Manga that choked tremendously hard after the first 1/3rd

I’ll start. Dishonorable mention goes to The Promised Neverland, but at least that is pretty much great until the end of Goldy Pond. Jagaaaaan on the other hand fell off after chapter 52, and I’d rather suffer through a bad half than a bad 2/3rds.

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>Cop gains ability to shoot fleshy bullets, wants to be a hero
>Saves people from monsters, doing cool fights here and there. He's a local hero now.
>Gets into a team of like-minded indivi-
>Nope, everyone fucking dies and the leader's got a god complex
>Tries aga-
>Everyone fucking dies again and it's all his fault
>CIA invites him into a special X-men kind of unit
>Oh shit, his boss is a coo-
>Bully some gay dudes who just wanted to be happy, murder some others who were BASICALLY innocent, and oh right, there's traitors here too
>Jagasaki is boring now; you get a guy who is an octopus
>Eats a girl (literally), becomes said girl, fucks all of the girl's male friends, claims this is normal
>Also claims he's a girl, which is a very gay lie, fucking shapeshifter
>Holy shit we're still following this shapeshifting homo's vlog chapters
>Go to Disneyland, fuck a few dudes, and back to- Oh wait, Jagasaki is back
>He's a wanted criminal, saves the shapeshifting homo from a dude with a triceratops skull. Okay.
>What the fuck even happened after this pa-
>Oh right, the shapeshifting homo wants to fuck Jagasaki now, and almost does
>Oh wait it's actually a Jagasaki lookalike with an acid-spitting gun for a dick. What the fuck.
>Now we're in some teamup with a murderous hippie, a guy who has the power to grow his fingernails, a shapeshifting homo, and a Jagasaki that hates everything
>Carbon samurai talks to ex-dead son, becomes a good guy, dies because Jagasaki is an idiot.
>Walt Nonose transforms into red Jell-o Satan, Jagasaki transforms into a tree, murderous hippie is probably dead, fingernail guy is fucking the shapeshifter guy while not knowing the truth
Choking hard is an understatement. A very fucking huge understatement. This is auto-asphyxiation in space levels of choking.

I just want to see how this shit ends ten bucks says Jagashi doesn't/can't rez his old girl friend remember her

He doesn't, he got over her and he's with Bell now.

I don't know, the way you put makes me want to read it.

Not that user, but feel free to. It's very enjoyable while it's good. Just keep reading until you feel like you've wasted your time, then it's a good time to stop.

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Figures, author should have killed that plot point for good early instead of just putting it off on the back burner

OPM tanked so much and it's not even halfway throughout the story. Yea Forums barely gives a fuck about it anymore despite the fact that we are already at the climax of the current arc.

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At one point, he stops saving her remains and burns them. She ain't coming back.

houseki no kuni
started out as apocalypse kino and devolved into gay rocks in space

Death Note.

Went to shit exactly when Light forgot his memories on purpose and teamed up with L.

goblin slayer

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Fuck off op. I don't want to see that ugly shit while browsing the catalog.

What happened to it?
The manga was so slow I dropped it after the first 2 arcs.

As someone who has recently read jagaaaan all I can say is that this is a pretty good recap

I still maintain that this had the biggest drop off from any series in recent memory.
>MC has clearly outlined goals through the series: beat his dad in a cooking match, get the female MC to say his dish is delicious, and then ask her out
>series is fun and sometimes dramatic until Autumn election arc
>cue food yakuza busting arc and a student becoming the Dean of the school
>suddenly food hitler comes along with the dumb big plan of shutting down all fast food restaurants in the country
>most of the student council backs him, 2 for selfish reasons but the rest range from who the fucks knows or just "for the lulz"
>stupid tryhard antagonists
>and then edge mcLord comes along and beats MC's dad, forever robbing him of that match
>edge dude claims to be MC's brother, challenges and wins match against female MC
>she now has to marry him for some reason and loses all character development and never interacts with the main cast
>the world-wide BLUE food competition which was hyped is literally filled with randoms and the mafia
>ENTER the crew from a circus as the main frontrunners
>Edge dude villain's power is Crossed Knives: gains cooking style from people's utensils he uses
>fucking chainsaw cooking and cooking with explosives
>turns out the edge dude is actually female MC's cousin who she was supposed to marry
>random stupid shit like juggling cooking and claws dipped in spices
>MC doesn't even win the BLUE in the end
>literally fails all 3 of his goals from the first point
>timeskip epilogue answers none of the questions
What the FUCK were they thinking? I would be so mad if I didn't see this coming ahead of time.

