They ruined Zombie Land Saga

They ruined Zombie Land Saga

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nails poster >>>>>>>>>> Ai x Junko poster >>> Shinka poster
I hope you all die soon though

How did they ruin it? By being shitty characters or the shizo poster who keeps spamming the threads

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I rabu Yuugiri!

They're not even friends. Stop bitching about yuri.

What ruined it is it just kind if became a typical idol anime
Which is why I dropped it early season 2
I ain't letting them pull the rug from under me Like that.

Edo arc ruined ZLS for me. I literally do not give a fuck about Yugiri or Edoshit.

Yugiri was great, the problem was that they focused on fucking Kiichi and Itou more than her

It's weird how ZLS has attracted a few dedicated and very loud shitposters

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There's literally nothing wrong with the idol stuff, considering it's part of the show and the songs are good.

The problem is that Revenge focused on and developed characters that are completely unrelated to the group like Light and Maimai, rather than continue developing the groups bond. It's why I thought episodes 3 and 4 of Revenge were so good, because they continued developing Ai and Junko's relationship, and why the rest of it felt meh

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When are we getting more info on the movie? Next year?

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They just ruined ZLS threads on Yea Forums, and only because Junkotroll abused them for his spam.

>Which is why I dropped it early season 2
Funny, because season 2 starts with a Kotaro focus episode, the thing no actual idol anime would ever do, and then continues with a Saki episode full of nostalgia-popculture jokes.
Sure, you get the Ai/Junko idol double episodes thereafter, but just like in the first season, that's pretty much it. Please don't tell me you were retarded enough to drop it because of episodes 3 and 4 alone.

Why do people even hate episodes 3 and 4 of Revenge? They were the best episodes

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Barely anyone hates any episode, safe for maybe those with Maimai in them.
But, no, they are not usually considered the best. They are the designated idolfag-bait episodes, which is fair enough considering that idolfags are kind of a necessity because they're the gemographic most susceptible to cheap cashgrab merchandise and easy to milk for money. But that's all they have going for them, and people who like ZLS particularly for not being just a typical idol anime will enjoy episodes such as Saki's, Tae's or Yuugiri's way more, that stand out for their unconventional style, comedy or storytelling/character focus.

>because they continued developing Ai and Junko's relationship
The sudden jump from "just reconciled over their differing opinions" (in the first season) to "yuribait" after a full 7 episodes of them barely interacting in between was awful.

The problem with "yuribait" is that /u/tards consider any interaction between two characters they "ship" yuri.

Listen, none of the relationships between the girls are very well developed, I'm sorry to say

But Saki and Yugiri's episodes don't even develop the relationship between the other members of the group outside of maybe Sakura and Saki at the end

Episodes 3 and 4 were pretty heavy on the yuribait, and the producer outright said that it was intentional and they were influenced to do it by the legions of yurifags that latched onto the series.
And like I said, it came out of nowhere because it wasn't properly set up beforehand.

>Episodes 3 and 4 were pretty heavy on the yuribait, and the producer outright said that it was intentional and they were influenced to do it by the legions of yurifags that latched onto the series.
Do you have a link to this statement? I know the director said that they didn't write Ai and Junko in Season One with the idea of making them into a couple, but this sounds new to me

There was a thread here a couple months ago that stated something to the effect, might be the same thing you're talking about.

How is she so seductive

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>between the other members of the group
That's what a character focus episode is supposed to do. And frankly, Yuugiri and Lily didn't get any development in the Ai/Junko episodes either, did they?
If you only ever like episodes that develop your favourite character, maybe you shouldn't watch series with an ensemble cast who all get their own storylines to begin with.

>There was a thread here a couple months ago that stated something to the effect
Don't blindly trust what a "thread here" states, user. The yurispammer is been notorious for making up shit.

Could you give an example of what that's made up before?

