: Kokosei Kazoku ・ Chapter 78: Graduation, the Season of Goodbyes
11 ・ Doron Dororon ・ CHAPTER 15: ICHIHA KOBAYAKAWA
12 ・ UNDEAD UNLUCK ・ No. 103 Negator vs. Regulator
13 ・ Ayashimon ・ Chapter 16: Only You
14 ・ Protect Me, Shugomaru! ・ Chapter 16: Protect Me Like Usual, Shugomaru!

Why does Yozafam get so many CPs?

Even if it weren't in WSJ, its art is too ugly for a modern day shoujo manga.

>Doron hasn't sunk back to the bottom 3
>Meanwhile, Ayashimon and Shugomaru are still stuck there, and Undead Unluck has joined them
Wow, can it actually make a comeback?

>beat Mashle last week
>beat UU this week


have a feeling that Earthchild will replace Doron and Doron will somehow lives a little bit longer...

It's real?
Yeah, but just barely

>Doron sweep is becoming a real thing

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Was 348 the chapter were Deku talked about crepes and shit?

from redon so very real.

Yeah, because there's a tangible non-cope difference between being in bottom 3 and bottom 4.

Has been leaked by redon on MH.

Fingers crossed

Because the series actually deserving of them are written by authors that don't know how to take care of themselves so they can't handle the extra workload of a CP.

Does the editorial believe in Akane more than in PP? Because PP has stronger writing and art than Akane so far

Why are Nips liking the last arc so much?

Source is redon mangahelpers.com/forum/threads/weekly-shonen-jump-2022-news-and-discussion.3021231/page-208#post-5689627

If the mangaka of Kaiju #8 could draw weekly, Dororororororroron would never have been able to take a step into the magazine.

Because it’s MHA.

Akane is niche japanese thing worth shilling.
pppppp is stable at least.

Undead and mashle getting left out to dry now that Sakamoto's made it big

Kaiju 8 is overprinted, declining in sales and overall is just a bad series.

Let's calm down here. Tabata wouldn't want us fighting :(

How are these two series even related in any shape or form? sounds like schizo rambling

I will protect this goofball like I tried to with Yonagi

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Akane is more conceptually promising for them because it's closer to the normal human beans with it's "real" narrative. Pepepe choice to go for literal music magic where their hallucinations aren't a metaphor but a literal thing they fucking cast will always limit the series as "that weird artsy thing".

Does anyone have that chart with the top 20 or top 30 first print volumes?

I think people will disagree with you especially about the art since many tend to focus on technical aspects. I find PPP has a stronger style and artistic direction but it probably filters a lot of people. Akane is more similar to sport than PPP and they're lacking sport manga at the moment. it's a safer bet I guess.

It's pretty obvious from how Jump is promoting it that it's hoping to create enough confidence to have good Vol 1 sales. Don't think too much about it being above P6.


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surely it's about time earthchild will have its release date for its first vol right?
can't wait

Generic shonen with "powerless" mc

>5 ・ Akane-banashi ・ STORY 6: SENIOR PUPILS
spokon quota

>Doron somehow staying above Ayashimon/Shugomaru
It's interesting because it hasn't been included in the bottom 3 rotation lately. Is there actual hope?

Akane already dominating PPPPPP, love to see it

I want to believe, but I also remember Moriking

Hopefully never. Stop simping for a shitty author because he was an assistant for a series you like.

I can say confidently Shugomaru will be the only one ending (alongside Black Clover on hiatus), with a batch of 2 coming.

Doron will survive another round, Ayashimon gets one too cause veteran author.

I better see you buy volume 2.

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I can believe that, but with only 1 new series coming instead. BC is coming back in a few months, so its slot is still filled, unlike HxH's.

I'm a simp because im ancitipating a rookie's next one shot? Take your meds, schizo

>two weeks that doron made it out of the axe waltz

If Doron actually manages to live, I'll bow down to the Doronposter.

>1 ・ My Hero Academia ・ NO. 348 - UNREQUITED

RIP for it’s next ranking. Also, since Chapter 349… Hori has only released 3 chapters in the last 7 issues.

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3 months in Jump is a long time. They're not just gonna leave a gap open.

There only so many place at the bottom and it start to get crowded. Something are bound to move up

can I pretend Doron living because of my meme vote?

We now know that Akane will almost certainly get more high rankings, and Earthchild will probably sink to the bottom soon, so the only thing that interests me now is whether Doron will actually live, or whether this is just another fluke. Kinda interesting, though, that Ayashimon hasn't moved out of the bottom 3, despite having had the best sales performance of the three.


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Ayashimon got people who is the fan of the author previous check it out. That certainly inflate the 1st volume sale.

Yes, you just have to pretend to forget how hard the first volume flopped.

Doron got people who is the fan of the author previous check it out. That certainly inflate the 1st volume sale.

I mena, it's still dead next round, but you can pretend.