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All of them

i thought it was cute how catboy and octo-tranny got together in the end

Probably the most notable example.

the prequel is still good, thou

The funny thing was that edge McLord was created because the author didn't know how to advance the main couple relationship... and then when the series end he still didn't know how to advance the main couple relationship. Oh and not forget the author spent the last 3 extra chapters on Edge McLord instead of the cast that people actually like throughout the story

You know that the witch is in love with the lancer, right?

OPM never actually had a story. It had a premise and some world building but then only random fights without much in the way of a plot

spot on recap. Only thing missing is him powering up by the power of love in the last chapter while fighting a JOJO tier villain

Well screw you OP, I'm still going to mention The Promised Neverland. A series that started with tension and mind games with a threatening villain and gradually devolved into conveniences, deus ex machina, things happening with no setup and villains that gets progressively easier and easier to deal with because of all this with the last one being the most pathetic of all. The author stopped giving a shit not even halfway through.

no, OPM has a story, the impending doomsday "god level" disaster arriving in 6 months as prophesized by the seer.

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The Promised Neverland. What a waste of time

OPM tanked after Boros, so it's more like 1/3 was good

OPM was never really good. It was just overated anime for normalfags and casuals.

my hero academia kinda collapsed after My Villain academia. things should have ramped up to awesome shit at this particular point of the story and instead we got... scool and arcs so shorts they feel like abridged summaries.

Monster Musume
Killing Bites

Let's shoot the elephant in the room : Hunter xHunter.

>Bully some gay dudes who just wanted to be happy,
Kek'd. But who was the innocent that he killed? Can't remember, dropped after the teamup with cat and tree dude.

Looks hilariously awful. Can't believe it's a series about cooking.

MHA was already crumbling by the yakuza arc and unsalvageable at the seven quirks reveal. My Villain Academia was just the last gasp of inspiration before it settled into complete mediocrity.


After Kamino, things were never the same, for me. A little hyped in the hospital invasion and everyone Vs. Shiggy, but that's all.

I believe Shokugeki no Souma more or less falls in this camp

I mean honestly I thought it was at it's best in the beginning when it focused on the characters and the shokugeki were just a part of the whole, once it ramped up with the father it was on a disaster course and lost it's charm in favour of absurd villain motivations and endless battles. I really enjoyed the simplicity of the characters meeting each other and going to their dorm house at the beginning and just going through school life and struggling to adapt to the environment.

man the scene where the guy pretends to be jagaan and rapes some chick, that panel is burned into my mind

falls off when they introduce the elite people and the villain subsequently, up until the autumn contest and yukihira training with the french chef it was really good. kinda sad about it since i was super excited for a good food show

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>a disaster course and lost it's charm in favour of absurd villain motivations and endless battles
The fate of all battle shounen. Comfy premises with occasional low-stake conflicts to keep things spicy for the shounentards, inevitably ruined by the pivot into nonstop weekly death battles that subsume all character, themes, and narrative.

>houseki no kuni
you're both incredibly retarded

I dont think I've seen a more fitting thread for this little guy.

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Komi-san would also count as a massive fucking choke as well, except it would be after the first half i guess

>t. goblin


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1/3rd user. It choked on like 9/10th of it
Do people even remember much of Punpun's childhood? All the good parts imo was when he was a teenager to young adult.

You're missing dollar store Femto who had all his stat points in rape.

Obligatory tokyo ghoul:re mention

those early volume sales are just because season 1 went fully mainstream, it just regressed to normal manga sales

Webcomic was at it's best in the Garou arc and I thought the Tatsumaki vs. Saitama arc was a run romp, I just haven't haven't followed it since then

It took years but people finally woke up to the manga/anime being inferior and only really finding ways to improve the Boros arc

Sports week Namek was at least 1/4th of it. I'm tired of you fags ignoring its shit because of muh ending crap.

Yakuza arc was a good ground for something with Eri and Mrio losing his power. But then it was treated like Bleach 2nd filler arc, with the little girl joining and doing nothing

Sports week had sheets ouroboros so it's fine.

Both of those. Don't remind me of the disappointment

There is nothing normal about a manga shitting the bed so early even without an anime adaptation supporting it on the front.

The original Tokyo Ghoul was pure kino. Watching the MC get blasted the fuck out in the final fight against Amira was pure un-adultered kino. Should have ended there and start the sequel with another MC.

TPN may not have tanked all that hard until closer to the 2/3 mark, but once it really started tanking it when into complete freefall. It was spectacular.

I have no idea where exactly things are right now but it's been at the climax of the current arc for like a year.

OPM's problem is overstaying its welcome.
It had a fun premise and as a parody that had good moments for some side characters it was fun. But more and more it just became a standard battle manga while the parody aspect was sidelined.

at least you didn't say "it became what it parodied"

It didn't get that hokey. It just lost the novelty of the premise and shifted cast too much outside of the duo of Genos and Saitama.