Mononoke Season2?

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Too good to be true. Don't get my hopes up like this user.

Wish it was true

They were making a new movie, no?

I'm happy.

Might not be real but it's still the top trend on jp twitter right now.

It was retreated by noitamina's official account, so it's happening


Shit you're right.
We made it bros.

An this year also marks its 15 years anniversary.

Huh thats funny, I rewatched it for the first time in ~7 years a week ago.

Make sure it's true when you say Season 2
for it's sin to tell a lie.

Last three episodes on the train were my least favorite btw. I get the feeling that’s a common sentiment, is it?

>2000 + 22
>Spice and wolf
This timeline is getting critically based! Pray that nukes won't wipe us first.

>season 2 after all these years
cool but huh?

Really? It was my most favorite tho.
Especially, the visual.

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What more stories can they tell? Another bakeneko?

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On one hand this is cool but on the other hand I'm worried that anime is starting to go the Hollywood route of literally never making anything new.

My least favourite would be the first one. The one in ayakashi was really great.

Is it really happening op?

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I mean, there's a bajillion weirdo jap monsters out there, wouldn't be too hard to find another to base a story on.

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I actually liked the Nue one best, something about that quiet eerie atmosphere and everyone mentally deteriorating got me, and also despite it seeming kind of obvious in retrospect I didn't really expect that the suitors were dead the whole time

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I'm not holding my breath.



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What are the odds it sets in modern day?

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Maybe as a once-off like with the train episode, but otherwise I'd prefer it stays in ye olden days, that way the medicine seller stands out a bit less/so that his 'cover' job actually makes sense and lets him have some level of access to places he normally wouldn't be allowed to go.


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Are there good subs for this?

Big if true

Was my first thought too,

My favorites is have to be the Sea Monster arc with the close second is the Nopperabou arc right after it.

Seeing the monk true face is still one of favorites moment in any anime :

That's certainly medicine seller.

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this show was a mistake to binge. every story is the same shit. would have been just as impactful as a short film.

I'm conflicted, on the one hand I want Konaka to work on Despera but on the other I want this as well.
Nakamura Kenji has to come back too, great guy. I remember him talking with Twin Engine about a new original project, it's probably not this but I wonder where that went.

For me, it's Nopperabou

Holy shit

Only the ''Child of Tatami room'' arc and ''Nopperabou'' arc is in any way similar. The other 3 are entirely different in the story, characters and setting.

Also, you weren't supposed to watch this back to back, with how distinct the art style is of course its gonna start to feel samey. If you have to watch more than one episodes a day, then just watch it in Arcs.

hopefully not. the anime was garbage

Why is it that you retards can't let series rest in peace? If it comes back, it's going to be unfailingly shit.

This show was so good, loved the tango opening.

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I love the Klimt influences in this arc.

This. It's a detective type story. I wonder why they haven't done anything after Mononoke.

Oh wow a sequel to a cult classic made many years after the original probably without involving any of the original staff or people capable of understanding/capturing what made it good in the first place. Call me a skeptic but when are these ever good?

I didn't like Nopperabou at all, the pacing was weird and I feel like it went over my head

Eh, its all buddhist shit, something about Ochou's story reflecting the idea of samsara or something, and the medicine seller using his illusory self and his real self to break through all the excuses she had about why she never left and to make her realize the only thing that was holding her back from freedom was herself.

Though I do also think the pacing was kind of weird, didn't help the story much.

OP if you're trolling me I'm disowning you.

>missing all of the old properties brought back just the past few years like Bem, Hakushon Daimao, Time Bokan, and Muteking
Where have you been, buddy

What's the best release for Mononoke? I remember having a hard time looking for something decent.

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Rewatched it recently and went with [user]'s release.
I liked starting with the original Bakeneko and finishing on Mononoke's Bakeneko. Really made me appreciate both that way.

The leading theory is that Ochou is the Nopperabou herself. Ok for this to make sense, let’s get this out of the way from the start, The Fox Mask man is The Medicine Seller himself (same skin tone, hair color, and pointy ear as The Medicine Seller Other Self). From a young age, Ochou has felt disillusioned with herself, feeling like she has no identity of herself (having no face, like a Nopperabou), and instead of having to wear whatever mask that her mother and later on, husband forces her to wear. And that hatred and resentment is slowly building up in Ochou over the year and that thing is slowly becoming a Mononoke, like how the Monk in the previous arc own’s cowardice and regrets grew into the Umibozu ( fun fact: Umibozu literally means Sea Monk so if you knew that beforehand, you can find out the culprit right from episode 3)
And that is where The Medicine Seller come in, he saw what Ochou is slowly becoming and stepped in to help, that entire thing about her killing her husband and 8 other people was just in her imagination. In the end, The Medicine Seller/Fox Mask Man shows Ochou what she has become but decides to spare her, the ‘’Thank You’’ Ochou said is for that I think while the ‘’I’ll be fine’’ is a reassurance to The Medicine Seller is that she doesn’t need his help anymore. And the final scene is Ochou just standing up and walk away, like she was never there.

that's not nice

Samidare too, after all those years
Something big is coming

How would you compare Mononoke to other anime/manga involving spirits, like xxxHolic, Mushishi, or Natsume Yuujinchou (among others)?

Nakamura is coming back.


Wat. That would be amazing.