How has anime influenced or changed you, Yea Forumsnon?

How has anime influenced or changed you, Yea Forumsnon?

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I went from being a 15 year old degenerate porn addict to a 35 year old degenerate porn addict

Yes back when I was a second-year in high school I saved my school from a terrorist attack

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You saved your school from yourself?

when watching and after finishing jojo i had autistic phase where i tried to shove it to my friends and force them to watch it

they didn't

we're not friends anymore

Have you ever dreamed of anime characters involved in your life activities, or involved in their lives?

I play video games a lot less now.

Once I spoke no Japanese and now I speak shitty Japanese

Yeah, a lot

I have been addicted to anime for 38years. Even go to conventions where girls wear short skirts with their cheeks peeking out. Why would I ever stop?

I mean when you sleep.

Yeah, a lot

The wikihow articles always make me crack up. It's like they're being written by A.I.s and the editors do nothing but grammar/spelling check

Started smoking
I do regret it


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I it me or is Yea Forums even worse lately it's like we got a massive amount of new normalfags on top of the usual ones.

Why are we like this JOJObro?

Those who phonepost shouldn't throw stones.

I am now a pedo.

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>stop playing vidya gradually, get hooked into fantasy worlds
>gets to the point of escapism
>depression gets much worse after i figure out certain things about myself, which won't go away no matter how much i try to repress them
>t. bad dysphoria
>stop eating regularly
>start distancing myself from friends, they eventually take a hint and fuck off
>quit watching anime at all because it feels like a drag
>ffw now
>planning to off myself in a week

cheers ya degenerate fucks, this board's caused me nothing but constant ire and i'll be happy to be free of it and everything else soon enough

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>and they may treat you with less respect as a result.

While true, that is a stupid way to live unless you enjoy soul death play or something.

I have been here for 13 years, blow me faggot.
No homo.

You sound like a bigger faggot than OP. If you're absolutely sure you want to do make sure not to cause unnecessary trouble to anyone.

I tend to find myself bowing when I walk past the coffin at funerals

it made me meet the most horrible people in my life and now im scared of making friends

I used to have a few of friends. They used to watch anime and we usually hang out together. I was reading MuvLuv Alternative VN at the time and enjoying Takeru's wacky adventures with PTSD. When asked what I've been doing recently, I mentioned the title and they were quite baffled by the name even after inquiring what it was about (I made sure I explained MECHS/ALIENS and HUMANITY) but they didn't seem interested. That's when I realized we're not friends anymore.

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Like most long-term anime and manga consumers I have transitioned


Of course, I've went to dates with a lot of them

Christ, you fuckers are awful. No wonder why this board is becoming less and less fun.

What the fuck did you want from this thread?

Somehow anime/manga has cured me of my furry fetish and now Im way more attracted to woman way more than I was before, its like Im having 2nd puberty. Of course now that Im hooked on this shit I have to hide my power level from most of my normalfag friends and have to deal with the guilt of enjoying kid/teenager entertainment. Who knows, maybe by the time Im 40 Ill be cured of this too and be in normal healthy relationship with a woman that feels enough pity for me to fuck missionary once a week.

Just because I know that dog is going to shit on my lawn doesn't make me less annoyed by it.

I bench 200(not counting bar) and want to be killed by a girl.

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>Like most long-term anime and manga consumers
Only the ones who were into romance and girl shit from the beginning, and you faggots were always the minority. When us shounenCHADs didn't go along with your crossplay you decided to become the face of western anime fandom and you only ever got that far because China is using you idiots to destabilize the moral fabric of society.

>not counting bar
Biggest autism in the entire thread.

Dunno what made you think that I'm phoneposting.

It has proven to be my favorite form of escapism. Bummed I didn't get into it sooner actually, kinda makes me melancholic about missing out on so much of it while it was happening. I've been on Yea Forums for over a decade, but only got into anime like 2 years ago.

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Why do you keep trying to push this shit?

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A permanent one



I just wish retards wouldn't fucking parade about it. I guess there's a good chance that the post was bait but there's plenty of people like that anyway.

>quit watching anime at all because it feels like a drag
Nothing's good enough for you huh, need real mature anime for mature people like yourself? Stop being a nigger and enjoy what you are handed.

Only the mentally deranged ones who acted on their self mutilation fetish, do enjoy playing the russian roulette with that (now buffed from 41% to 50%) an hero chances.

>liking romance and "girl shit" makes you want to chop off your dick
If anything, watching buff men hug each other from behind would do something like that.

Wouldn't that just make you a homo at most? Trannies don't like masculinity

I've unironically started pushing my glasses up with my middle finger. I don't even do it consciously at this point, I just do.

Welcome to the NHK and Samurai Champloo were the bucket of cold water that I needed in my life. Yes I know it sounds contradictory because I'm Yea Forums, but I'm working on it.

At least transfags weed themselves out, meanwhile people who watch shounen exclusively keep shitposting the bastardized version of MANime denoting lack of mental maturity.

How did you normally adjust your glasses?


Also are you an actual pedo or an "ironic lolicon" as our favorite schizo would say.

shounenchads are alphas
moefags are betas
simple as

Imagine being limited to the genres you can enjoy because of your insecurities with your sexuality. You can enjoy shoujo/josei stories as a gentlem/a/n.

Tell that to a mentally handicapped spic.

I'd grab the sides and adjust them that way. Now it's just literally a quick shove with the middle finger.

I can't communicate with monkeys.

Thanks to watching initial D, I decided to live my dream of becoming a professional racer. Then my MR2 snap understeered during an autocross and I crashed, ending that dream. I'm thinking of buying another one, if the car market ever cools down.

Are you the guy who went on a life changing journey after watching Champloo?

>I went from being a 15 year old degenerate porn addict to a level 30 wizard