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Well lads. It's been a fun ride. It won't be too long before we're at this point. So how fucking strong is Blackbeard going to have to be now if it took a Nika-level opponent to beat Kaido?

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Blackbeard is the weakest Yonko
he will surpass Luffy by taking a Strawhat hostage and stealing the Nika from him

blackbeard is already stronger than prime whitebeard level and he still has not even gotten his 3rd fruit

Wait. That means the series is about to end doesn't it? FUCK

as soon as wano is over everyone is going to get scaled up to yonko tier offscreen

>Kaido is finally out.
You know what time it is: Rank their fights.

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he already beat shanks so even retared anti-blackbeardfags cant even claim he is the weakest yonko

>Vodka Kingdom
>Gamble City
>Tobacco Island and Nicotine Shore

Is Wano over yet?

He has the lowest bounty
Therefore he is the weakest
Yonko ranking goes like
Kaido > Big Mom > Shanks >>>>> Blackbeard

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>Chapter 1049: "The world we should aspire to"
>- In the cover, someone burned Niji and Yonji’s book
>- Kaido flashback time. We see his childhood in Vodka Kingdom, and where a few years later he met Whitebeard who told him that Rocks wants to meet him
>- In the present, part of Raizo’s water leaves the castle and flame clouds disappear. But Momo makes a new one.
>- Luffy says he will create a world where none of his friends would starve, then he hits Kaido and Kaido falls to the ground of the flower capital.
>- In another flashback, Kaido tells King that Joy Boy will be the man that can defeat him.

>Break next week.

Who this?

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Kaido vs Luffy: S tier
Zoro vs King: A tier
Sanji vs Queen: B tier
Jack vs ?: D tier
Sasaki vs Franky: B tier
Who's Who vs Jinbe: B tier
Page1 vs ?: Notafight tier
Ulti vs Nami: B tier
Black Maria vs Robin: A tier


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hawkins vs killer, sanji vs queen, luffy vs kaido>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> all the other fights that sucked ass

I think that realistically there’s gonna be at least five more arcs. Broadly speaking I think it’ll be something like this even though I know I’m gonna be wrong
>Elbaf arc probably also dealing with Big Mom or Shanks
>Government arc dealing with Sabo and saving him?
>Defeating Imu/Navy
>Blackbeard arc
>Laugh Tale arc
All these things can be moved around or whatever but in very broad strokes that’s the big stuff that seems like they need to be dealt with I guess

Who indeed.

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Kaido just lost

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>sanji vs queen
The end of that fight is really shit though

>>Kaido is finally out.

This is just relocating the arena

Billion Belly sounds silly

Here's what I'm thinking
Wano -> Cooldown arc -> Elbaf -> Lodestar -> Laughtale -> Epilogue

blackbeard beat shanks he is objectively stronger go be delusional somewhere else

Morj. Give up. It is time to kneel.

Literally no where does it say that in the spoilers

Do people really think Big Mom is going to show up as an antagonist again? For a third arc? After she was already defeated once?

Those are all just sub-acts in the Total War arc

give me ONE INTELLLECTUALLY HONEST reason as to why Yamato will not join

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>In another flashback, Kaido tells King that Joy Boy will be the man that can defeat him.


Stop trying to derail the threads just when it's starting

And Akainu beat luffy but saying he could beat G5 would be a... stretch.

Methropolis is a good name

> Random Wano Citizen Walks by the Hole
> They hear this

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Kaido vs. Luffy > Zoro vs. King > Robin vs. Maria
> Sanji vs. Queen > Jinbe vs. Who's Who > Franky vs. Sasaki > Inu vs. Jack > Nami vs. Ulti > Big Mom vs. Faget (lmao)

aussies > russians

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Personally I think that they have to confront the government directly at some point. Not because Luffy wants to topple the powers that be but just because Imu and the World Government at large has been seen as something we need to deal with. Plus the revolutionary army needs to pay off as well

The Straw Hats meet a devil fruit user than can switch their desires.
Luffy gets Sanji's. How fucked are the girls?

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yeah via ring out

dosnt matter, its still better than most of the others. The character arc sanji goes thru in that fight is the best of any SH in this arc, smashing the raid suit is one of the best moments of all of Wano. Killer vs hawkins is also crazy fucking good despite being like half a chapter. killer sanji and of course luffy got the top 3 and its not even close

Final hit against Doflamingo

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anyone saying sanji vs queen is below A is a zorofag
Kaido vs Luffy
Zoro vs King tied with Sanji vs Queen (depends if you like edge faggotry or crazy funny shit)
Robin vs Black Maria
Whos Who vs DA BOSS BABY
The rest were just side characters

She can be used as a urinal with handle bars, and gives nami more time to be the crew's residential cum dump.

