Kengan Omega

I'm gonna miss this guy like you won't believe.

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Koga's gonna die to the bomb/gun/lead pipe/flashlight he tied to his rat teeth

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Hassad soon.

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Everytime this post is made Hassad appearance gets delayed by 1 week.

Hassad will appear again and introduce Kazzy as the next Kengan Chairman.

Hassan os fucking dead user get over it

Hassad went to hell for drinking alcohol and the fine heroes of Kengan Omega must journey to retrieve his lost soul

>didn't appear for the international anti worm squad meeting
>wasn't a member of the Xia hunting team despite medicine man being there
user... I don't feel so good about Hassad...

>>didn't appear for the international anti worm squad meeting

That was not an international meeting. It only involved Japanese residents, primarily the underground racial gangs.

Oh, my bad, I assumed it was beyond Japan in scope from all the racial ones and the way they were talking. Didn't realize Japan had much of a Brazilian/African/Filipino gang presence like that.
That might sound like sarcasm, but I guess I did speedread.

What is fiction?

i assume it's golden triangle people plus the usual japanese underground criminals
But they got a french war criminal larper running around in purgatory, so who even knows anymore

I doubt he'll die this chapter, this will just be the end of the fight and then as they're bringing him outside a chapter later he'll get put down by whoever.

>another chapter of the guy takes 50000 fatal hits but still gets up.

Based "Hassad soon." poster.


>50000 fatal hits, you say?
>I can do better than that
>Say, how would you feel if Xia Ji were to be...awesome?

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>Xia defeats Koga with a throat grenade
>Ohma and friends scoff that Xia is truly the lowest of the low and Koga was 5 seconds away from winning

>Tiny little twinks in maid dresses
Fucking stupid fanartists

ALL the African gangs, user.
ALL of them.

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Chapter title status?

They’re supposed to be shotas in this if it makes you feel any better

oh boy cant wait for the newest chapter of bangin onigga!

It's going to be 70% Koga's training montage flashback and 30% actual fight isn't it?
Not that I mind.

we're gonna need a montage
koga sport training montage

>training montage
Damn, anons getting into the copium early today. Nah it's just gonna be Xia Ji busting out move after move and Koga using Lolong's anti-prediction elbow to violently faceplant him into the ground.

Everyone will clap and pretend this is a fair fight with high stakes, as if even if Xia Ji wins he wouldn't be ganged up on by all the other fighters.

>as if even if Xia Ji wins he wouldn't be ganged up on by all the other fighters
This is what bothers me the most about the fight, they're straight up bullying him. Like I get that it might be payback for when Xia's students surrounded Yamashita, but it still doesn't feel like a protagonist-like thing to do.

There's no indicator of how tall they are though.

Everyone complains about Ohma's resurrection, but to me it's just a symptom of a much more urgent issue: The fact that the Kure clan and the Inaba clan and the Kengan association are all working together like the fucking Avengers. They pay lip service to the idea of the KA having some kind of internal politics going on, and then never address it at all because all the fighters and their leaders are sufficiently buddy-buddy enough that they're even coordinating with the japanese government after the timeskip.

The original dynamic between the KA participants was they were all greedy, gloryseeking fucks competing against each other. It's uncanny to see them working together-and uncannier still to expect to cheer for them ganging up on Xia Ji. Because you're right, this isn't a fucking "the Avengers heroically gang up on the villain because he's so powerful they need to work as a team" moment, even though it feels like Sandro wants you to believe it is. This is literally just bullying a homeless, out of practice man who's been living on the run for the same amount of time Koga has been training with the Monster of Mercy and the Fangest Fang.

If doesn't feel right since Xia already took heavy punishment from Kureishi and Joji for it, and now that we know he was disowned by the Worm for two years and was just chased by the KA and Schizo Squad.

Also keep in mind in the recent past he's already fought Himuro, Akoya, Ryuki and Inaba. Sandro is clearly trying to build him up with those fights but he didn't just bitch out of them-he legitimately took some damage, however minor, before being basically strongarmed by Ohma into a fight to the death he can't seriously expect to come out ahead in even if he wins.

It's like if Ohma went into Akatsuki's fight after Haruo, Takeru, Sawada and Gozo randomly jumped him in an alley. Even if they're obviously there to show off how cool he is, Kengan still pays lip service to the idea that the fighters aren't Wolverine or Deadpool levels of just shrugging off any and all physical harm like it's nothing.

Is tonight the end for him, bros?

Xia will WIN

You now realize that all the Xia Ji ryona wasn't so the readers sympathize with him, it was because Sandro genuinely thought readers would find it funny and start hating Xia Ji for being so pathetic

Koga actually dies here and this sets up Ryuki on the path of vengeance as Ohma intentionally put up Koga up against an unrepentant murderer with a trillion gimmicks

This is probably the case. Sandro thinks his readers will automatically hate the villains just because they're stacked up against the kengan regulars so he set it up all this unfair torture as something Xia had coming when all he's done for 90% of his time in the story is get fucked up

Tonight all our questions will be answered

What time will it be posted? asking because I've always read the day after instead of staying up this late.

in around 5-6 hours

Tell me one (1) thing that Xia Ji did wrong. You probably can't.


