Spy x Family

Just caught up to the manga and now I feel sad there's no more to read.

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Welcome to a chapter every three weeks. Enjoy your stay.

loid and anya bad

Honestly, I'd rather just pretend the manga doesn't exist for like a year or a half year and wait for there to be a backlog of chapters and read something else. It's not the manga is on track to ending soon. The only thing I'd be missing out on are Yea Forums threads to avoid spoilers which isn't the biggest loss desu.

We know Yuri.

Whoa... he's just like me...

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Good night familia, please be nice to each other

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>Canonically the only reason Yuri didn't plant a bug on Loid or in the house was because he didn't want to here him having sex with Yor
>That Korean NTR scholar's doujin is pretty close to canon.

Divorce arc when

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as long as meds exists, there will never be edgekino in spyxfamily

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When is the next chapter?


>still no Fiona and Yuri interaction

If I were in Eden, I would bully the shit out of this pretentious retard

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Sometimes edge can be good and juicy. Just not misery porn level for the sake of pissing off the readers.

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>which isn't the biggest loss desu.
It is user, it is

I prefer the tasteful tease of exposed skin.

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How is the manga? I don't watch a lot of anime and almost always prefer reading the manga, but for some reason Spy x Family seems like a good one to be an anime only.

Yurikek’d doujin English translation when?

Actual vanilla doujin from NTRman
There is nothing wrong with Yuri getting cucked

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Both are good but the anime definitely waters down the darker aspects and doesn't always translate the thoughts the characters are having.
Anime if you prefer straight up SoL and fluff. Manga if you prefer darker comedy with a slice of fluff.

That is not vanilla since Yoru is for Yuri.

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Only watched the first few episodes of the anime but it seems to add unnecessary fluff to extend the length given how few chapters there are and the rate they're made. The manga also works well in that it is made up of single chapter stories and long story arcs that work well in manga but would be annoying in an anime adaptation. Speaking as someone who prefers manga over anime as well, I'd think you'd prefer the manga much more overall.

Stop masturbating to fantasies, Yuri.

>shows blood and body parts flying from grenade explosion
>nothing, barely any shock of explosion
Enough said.

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Translation fucking when?

He's literally spy 8man.


Please don't insult Twilight by comparing him to an absolute loser like 8man

Didn't even notice that there were body parts in the explosion, have to imagine that by the time they get to the boat arc, the more brutal kills will be neutered and censored heavily.

Why do you think Eguchi was chosen as the VA, user? and opposite Hayamin? Twilight doesn't give a fuck about anything than his own ego, even throwing people he cares about under the bus.

Thanks anons, you've convinced me. I actually really like the tone and wholesome-ness of the anime, but knowing the manga is a little darker has me interested.

Yuri, please stop...

Well there is always the advantage of just watching the anime after you caught up with the manga to see the differences, which is what I'm doing. I can't do the vice versa though. If I watch an anime adaptation first, I can't really see any reason to read the manga adaptation from the start as there's not much to really gain.

>still RP'ing
For a person who cares about muh family. Loid has no problem using Yor's feelings for him to manipulate her for his own personal gain. When the times comes he will abandon them until he realizes he was being an ass and abusing people he cares for, their very trust.

Yuri will end up with Fiona, who's infinitely better than Yor

Did best girl show up in the anime yet?

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NTR is fine if it ruins a potentially or already in progress incestuous relationship (incest is wrong) or if it's a guy ruining a lesbian relationship by straightening out one or both of the dykes with his dick (fuck lesbos and /u/fags).

>incest is wrong

ummmm bros....???

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Yuropoor royalty

The /u/ assblast with ReinaxSensei/KumikoxShou and RikkaxYuuta makes me appreciate NTR of /u/ ships.

Anya is literally not for lewd

Chris chan

Aaaand ruined. Didn't think they would feel the need to pull a Scrappy Doo

Just wait until axeman reveals how she's secretly been a 200 year old witch all along

>this shit again
Fuck off nigger.

The truth hurts, doesn't it?

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Bond is one of the best characters you shut the fuck up

>Twilight doesn't give a fuck about anything than his own ego
God, oregairufags are so fucking moronic. Read the manga again, slower this time, and use your brain a little bit will ypu?


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Do we have to do this every thread?

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I get that. I also just realized there aren't that many volumes, so it'll be fast to read and catch up

Fiona isn’t a female version of him, it’ll never work out.

Yep, that's why Twilight tried to utilize Yor feelings for muh mission. Put a bug on Yor because he didn't trust her. But muh chad spy and muh wholesome family, right? wrong.

Fiona is a cold bitch who would only make others miserable. Yuri likes the loving onee-san type, Twilight is a momma's boy, and Franky deserves better overall.

Why is she so cute?!?

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She has a smile worth protecting.

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This. We didn't need a yandere dog.

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i fucking knew it, those guys can't leave what makes them popular

>isn’t a female version of him
Does this mean Yuri is just in love with himself?

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stop falseflagging already

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Yuri had it coming considering Axeman drew this kind of panel in his introduction arc. He was literally asking for it.

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Peanut not so smug after losing icecream.

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So you don't intend to argue at all, huh? Why bother responding?

I love that the peanut still manages to succeed even when she fails.

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1 term

Only appearance-wise he is the male version of Yor. Yuri latched onto Yor because she literally raised him.

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Since when is wanting to protect your family a bad thing?

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