Morjfag tears

It’s over Morj, just do a video apologizing for your retarded theories while committing seppuku at the end.

Final hit against Katakuri

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>Luffy hits Kaido hard enough to send him falying to the Flower Capital
>The town, who just wished for him to be defeated and they can be free, will see him
>The end of the chapter is a flashback Kaido saying "the only one who can defeat me is JoyBoy!", which is implied that Luffy is now the new one
Yeah even without the whole spoilers it sounds like standard shonen defeat of the main villain of the arc/saga

this kills the yamatranny

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>Previous chapters build up Kaido's defeat
>Flashback to Kaido's childhood
>Kaido gets knocked to the ground
Come on bro

Since luffy can actually do stomach deformation play in gear 5, i'd say pretty fucked.

You know I would potentially be okay with this? Like maybe they find out what the SSG is and realize there’s a time limit to them finding the One Piece now in a race against Blackbeard and the government

>at his best
>gives himself a bigger injury than yours so you can win
wow so this is the famed goda, what a hack.

akainu is pirate king level as confirmed by oda himself

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>implying Oda would end Kaido's fight the exact same way
knocking Kaido down to the Flower Capital is just the Wano equivalent of his first Kong Gun pushing Doffy off the Flower HIll

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I really want to see current Law cry

I don't find that pretty

>My mom could canonically beat up Kaido
Looks like checkmate Kaidofags

So you agree no where does it say 'Kaido is defeated'
just a snippet of it, still not up to his joining Rocks or his coming to Wano

Still has his last Wisdom King tech, still has Awakening, still has the Wano citizens to become aware of the danger they're in
He's not done yet at all and you people are setting yourselves up for disappointment in assuming he is

Morjbros...the raid SUCCEEDED
What do we do now?

SSG's are gonna be kaido tier and number in the thousands

Not even comparable cause that hit wasn't even the final part of the chapter, we immediately knew Doflamingo wasn't defeated

>Kaido tells King that Joy Boy will be the man that can defeat him
Kaido metagamed "fate" and became an extreme evil to bring Joy Boy out to change the world.

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Which is why i said the girls of the crew are pretty fucked.

>What do we do now?

we cope, I expected better from Oda

Blackbeard? Jobber
Akainu? Jobber
Shanks? Jobber
Luffy? Strongest man in the world
You? Coping

>Still has his last Wisdom King tech
Not necessarily
>still has Awakening
Big Mom didn't
>still has the Wano citizens to become aware of the danger they're in
Or maybe the Wano citizens would become aware that they're free

big mom>kaido confirmed

Luffy hasn't asked her

Thought about posting the ones for Hody, Caesar, and Cracker, but they aren't really significant enough. Never realized how few fights Luffy had post timeskip.

Akainu being such a background powerhouse doesn't make much sense. He's cooped up in an office now.

I hope we see Law cry at some point
I love it when stoic characters do that

Did Oda ruin Robin's post-TS personality by giving her too many exaggerated facial expressions?

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Luffy? Femdommed

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>Or maybe the Wano citizens would become aware that they're free
Then Kaido was right all along and the vast majority of Wano are content weaklings who wouldn't raise a finger to free themselves until some saviors did it for them
The arc isn't gonna end on that note, user

I think they will, but imo it'll happen at Lodestar

Robin was never asked, she barged in and Luffy accepted it.

not necessarily, just that Akainu is already top tier and with plot he can get the wanpiss faster than Luffy.

You posted one third of them.

no. she is actually better now that she got to spend time with people who have become her family. why the fuck would her becoming comfortable ruin her? she still tells dark jokes and is brutal as fuck to her opponents when pushed.

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>The SSG is going to be a bunch of mothers
My god how can Luffy win

>Then Kaido was right all along and the vast majority of Wano are content weaklings who wouldn't raise a finger to free themselves until some saviors did it for them
Except that most of the people in the raid are just average joes who chose to take up arms
After all we've got Tama here

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Because Bonney will join

>Did Oda ruin Robin's post-TS personality by finally letting her have fun with her goofy friends/family?

>Did Oda ruin Robin
The opposite

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have you seen how incompetent and overly bureaucratic the world govement is