Please consider adopting this cat

Please consider adopting this cat.

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Im not allowed to have pets

Considered, rejected.

I'd rather adopt this cat.

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you fucking coon

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I want to brush her tail.

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Does she know how to do taxes?

I could always use another cat in my harem

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Best girl

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>nya *pukes on your carpet*
I change their food once and you'd think they are dying.

Cat Planet Cuties is such a great show!!!FACT!!!

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Nah, Give me her flat friends instead

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I would adopt Pink...

Dammit now I have the OP stuck in my head. It's such a good song, I miss this show so much.

Instead of adopting her, there's something else I'd like to do.

I love Eris!

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I really need to watch this show. How fun is it? Plenty of ecchi?

Its the most retarded shit I've ever seen
and I want to fuck every girl

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that's a wig and tail-prop, maggot

after that manami starting going out with lot of men to have sex and carrying condoms.
>Manami : having sex with condoms doesn't count as cheating the person you love.

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Flat megane not-cat Futaba is my favourite though. Especially when she's running around naked with guns.

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I want the Cat Overlords to adopt me.

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Kio is the worst thing about the show

As much as this show was about fanservice I was actually surprised at how much detail they put into the guns

Someone on the staff was a huge /k/fag

My cat died 2 hours ago. I might adopt this cat.

this is why he came a glorious cucked bastard later manami starts to have sex with anything that cross her path going to extremes like wearing the bikini from eris that had a hole on the back and carrying condoms using the excuse "sex with condom is not cheating because sex is to procreate so if the guy wears condom it doesn't count as sex"

What's in it for me?

Imagine the hairballs. I can practically hear the sound in my head now.

I want to marry that cat.


Where is this cat from? She’s cute.

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now i know why this didn't have a second season.

>be a small generic show no one heard of
>have better dub than 90% of animations
what did they mean by this?

More like weak, lanky herbivorous MC's are the worst thing that happened in anything.

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remember he became a sexless catian on his own will

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Damn, now I gotta learn Japanese.

wait what

Pretty sure he still had his dick even when turned into a catboy.

yes but catians by law can't have sex so they normally receive chemical castration pills,also they have a mating season once a year if they don't have a sexual partner well their mating season is forced to end (having a dick is meaningless on catian society and we know he is a dense motherfucker)

If they rang my bell, I'd ring their bells.

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>I want to fuck every girl
Even the dog?

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