Reminder that you still have time to play the 2nd and 3rd VN before the anime comes out next season. You are going to watch it right?

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i went the past over ten years without watching or reading underwater ray romano why should i start now

nah, completely lost interest in the franchise after that season 2 dumpster fire. just going to pretend it doesn't exist.

Because it is one of the best VN ever made. It is also one of the legandary Yea Forums series.

I'm in just for the trainwreck and a small hope that they will do Torikori justice. I will even take original anime scenes with her, as long as there is no monkey paw involved.

If you can get the installer to run on something newer than windows XP, i'd love to.

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but I already did

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? But it does? Just right click it and troubleshoot to another windows when it asks you to. Very easy bud. There is also the remake of the 1st one that is just minus the sex scenes. But it has improved everything else so do what you want. The sex scenes add nothing to the plot and just exhentai the screen grabs for the same thing. They are not voiced.

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They are all on nyaa anyway in english for free.

>You are going to watch it right?
Yes but I'm not going to get my hopes up

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I saw the first season when it came out and I liked it although I liked the characters designs more, are the games worth it? I don't expect a masterpiece, I just want it to be entertaining

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You can skip the 1st game if you want and watch the anime. The 2nd game is really good and the 3rd is one of the best VN ever made. The 3rd game is an actual masterpiece. Yes they are absolutely worth it. they take about 40ish hours a piece which really isn't a long time. The gameplay in the VN is basically fire emblem so it is not hard if you have a brain. Like most have said and have said correctly the anime will be good but nowhere near what the 3rd game is.

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I'd Anju.

>I don't expect a masterpiece, I just want it to be entertaining
You'll probably find a lot more people saying that it's a masterpiece than entertaining which is not necessarily a good thing imo. It means that people will most likely tend to either find it one of the best stories they ever read or the most boring. Few people will find it in middle ground but the good thing is, there are also barely anyone who hated this series and most of them are contrarians anyways.
You're better off reading right from the start even if you watched the anime. The characters are ooc in the anime. If you liked the anime, then there's a very high chance that you'll love the VNs.

Even big anju?

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Does she still have retard strength?

I'll watch it and hug my Kuon daki even if her anime is shit and we've lost Fujiwara.
The games are very well worth it. The first one is older, lewder and provides solid backstory. The windows version isn't voiced so you can blitz through it. There is a patched version with voice, I can't remember if it's only on PSP/PS2 or something though. Sometimes 2 can feel a bit slow (imo) but it adds a lot of depth.
Crucially, Fujiwara put on a master class as Haku for games 2 & 3 and he is sadly no longer with us to voice Haku for the upcoming anime.

Yes she can still crush you to death between her thighs.

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thanks then I will buy them and fuck these designs are so good, the designs and kuon is what has kept me interested in this series

Yeah they are all ainu inspired.

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I found it in middle ground, the materials for the next season. The conflicts in the 3rd game is the worst but there are some good scenes when the dramas taken out, so it kinda even out the whole thing. That's not really good tho, since I really like the 1st and 2nd game.

Any Anju is fine

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They better not screw up the Torikori scene.
I also want the secret technique to get animated.

Gonna skip on the anime, mask of deception was allready an absolute abomination.
They cut so much important stuff. it wasnt enjoyable anymore.
They even gimped on hakus evil shemer personality in the anime

Theres a remake of the first game called prelude to the fallen, and its better than the original

Then you're probably in the "disappointed" group. Maybe I didn't make it clear with my wordings but the "middle ground" that I'm talking about are the ones that find the series good but not necessarily an excellent one. These are the ones in the minority. Either you will find this series extremely good or you'll be disappointed.
There's a high chance that you're recommended by someone shilling this game or heard that this will blow your mind. The Uta series is (imo) almost a masterpiece and I get why a lot of people recommend the games but not everyone has the same tastes so if you read this VN expecting you'll like it too even though it isn't in your taste, you'll be disappointed even if you didn't find the story bad.

Now I don't know if I'm making sense or not. tldr, the only people in the "middle ground" are the ones that found the games by themselves, not recommended by anyone so they won't expect anything and they would find the story good but not necessarily excellent. If this fits you, then yes you are in the middle ground.

I saw the trailer for the new game. Pretty neat we get a Oshtor prequel. I would imagine Haku doing some time fuckery as they showed a clip of him talking through a stuff animal with new MC.

Friendly reminder:
Monochrone moebius will get a world wirde release (for some obnoxious reason only digital on pc for the west) on 7. september

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Thanks for the link. Given the chronology, silver hair girl has to die right? Also I never got the impression Munechika was close friends with the other 2

Do you need to watch the anime or something? I just bought prelude to the fallen and ordered a physical copy of mask of deception. I'm looking into playing them

The reigning champion of best girl

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Karura was the best girl in Uta1, but really Uta23 cast is so much better that she isn't even top2 overall.


What do you think about healed bunny?

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No I'm reading Muramasa next

>get shafted in the main series
>whored out for gacha
Not sure if I should feel happy about this or not.

I assume so, else we'd propably see her in mask of deception.
Me neither, but maybee it just seemed to be that way because their jobs made them work in different places. Mikazuchi and oshtor seemed pretty close aswell, yet they didnt interact that much in mask

Mika and Oshtor seemed like solid bros given that Oshtor sends Nekone over for Mikazuchi to headpat and feed candies they also arranged the party where he reveals his candyman disguise. It does seem to scream retcon to me because as they want to use overly popular characters instead of trying to tell something new.

>Do you need to watch the anime or something?
No and you shouldn't. They're just the adaptation of the games. Play the games first before watching the anime if you want to.

oh dam, didn't know this game had an anime. Is the second season gonna cover the events of the second game? There's desperately little fanart of the best girl in the game, so I hope so

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I agree the world needs more Cocopo art.

that it does

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kinda want a prequel of karura' days in the arena, with maybe a small epilogue of Karura post MoT and how things are going in Tuskur to keep the hype going. Doesn't have to be a big thing too. See aplus it's not fucking that hard to make good games out of your main IP, it's not like there is nothing left to do with your world, instead of shitty gacha and dynasty warriors

Hope the anime lets Mikazuchi have a scene at farewell moment.

Works on my machine.

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Why not just play the new version of the game?

Would anything have changed had Hakuoro given her the dick? Or would she still invade his country like a retard lusting to get the mask dick?

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its really not that great

The first one's pretty good.

>have a dead guy as the main character in prequel
>proceed to have a heroine close to said dead guy
>no mention of her in the sequel games
Is there at least some sex? Maybe have her bear Oshtor's children?

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they're all good but they're not "masterpieces" or anything

the first one is eroge garbage but the second arc is definitely amazing

NTA, the first one is the worst out of three.

The latter one's much worse than its predecessors.

Most of the 2nd half of Mask of Truth is genuinely awful to get through.

Woshis is meh, but it still a lot better than Dii's bullshit. And MoT overall is amazing.

you mean the part after the [place] does the [kaboom] and the [ number ] little shits refuse to stay dead? yeah, that was awful but it did give us some great character moments for Shis so I kinda like that part