Which flopped harder

Shield Hero or Shikimori

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Shield Hero.
Season 1 was already huge, had endless talk on twitter.
Season 2 is barely a fart in the wind.

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I'm happy for Eiko's and Desumi's anime being so high. They are the best girls this season. I also find Summer Tim Rendering good so far. The Greatest Demon Lord is reborn as a typical nobody seems to have the same situation as weakest crest last season.

It's depressing just how bad this season is

Season is great get better taste.

>reddit rankings

Eh, having read the full WN, the middle part is a boring slog, so the anime being like that is par for the course.

The first part of SH is great, then it slumps until the other 3 heros get corrupted and the trash gets taken out, then slumps again until the final battle. S1 got through all the good stuff first. S2 will suck as a result.

Shield Hero made the mistake of blowing its load WAY too early. Malty should have just kept acquiring more and more political power through underhanded means and undue goodwill right up until the final act, assassinating rivals and would-be sheriffs in the process.

What's left after Malty is dealt with is a generic isekai adventure.

Fucking kill yourself stupid normalfag.

>Summertime Rendering
is that an SEA tier list? i don't think that anime is airing on western channels yet, like BRS.

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School battle harem falls to isekai which subsequently falls to ideal gf/family genre. Is this indicative of an aging consumer base? Being an uber powerful but underappreciated high schooler leads into the more direct fantasy of being gifted power and a second chance at life in a whole other world which leads into the whole facade crumbling and just begging to love and be loved.

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it oscillates

>talk on twitter.
You need to leave this board, election tourist.

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>Also Rape X years old and it's OK
LMAO the last episode of Dawn Fall was good

it's still rendering, should be airing around the end of june

yeah. up until he gets vindicated its actually pretty good.
after that point it HARD pivots into being boringly generic isekai.
Ill check out s2 at some point but i really dont feel like I need to. Im pretty sure my guess as to what happens over the entire rest of the series would be like 90% accurate.

thanks disney.

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>Komi-san s2 isn't even on the list
>Komi san s2 It's not even in the top ranks.

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No show really grabs my attention but I wouldn't say they're downright horrible.

Good, get fucked.

Kongming is fucking terrible

>expecting a crappy isekai advertisement's 2nd season to be decent

newfags man

Maybe it's a pirate tier list.

>ya boy kongming
opinions not even worthy of consideration

because season 2 go full "isekai" shit, season 1 was interesting because it was a revenge story

netfix jail

>spy x garbage
Stopped reading there

Shield hero's ""revenge"" story sounds like something a bulllied teenager would write on wattpad. It's genuinely cringeworthy and pathetic.

Remember when Spring was highly anticipated as a hype season?

Said the genuinely cringeworthy and pathetic morbidly obese womanchild.


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Why are you projecting you tranny fantasy on me you fucking loser?

You know that men can also see that Shield Hero is garbage, right?

Isekai is literally fanfic authors. However low your expectations are set them lower

animecorner is farther detached from actual popularity than even animetrending on the whole. dont worry about it

>reddit poll
Get the fuck out of here

It's fucking boring, user. The entire series is one big masturbatory power fantasy. The fact that isekai STILL gets made is just astounding.

You cyncial nigger you need to shut your monkey lips. This is the god season.
>Kono Healer
>Love After World Domination
>Spy x Family
>Heroine Tarumono!
>Summer Time Rendering
>RPG Fudousan
>Shachiku-san wa Youjo
>Virgin Road
>Tomodachi Game
If you really can't find three shows off that list that you like, then you don't like anime

nooo not a heckin power fantasy
how dare, i'm way too grown up to enjoy that

Honestly wanted to try Shikimori but the girl's personality felt a little annoying so I stopped.

Excellent taste user.
Found the butthurt shieldnigger.

If you're going to create a power fantasy it should at least be an entertaining one with a charismatic MC. Not some whiny emo.

I don't even watch it lmao but this pseud shit is gay.

yeah maybe

Shield Hero.
Nobody expected shit from Shikimori.

How do you know it’s from Reddit, user? Hmm?

Not as terrible as the shitty spy crap and yet you didn't said anything about that.

kongming #2

>not the kunoichis
>all that normalfag crap
Shit list.

the best anime this season is the golf one and if you aren't watching it you are a nigger

why are these threads suddenly allowed

Ask the shitty moderation team or the stupid greasy jannies via rss.

I got banned from and called a pedophile in the IRC for asking why I was banned on Yea Forums for saying I wanted to fuck an anime loli

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shield hero, cuz s1 was popular for some reason

I didn't want to see this, that's depressing as fuck, like seeing a best friend dying before you impotently.

please stop watching anime and leave Yea Forums forever

Last season was just so great it's hard for this one to compete.

Outside of the catchy OP, what's so good about "Ya boy" Waver?

>Kongming nigger deflecting
Like clockwork

>seething aquaflopfags calling the season shit

No fucking way.

newfags still think only /pol/ and Yea Forums have been invaded by reddit when the entire site is reddit-lite for a decade now especially Yea Forums