Tokyo revengers manga

>do retarded shit for "Mikey's smile"
>get someone killed and make Mikey sad
>do more retarded shit
Will the cycle of stupidity ever stop?

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protect mikey's EGAO
killy mikey's FRIENDS

I still don't understand how did it drag on for this long recycling this particular dumb progression.

I don’t think Pah’s dead.

>Draken died and the future got ruined for Koko and Inupi's faggot reunion
Haruchiyo, please. Kill Koko or his fag bf and fix this timeline.

Nah, Mikey went easy on him. Someone will for sure end up dead in this fight though.

>Get draken killed
>Pick a fight against Mikey
>Tries to punch Mikey
Surely that make Mikey smile! We love you Mikey !

His neck fat saved him.

Pah-chin is retarded. The rest have no excuse though. They learned nothing.

want to impregnate Manjiro Sano I want to furiously force myself into him . Penetrate him until he bleeds . Penetrate him until he begs me to stop . Penetrate him until his hysteria is gone . Finally i will cum inside of him , fill him with my seed . nine months later he'll give birth to our precious child .

purge all non believers

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What killed the hype?

Agree. Let's start by Takemichi.

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Mikey does everything wrong

Stop shitposting from hell, Izana.


Gotta get home , my wife is waiting

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My wife forgive me I'm late ,here i brought you your favorite meal

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>he's back

My wife looks so pretty and happy when eating

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Let's go to sleep together kenchin

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>Toman's members were encouraged by Mikey's smile
>Kazutora and Baji tried to steal a bike to see Mikey's smile and ended up killing Shinichiro
>Mikey at some point ended up adopting the habit of smiling to mask his pain too
>this arc and fucked up timeline started by Takemichi happening to remember Mikey's smile and deciding to go look for him
>Kanto/Bonten Mikey doesn't smile anymore, unlike in the other timelines
Then there's the
>"Smile, Haruchiyo"
I think I'm close to cracking the code, bros.

Yes my love

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I wish it was me who makes Mikey smile

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They don't know I'm the one that owns Mikey's heart

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hopefully he suffocates in that bag



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Kenchin Is my heart and he belongs to me

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Kenchin is dead.



>draken and mitsuya art for draken birthday
>anime stuff push drakenemma
Sorry user, you can fuck Sazu

He will be back because without him there is not way to save Mikey and Mikey is 100% getting saved

Takemechi's faggotry

Draken keep repelling Emma he is only interested in Mikey
>I want to live with Mikey is I'll follow him
Say it all

How can you not see

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>>anime stuff push drakenemma
There's like 10 times more merch of Draken and Mikey together than of DrakenEmma. But yeah, his ghost apparently is with Mitsuya now.

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>Mikey is 100% getting saved
Lmao you don't know Ken Wakui. Unless the editors push him to do otherwise, Mikey is 100% dying getting shot while protecting someone, then we'll get his dramatic flashbacks. He'll die smiling at least.

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anybody dying doesn't fucking matter because takemichi'll just go back in time to fix it. all mikey needs to do is reveal his big secret and then takemichi will go back in time and use that info and then everyone lives happily ever after

God the anime looked like ass.

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>Draken's aibou is Mitsuya
>Takemichi's aibou is Chifuyu
>Pah-chin's aibou is Peh
Mikey was truly alone. No wonder he chose to go to hell with Haruchiyo. He's the only one he has.

>>>Draken's aibou is Mitsuya
I don't care how much this is forced on us , they barely even shared a scene , Draken's life was Mikey

Mitsuya is kenchin's best friend, Mikey is kenchin's wife

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Mitsuya's entire character became a mess. He was supposed to be super close to Hakkai too, yet Hakkai didn't even know Mitsuya was depressed locked up in his room for 1 month. There's also 0 indication of Draken specially caring about him or even addressing him despite being a character present since volume 2.
Wakui is doing whatever with him now because he's popular, I guess.

What is this thing doing & why isn’t it being banned for it?

The fact that only Michi and Mikey went to his apartment but his super close friend mitsuya never did

Yeah, the only way it'd make sense is if it was a one-sided admiration from Mitsuya. Draken was more fond of Takemichi than him.

Mitsuya became bros with Taiju after BD arc. Expected of 2 shitty older brothers to get along.

Taiju cucking his brother

Mikey can still smile. No need to worry, Pah.

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I wanna lick his tummy

It's fatter than it looks.

smile through the pain

That looks like a smug or satisfied smile like this one, not a painful one

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In pain after getting his neck stretched.

>staff officer's seat open
This is where he makes his comeback.

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