Lucky figures

Hi Yea Forums in taking photos of the Freeing figures again tonight.

Will take angle requests

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With clothes, in case you’re a prude

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konata please lower pants halfway and shoot at a low angle

Will do

get help
a bullet helps

Based Lucky connoisseur.
Go back.

Someone start posting "that"

The last thread was deleted right?


who are these figures for

are you ever gonna show the hotglue versions

The best thread is standing again today


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this same angle but with the blonde one's butt

i spent way too much on konata alone but i hardly regret it.

Nice, you collected them all

I spent $1663 on all of them

Can I get a pic of Patty's ass? From the last thread it seemed like she had the fattest but I was too late last time.

Tsukasa on the left and Kagami on the right with only gym shorts and no top, shot from a low angle please.

Requesting a front facing angle with Miyuki's shit pulled above her boobs and no pants.

I don’t have the entire photo booth set up right now. Are you fine with phone quality, or do you mind waiting like an hour to get the same quality as the others?

Im watching a movie so im fine with waiting. If the thread gets killed will you make another or go to another board?

Luckys are not for sexual and I hope you and everyone involved in the manufacturing process eventually feels remorseful.

I’ll make another one, I don’t know what other board I’d go to.

Trash maybe?


I don't mind. Gonna head to bed soon but thank you ahead of time. Hopefully the thread is still up in the morning.

The one yesterday around this time was archived

Konata has massive sex appeal.

Seeing as the manga had several pinups, especially of kagami, you’re way wrong

I've been fapping to luckies for years and nothing is going to change that.

Never. Lucky Star is what got me into loli anime and doujins.

how much are they tall?

sounds like a good deal i could hardly find one for under 400.

Konata is 13.9 inches.
Here is a 1 liter bottle of water for scale

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Ummmm yeah, Im gonna need some Kagami behind...

incidentally can i get main cast topless and shorts only, especially tsukasa

Can you post an stereogram esqe one of Tsukasa's ass? Basically move your camera a bit to the left of where you would usually position it, take a pic pointing at her and then re position your camera, this time a bit to the right, the distance between takes should be more or less the distance between someone's eyes, I realized you could make stereograms this way just last year and wanted to make a guide, but my lazy ass never got to do so. Sorry if it's confusing or seems purposeless, so don't worry, it'll at least make me finally do it.

Wow they are much bigger than I thought. Where did you get them user?

should avoid the thread disappearing before the photo is uploaded

Could I get some low angle foreshortened shots of their butts with the shorts down just below their cheeks? Over the shoulder shots from above with their butts on display would also work.

Will it not be updated anymore today?

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Honesty how can 3d women compete with this

Now this is a quality thread.

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Uoooooh teen belly erotic

that slutty american is wearing such tight pantsu. any chance of closeup on them?


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Please, could you do one of Konata wearing sports shirt and sports pants and holding up her shirt to show her tummy, but not holding it above her flat breasts

Is there a figure of the teacher?

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Very nice, can you also please take another one but lower down her pants so that you can see her belly button?

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Nice! thanks

Where do you buy these from, btw? I have some greek/roman style statues that I... decorate, with various doll clothes I've bought. If these cost you $1663 for all would you say it's worth it?