There's no way these two haven't fucked at least once, right?

There's no way these two haven't fucked at least once, right?

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user Toushiro is a homosexual, he is not into women.

they haven't.
rangiku's actually too serious (and a potential rape victim). She will never fuck anyone who is interested in her.

I'm quite positive Gin ravaged every single whole she has.

He is a cuck, and likes to take care of used goods

Why does she dress like that, doesn't she care she's very distracting for her male companions

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I wish she replaced Gin as captain.

Is it a wardrobe malfunction if she wants it to happen?

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She's an attention whore, but not a whore that puts out

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Rangiku only wanted Gin's dick and HitsuGAYa is gay

>She's an attention whore

>If no one complements my bikini maybe I'll just have to take it all off
She's lonely and wants attention.
A forgivable character flaw.

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She loved Gin, Hitsugaya isn't interested in her or her fat tits so she loves him in a different way

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tits too big

what was her reason for dressing like a whore
i swear she had a reason

She's beautiful and knows it.
As good a reason as any.

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>RangHitsu doujin
>captain has tiny boy penis dominated by Matsumoto milkers

What if they're smart enough not to fornicate?

That sounds wonderful. Big dicks are cliche.

We better get some great ss doujins of her and all other semen demons with Icefaggot, he has like 3 different forms for TYBW.

>Dominates his shota version
>Gets dominated by his adult version

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She's got her simps lined up

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>Hitsugaya is gay and loves Momo
>Gin is dead
Rangiku has nothing left she end up being in hell soon.

Hisagi is pinning for her.

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>One wanted Gin's dick
>The other wants Hinamori's pussy

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Hisagi is now married. His wife lives in Hueco Mundo and their adopted son in Rukongai.


>Aryan woman in Japanese soul world

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Who the fuck actually like hinamori? Worst character in the manga, not even close.

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I'll keep saying it and hope it comes true but the dude owes his entire career to these girls, he really should do some new art when the show restarts

When the fuck is the anime coming back?
Didn't they announce it 3 years ago

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I genuinely couldn't remember if she ever found out about his adult form, she could probably find brand new ways to fuck with him over it

It he squints his eyes he'll look kinda close to Gin.
That'd be enough for her to mount him immediately.

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This October.

I don't give a fuck if she is used goods I want Rangiku to smother me to death while I'm cumming in her

Youshiro is 4'4", his 2 choices are femboymaxxing or eternal virginity

Greek giku

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Plain girls are cute

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Is Hinamori virgin?

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Toushiro's her boss so he's probably turned off from constantly putting up with her lazy bimbo antics.

Besides, Shiro is for Momo, not for the ugly hag.

Aizen alredy fucked Momo and turned Icefaggot into a Cuck.

>Said the NTRfag
Sorry, I don't care what a deluded subhuman who's into being cucked says.

>He doesn't know