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How so?

Last thread's RPG. 9 random grids, one random panel each.

Raw data:
>237548802+(7), 237529370+(1), 237551531+(2), 237529324+(7), 237537624+(6), 237527141+(3), 237528931+(6), 237546312+(1), 237526001+(6)



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Sorry. Fixed.

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Sorry for what?

Yotsuba misbehaving.

Regressed more like

What did you change, exactly?
So, where are your other 10521 favourites?


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Thats the date ding dong, I made it on may 10th

Read more and watch more.

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good picks but I would strongly suggest branching out into other animes, thats very normie tier and Yea Forums will give you shit for it

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It's called "normalfag", normalfag. And the plural of anime is "anime". So improve your language, because
>Yea Forums will give you shit for it

Shit taste

Okay. Now post yours.



holy shit this is atrocious

I never understand what those X/X numbers mean in those thread


Heavily flawed in many ways, yet even then, I'm still glad I had the experience of watching these shows.

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Oh thanks for explaining
Do I need to finish the whole anime/manga for it to be count as 'seen'?


>Do I need to finish the whole anime/manga for it to be count as 'seen'?
That depends on whether you think you can properly gauge an anime or manga without having completed it. Generally, most people would probably say that if they, for example, dropped an anime mid-season because they didn't enjoy it, that's enough for them to rate it.

3x3s that use the cover art of the shows are boring, take a few seconds to get some cool screencaps of the show you like so much. By showing a specific scene we also get a better idea of what resonates with you and what you liked specifically about a show.

based unicorn chad


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I don't watch a lot of anime but i wanna broaden my tastes and find some more things i like. Anybody got any recommendations?

Most people recommend that i watch Cowboy Bebop and Trigun but i find those 2 in particular to be very boring shows.

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>Anybody got any recommendations?
Yes. Stop using KAPWING.

Probably should watch some "archetypal" shows of each era or genre. For the early 2010s, I'd at least recommend Guilty Crown, Valvrave, SAO to at least get a grasp of the culture at the time.

>Guilty Crown, Valvrave, SAO to at least get a grasp of the culture at the time.
You know, usually you just tell people to watch Boku no Pico if you want to shit on them.

Could never really get into vagabond, it loses steam and focus constantly and it's dilutetd in some half-baked philosophy.
Other Inoue stuff is much better
Time to try another shape
Very ironic
If you are going for the worst mecha shows ever made you should definetly include darling in the franxx, guilty crown and valvrave in your chart
Just watch what makes you curious, i'm sure there are plenty of charts and recommendations lists for you to discover new stuff from, it should be up to you to decide what you want to watch

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2 table tennis shows in a single 3x3 this might be unparalleled autism

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>Time to try another shape
You know, I'd love to. What prompted me to make the triangular grid was a brief discussion about a potential circular grid and why it's not really feasible; you simply cannot fit circles neatly together and end up with gaps inbetween. The other approach would be to take a giant circle and subdivide it into nine arcs, but those would be too narrow to look decent. Or you subdivide it into multiple strange shapes of different sizes, which again is not ideal.
If you want a complete tessellation with regular shapes, there's only three real options: Triangles (as shown), rectangles/squares (which is just the default 3x3 shape) and hexagons. And heaxagons would be really nice and give a grid that neat honeycomb pattern, but the problem is that you cannot take 9 hexagons and compose them in a way that isn't at the very least slanted to one way or the other. You could have 7 hexagons, trivially, making up one larger hexagon, but 7 is not 9.

Did that one chart user finish modifying the ultimate chart?
4/6 +++eoe, berserk ++flcl +kurosawa -silent voice, rezero
7/7 +++victory ++hxh, plastic little, honey +sailor moon, urotsukidoji, zls
5/6 ++ttgl, one piece, hotd, dragonmaid +pokemon -musume
1/1 ++mushishi
1/3 ++ttgl -unicorn (why), AO (WHY)
4/5 ++ttgl, hotd +beyblade, jojo3 -sao
5/5 +++patlabor 2 ++vampirehunterd, yesterday +porco, godfathers

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>Mixed Grid
>I'm Not There
I Unironically Had To Drop PKMN While Rewatching BC Of His Stupid First Loss
Yeah But The Screenshots Need 2 Be Pretty Next 2 Eachother, Which Is The Hard Part.

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Reddit Zero is inexcusable
Decent grid if not for top middle
Based for pokemon, the first season is genuinely good and misty is still best girl
The various fates are the most generic anime ever made, saber is just a template for “cute anime girl” and you’re a moron if you like her
Oscar is ugly
At least use a part 1 pic

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>Netorare Master Kurosawa

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You must be over 18 to post in this board.