Well, the anecdote you speak of started with a character designer retweeting a piece of yuri fanart of those two characters. Junkotroll used it as "proof" that the anime staff "ships" them, then at some point that narrative became that it was the director posting official yuri artwork, then it became "the producer outright said" and so on.
Similar shitposts happened with the /pol/ and /lgbt/ shitposting surrounding Lily, where hair ribbons and other incidental colours were wilfully misinterpreted as political statements by the staff.
I'd go into more details and give more examples, but I fear that any statement I make on those would only provoke that troll to start up shit about it again. It's bad enough that we're having this bullshit /u/ debate again.

Give an example please

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Nevermind you posted a response as soon as I posted

Yamada's tae tae!

It wasn't yuri fanart, it was artwork from one of the animation directors on the show who pointed out how he drew Ai and Junko's fingers intertwined.

Someone in the thread replied with "Absolute Pure Love", and the animation director responded with "You've got me fantasizing", complete with a kissing emoticon. How does that not indicate that he ships them?

Also, I'm sure that the original poster said it was the ANIMATION director who shipped them, not the SERIES director

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Here we go again ...

Never mind the troll. Post some Yuugiri!


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Thank you, user.

For me, it's KouJun

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Posting more Yugiri

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I just think Revenge would have been more interesting if we got more of Franchouchou interacting outside of their established relationships. The Lily episode for example could have been a nice chance for her to interact with someone in the group she's barely had time together with but no, it's just Sakura again. And of course Ai and Junko getting 2 episodes again the outright just reused elements from S1 was kind boring.

You can debate about which girls are best, but deep inside you already know. That Tatsumi Koutarou is the star of the show which girls can't compare to.

They're the two blandest of the bunch in my opinion

Well, they kinda have to be. They are meant to appeal to a certain part of the audience. Junko in particular, with her particular brand of low-funtioning autism, appeals very much to the more archetypal teenage otaku.

I mean that's true, you can't have the whole cast jumping off the walls. But as another user said, the show reused the same duos often, and so their lack of comedy really sticks out when they get put together.

>the lesbians ruined the show
>the tranny kid didn't
what exactly did you mean by this?

They're the most well developed characters

Not necessarily well developed, but Ai is ... well done, at the very least.

Saki is the cutest

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years of training

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Ai and Junko didn't actually fight this time over their differences - Junko was just overtly sensitive and Ai actually felt bad about inadvertently pushing her away

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Saki is the cutest, in my opinion. I think Lily saying "girls that try hard to be cute are the cutest" in the manga (which is basically doujin anyway) is wrong. Being as genuine as possible is what's really cute.

Her episodes are the funniest.

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>Ai x Junko poster
>"Ai and Junko aren't friends" poster
>Lily tranny posters
>Jun-cute poster (deceased)

anyone I'm missing?

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Saki's episodes are both great in general. The plot relates to being a zombie and an idol better than most episodes, the songs are great, and there's the comedy you mentioned.

Truly best girl

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Yeah. I'm a Junkofag but I acknowledge that Saki is better suited for the show.

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Ai got what was coming to her

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Agreed on all counts. Hopefully if/when the show comes back the bikes destroyed counter will go even higher.

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I think Junko's main problem narratively is we don't have context for her like we do the rest of the cast. Like were told she was an idol back in the early 80's, but we never get to see any of it. It's especially egregious now that Yuugiri had a 2-parter and Tae has Gaiden, while Junko had to share another 2-parter with Ai. It's a shame since Junko has my favorite singing voice and her being in the position of being old enough to be a grandma (but not dead like Yuugiri) lends itself to some interesting story possibilities. I hope season 3 bucks the trend of having Ai and Junko share two-parters and gives them solo episodes instead.

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I'm still waiting for the 80s flashback episode.

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>It wasn't yuri fanart, it was artwork from one of the animation directors on the show who pointed out how he drew Ai and Junko's fingers intertwined.
You mean that one? Where everyone was hand holding?

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