>Most Popular Anime Around the World


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So basically that stuff they played on cable TV when people in their 20s and 30s were kids.

As always japs have better taste

DBZsisters.... we're... not popular...

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>A country literally raped by all its neighbors

Jesus christ this must be fake lmao

brb, moving to greenland

Where are the Yu-Gi-Oh! Chads?

>white people like the anime where you enslave a lesser race and colonize the planet

>black people like the anime where the main character has no father and is too dumb so gets left behind by his peers at school

>arabs like the anime where the main character kills foreign civilians to further his agenda of installing a new empire for his people

Makes you think.

Bleach CHADS keep on winning baby

>Google search data

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what about the nafris?

>literal pirates love ONE PIECE

>Death Note

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>based people want to kick the shit out of the rest of the world with one nuclear punch

>google search data
Ah yeah, what a reliable source of data.
Because when I want to watch Kodomo no Jikan I will google it instead of going directly to a DL site.

>google search data
>dragon ball z
>not dbz
We were robbed

does this count boruto as well?
i remember when dbz was the show back in the day. after super is no wonder people don't give a shit about db.

>Demon Slayers
Really? I didn't know

>one piece is the mauritanian's favorite anime

>"my favourite series? heh! it's (obscure anime you've probably never heard of, let alone seen). what!? you don't know it!? do you even anime, bro!?

>my favourite series? heh! it's lucky star.

Color me surprised

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>google search data
>dragon ball not in spain
>naruto not in most arabic countries
>opm in russia
TOP keke

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Лысый популярнее нарика? Чую пиздеж.

No Dragonball in Mexico?

I'm not sure about this map

Bow down to your king Yea Forums.

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Looks like Pokemon does super well in places where people like to buy lots of meaningless tie-in merch and products.

When i think of Pokemon I don't even associate it with Anime. That's how ubiquitous it is.

>no HxH
>no BC

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There’s something “off” about this list, actually I can find multiple things off about this list primarily being the lack of dragon ball

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>Somalis like OP

>search 'will bleach remove this stain?'
>Kubo gets a point
All to easy

Oye este pendejo... Naruto en Mexico...

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Let's see how much this reflects on Bleach's volume sales. The 120mil figure hasn't been updated in 4-5 years.

It's about the "Naruto" name, so it counts the series AND character, but not "Boruto", since that's a different name. It also means it's completely useless for countries which generally don't use the alphabet. For example, Japanese people would search for Naruto as "ナルト", and that wouldn't count in this kind of thing.

Bleachchads I fucking kneel.
>But-but bleach detergent
Then explain why only Japan has it so high. Other countries don't use bleach?

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Based Bejitafag.

Based, Narutards don't @ at me.

>Pokemon more famous than all the battle shounen

Don't know how you're shocked. Pokemon as a franchise goes far beyond the realm of Battle Shonen.

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Yes even normies who I know never watched an anime before love it

>country with a high suicide rates likes anime about death reapers

The data might be misleading since I don't think people searched about the Pokemon anime, but rather the ever popular Pokemon games. Even the shitty ones sold more than 10 million copies.

NO DATA is so fucking good

They are also big Pokemon nuts.

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Wait, what are those colonies of islands above Canada? Are those livable areas? Aren't those close to the north poles? And the "no data" huge ass island, is that greenland? I thought Greenland is small af.


Are there people in Greenland now
Last time I checked there were none

>I thought Greenland is small af
Most of Greenland is underwater and this map is accounting for that unclaimed land.

>Somalia's favorite anime is One Piece

Fitting, considering how many pirates exist in Somalia. Hell, Ussopp could pass for a light skinned Somali.

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What a shocker! Could there be somalian rapist killers larping as Luffy?

how come japan likes Bleach so much yet they canceled adapting all the manga into anime?

Wan Pissubros?!

It went on break due to being so close to the manga. The first volume of TYBW was released a month after the anime was finished. Many other long running series went on breaks during 2010-2015 like Gintama and fairy tail.

Based. John BTFO.

Shit panelling and shit story post timeskip.

Based. Huntards BTFO.

Slovenia, you okay bro?

who likes naruto of all things?