I've known that from the start. Hell, look earlier in the series-as far as I can tell, you're supposed to find Akoya "cool" because even if he's a psycho who kills bystanders, he's a psycho with CONVICTION. You're supposed to find Raian "cool" because he has no personality traits outside of wanting to dominate people in a fight, certainly nothing that Sandro will allow to be construed as a weakness-to the extent that him being knocked down for a change by Ohma inspires the closest thing he's had to an onscreen friendship.

Xia Ji is literally the personification of everything Sandro thinks readers would despise in a character. Because he thinks the readers like the Kengan regulars solely on the basis that they're powerful-or maybe he genuinely has drunk the bushido koolaid, and thinks Xia Ji deserves everything for being a pussy.

Well, he nearly got Koga killed in a knife fight with his goons but it may have been a mercy kill in hindsight.

He's the reason *hma is alive

He broke into Kazzy's house and was a general public nuisance

This is probably the most legitimate reason to hate Xia Ji for some people.

Oh shit you're right kill Xia

This fight should not have happened in the first place. Either result is bad:
Koga wins - Xia being a dragon and all the hints regarding his true power amount to nothing, Koga is inexplicably stronger than Ryuki and Akoya now.
Xia wins - Our "main character" Koga jobs in his first fight after the epic training montage where he was handheld by the strongest individuals in the series.

I still root for Xia because it causes less damage imo and Koga is already a joke but I'm not holding my breath after seeing how writing treats the villains, especially considering S*ndro just introduced a new batch of them.

Why do you still think this fight will end in either of those results?
Akoya & Ryuki plus Tom & Jerry are definitely going to crash this party.

Its going to be a shit chapter

>Fei teased as threat
>dies to vaguely build up Tiger Niko as him but better
>Eddie teased as threat
>dies to vaguely build up Gilbert as him but better
>Xia teased as threat
>dies to vaguely build up Yan as him but better
You rike, yes?

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next chapter when?

Yan is the Gilbert to Xia's Eddie, so it won't feel like a total loss if he dies since there's basically "another" him
There's no way he's not dying here

This would make the story too interesting though.
Hell I'd take Akoya or Himuro or whoever dying at this point. You have this muh fighting pride story and yet when you reach the inevitable conclusion of this way of life and someone has to die you pussy out and off the 1000 year old grandpa instead and pretend it's a huge tragedy lol

Reminder that despite initially seeming pretty friendly with one another, the villain trio got absolutely zero shown reaction to one another's deaths because can't risk even slightly humanizing them I guess.
Honestly early scenes like pic related just feel absurd with the current context, like something from another draft, which just adds to the feeling of Sandro making it up as he goes along. Why was the head of the west Wu personally wandering around in the alleys doing favors for Xia?

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It's better this way.

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Akoya is deathflagged to hell and back, even since like chapter 30. I still have no clue why Sandro teased it, put him against Purgatory's schizo murderer, then just had the fight called off. At this rate I wouldn't be surprised if Sandro just ignores the death flags and have him retire and start a family with Hiyama in the epilogue.

Akoya and Ryuki and Tom and Jerry crashing the party will be nullified by them still being vastly outnumbered.

I don't think T&J is going to play fair. They will probably try to bomb the warehouse or something.

Reminder that guys like Meguro and Raian flinched from nut shots but Xia managed to no sell it

Yeah, just like Eddie and all the other Literally Wus didn't play fair-oh wait, they actually played fairer by not bringing any weapons to the fight unlike the Kures.

That means nothing other than Xia Ji being confirmed the most action-focused female character. Eat your heart out, Karla.

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Wouldn't that just waste another "2 years"?

Damnit Himuro, did nobody tell you not to knife to fist fight?

Sandro is the master of making you like something then wasting that something in the most boring and infuriating way possible
>Ohma's last stand
Actually Ohma lived and he's now on the same level as Agito, but still has the walking corpse personality he had in Ashura. Also he's the captain of the Kengan team and everyone bows down to him. Oh yeah he'll also go afyer Niko so look forward to Worm plot kino :)
Actually he didn't get stomped by Ohma's master, he just played possum so he could bring us more suicide technique "bam bam bam woosh" kino :)
Not the third protagonist, just some manipulated retard who exploded himself with gooder Advance :). Don't worry, he has a clone who will use Advance x Removal x Fallen Demon so look forward to a veinier, kinoer Fei :)))
Journey? Skip that boring shit nigga, people want Worm kino NOW.
Somehow managed to survive and remain likeable, even salvages Koga's character whenever they interact
One shots a KAT Agito type fighter, somehow is losing his edge
>Lu Tian
An Agito who is an asshole even when not CUHRAZY? He'll get killed in a sewer, no personality allowed at the top. Also Removal lmao
Actually there's five more of him, and Raian can unga bunga him. Erioh's death is a tragedy lmao. Hollis who? He's a shitter, now clap for Raian kino :)
You didn't rike it in Asura? You will rike Worm kino
More Katsumasa kino. He died, but at least he transformed Masaki from boring incel judo schoolboy to Kino CURAZAEY tongue man
Sandro is extremely out of touch

5/13 of the Purgatory gladiators are in the azure skies

Xia Ji is too damn cute. WTF is wrong with Sandro?

>Serial killer get redeemed because they kill bad people

Typical Japan

4 hours, go back to bed.