I love Vagabond
I love Sailors
I love Luluco
I love Gurren Lagann
I love Konosuba
I know I've seen some of those but I can't recognize them, your screenshots are too abstract desu. Which Satoshi Kon is that?
I love Kill la Kill
I love GitS
I love Utena
I love Gems

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You seem to be a very loving person user, but how can you not recognise godfathers or poroporoporo. The others are like: wishes it were a ghibli film, 2 hours of wordlessly staring into the distance, art ho - the movie, uhh ikiru reimagined?, flying pig, no idea and D










It's funny because Tokyo Godfathers is my favorite Satoshi Kon movie but it's been a while since I saw it so I wasn't sure. I think it's better to ask than to assume something wrong!

Based list

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Koe no Katachi should've stayed as a one shot. It only got worse.

Haven’t read the manga but the film was better when he was bullying the cripple girl, he should have stayed an asshole but had her fall for him anyway in a stockholm syndrome type situation. As it stands they don’t work as a couple at all, the bitchy dark haired girl is a far better match

Why is GTO on everybodys list?
I never even saw it having a thread on Yea Forums

Then you haven’t been on Yea Forums very long.

It’s good but loses steam towards the end, onizuka gets continually cucked by the author who refuses him any successes past him getting the school job. Even if him fucking kanzaki would be too controversial he should have at least gotten with fuyutsuki, also he allows himself to get forced into paying for that school trip rather than just stripping and spanking the bitch that framed him like he did before. It could only be worthy of a grid place for me if the author hadn’t throughly defanged him as the series progressed, and looking at the manga he just gets increasingly pathetic past where the anime ends.
Tldr people that like gto enjoy getting blueballed

I decided the small changes i wanted to make weren't worth trying to promulgate a new one, this one is good enough so please use it

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Ooops herre's the Yea Forums version

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Why would you keep the vtuber box, as autistic as I am it takes a special brand of autism to actually watch that shit

they are very popular and adjacent to anime. i used to hate vtubers but found one i like, hatoba tsugu. maybe u can find 1 too

+ Devilman, Evangelion, TTGL, Dragon Ball

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>It’s good but loses steam towards the end, onizuka gets continually cucked by the author who refuses him any successes past him getting the school job. Even if him fucking kanzaki would be too controversial he should have at least gotten with fuyutsuki
the closest girl who manage to make Onizuka return her feeling is a tranny.
You can't make this shit up kek

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pleasant to look at
what are yr thoughts on miyazaki's other works?
nice taste. not the most novel picks but everything feels at home here

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Currently a bit burned out on manga, I've mostly been watching anime and working on a seinen rec chart.

6/7 ++Berserk, KnK, Parasyte, Vagabond +Monster ~FLCL, EoE
1/1 HxH
5.5/6 ++YKK, Yotsuba, HxH, Enidewi, Dungeon Meshi ~Honey
Go Nagai never really clicked with me, I don't know why.
1/1 ++TTGL
2/2 +++Mushishi +Luluco
1/1 ++TTGL, though I might watch Cencoroll soon.
3/3 ++TTGL, Part 3, Gunsmith Cats
1/1 ++Berserk
6/6 ++Jin Roh, Poroporo, Godfathers, Porco, Patlabor, D
4/4 ++Mob, Fireflies, Totoro, KLK
2/2 +++Patlabor ++Ponyo
2/2 +Lain, Egg
5/5 ++Gems, Spectral Wizard, Azumanga, YKK, SoreMachi
3/3 ++Gems, Nausicaä, Black Lagoon
What are mid right and bottom right?
3/4 ++TTGL +FMAB ~Devilman, EoE
Lots of TTGL this thread.
5/5 ++Orochi, Wind Rises, Totoro, Poroporo, Akira
Great taste. Nice choice of pictures too, I love the colors.
5/5 ++Nausicaä, Gems, HxH, Flan +SoreMachi

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Haven’t watched Pokémon in almost 2 decades, so I doubt I’ve seen that particular season.
SAO is still great at the beginning before turning to mediocrity sometime around Gun Gale.
Genuinely the first time I’ve seen Konosuba and Dezaki on the same grid.
I need to rewatch Belladonna some day.
Definitely extremely interesting taste.
Fuck, I’m going to have to update my version of this format, aren’t I? My 3x3 got updated since I last made this.

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Do I need to watch Tamako Market before Love Story?

There's a brief thing at the beginning that links the show to the movie but it's mostly not relevant, so yeah you can skip the show if you really want to.