One Piece

>"Joyboy fighting another man? No I don’t want that! I want him to think about me and no one else for the rest of my life! Even after I die, I want to be at the front of his mind for a while! Ten years at least!"

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Please for the love of god let wano be over.

50 more chapters

>Only Joyboy can defeat me

I'll be honest, I really don't feel like Luffy earned a win against kaido at all. While all luffy fights involve a little plot armor and convenience, this fight just seems like the epitome of luffys plot armor and his "endurance". If kaido is down now, it will be really unearned imo.
While I get the significance of luffy beating kaido alone, I feel like a team fight would have been much much better. Oda is jumping through so many hoops just to make luffy defeat kaido alone.

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Wano will never be over. Wano will lift up into the air and replace the Sunny as Luffy's flagship

3 more years

OP always had a problem with ignoring the stamina factor but this shit is egregious.

Nico Robin is a black baby factory

Are spoilers out?

Oda and the editors wanted their cake and eat it too
>they won thanks to COOL SAMURAIS
>a-actually Kaido was still fine so this was a 1 vs 1 fair fight we swear!
>Then the samurais did nothing
>no, they did! Japan BANZAIII
>Then it wasn't a 1vs1
The mental gymnastics are too strong on this one

What are the chances of Pudding ending up with Sanji’s brothers after they save her?

Yonji did say he would marry her

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>Kaidou is in the center of the flower capital knocked out and an angry mob gathers around him
>They all smile and throw a blanket on him and claim that they dont want to act how he does
>"We cant wait to show you the REAL Wano"
>Yamato smiles to herself and thinks "Father you can stop the act now and live the peaceful life you always wanted, joyboy is here now"
>Sanji donates his blood to Kaidou

We can't fight Team fights anymore since they decided to go after the Dragon Ball audience, Luffy is so strong he doesn't even need a crew anymore and he puts his fighting ego over working with his crew


we still have the wano buster call arc

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>eren arriving after 2000 years
> Luffy arriving after 20 years
>tabata spreading Christianity using the clover exactly like Saint Patrick
>ishida claiming not to be the one eyed king
Are you guys ready for my arrival?

Wano is a horrible arc all around

post yfw Kaido awakens his devil fruit and kicks Luffy's shit in (again)

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That means present Kaido is stronger than Rocks and Roger right?

luffy vs kaido and killer vs hawkins are the only 2 great fights in this entire fucking arc

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current kaido is not even old whitbeard level

A bunch of mid tiers standing on the sidelines taking potshots at kaido in between reaction shots would just make Kaido seem weaker

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For real. Like how does Oda expect us to believe Luffy is in Kaido's level if he was defeated 4 fucking times while Kaido got no breaks and fought more than 15 people?

No, its just his Defence thats maxxed out, Roger could easily beat him in a test of power

Kaidos flame dragon form would wreck the whole Marineford cast

It's weird that Germa's Cover story starting right now.

I expect to meet them again in the next arc.

but that will not happen until their cover story it done.

Is there a series with more MC wank than this? It's just a Luffy solo show at this point

haki blooms in battle. Luffy is powerlevelling his ambitions by fighting Kaido over and over until he wins and not dying in the process. The very act of defeating Kaido will be what lets him become as powerful as kaido afterwards

>we leave Wano
>Germa wank returns
Jesus christ

That sounds worse than Fairy Tail

Are we still believe Acts 4 and 5.

Begone ESLs.

They never said that

kaido is not even shanks level

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Get all your seething and retardation out of the way so that the actual discussion can begin.

What about zoro vs killer and sanji vs queen?

Wank? Like wanking a dick? Why're you thinking about dicks? Are you gay?

>CP0 knows enough to travel to Wano directly themselves and secure a deal no problem
>they know Kaidou won a fight with the samurai and makes up the majority of the muscle on wano

It's almost like Kaidos fight was designed as a Royal Rumble. Also Luffy has beat people for less.

>dad is buying a boat to put on a dock near his new summer home
>needs help giving it a name

Any suggestions?

it should have been obvious to you that one piece runs on rpg logic way back when the princess riding a Chocobo was introduced

I believe in it because I am a smart person.

Where are all the "the raid will fail" and "kaido will defeat luffy" retards?

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People complain about muh Luffy wank but Sanji is hogging too much
>Got the WCI arc which was just a worse Robin arc
>You would think the fucking Japan island full of samurai shit would be a way to focus on Zoro and even add Tashigi, you know, the one crazy for swords and dildos but instead more Sanji lame background
>Germa will return, this means if we go to Elbaf they may steam Usopp's own arc
>When Vegapunk arc happens Sanji and Germa shit will get more focus than Franky

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Nah she's smiten by Sanji

The Miriam-Webster.

Moby Dick

The next arc is Elbaf and they don't fit the aesthetic

The Lucky Go (ラッキー号)
Thats what I'd call mine

burning One Piece volumes, thanks Oda

The Monkey Ball

>The World Government
>Ever bothering to provide up to date intel for mere marines
They're maritime highway cops, they don't need to know the military strength of rogue nations. Thats big boy business.

Oda really made Sanji not get much focus in the first half of the New World but now he is giving him TOO much

This shit is worse than fairy tail lmao

Call it the original name, the Mocha Dick

The Lad of the Coast

The Faggot Wagon

He made him look bad for a while there, so he's trying to improve his image a bit.

> The Panel at the end of the Killer vs Hawkins Arc
Reminded me of pre-timeskip kino. What a great fight

Right here faggot.

The raid WILL fail.
Kaido WILL have his flashback.
Lufyy WILL lose again.
Onigashima WILL fall on the Flower Capital.
Wano WILL have an Act 4 and 5.


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So what next??

Kaido get up and out from Wano???

>kills your favorite One Piece character

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