Their raps were shit

Their raps were shit

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its rapping

They should have done their reps instead.

What the fuck is wrong with Japan? This type of gag went out of style two decades ago.

All rap is shit.

how do you quantify rap when it all sounds cringe and gay?

>how do you quantify rap when it all sounds cringe and gay?
Sounds like someone can't spit a verse

Who finds this shit funny

Only when mainstream anime does it. The rapping in Devilman Crybaby was pretty good, though.

Yeah extremely niche Devilman

I found the entire sequence pretty fun. It was enjoyable and the anime made use of its medium to adapt the manga scene while giving it its own identity as well. Putting the quality of the story aside, Kaguya is one of the few adaptations that makes full use of the animated medium to differentiate itself from it's source while still being faithful.

It was pretty good on its own but was just implemented into the story REALLY poorly.

Rap? More like cRAP

For me its Katsurap

overall i find jap rap to be shit, idk it's just that their language mixed with rap don't click with me

I feel like its getting progressively more different, though. Some of the subtleties are being lost in the translation.

Post your rap then.

>cringe and gay
Rap is the only remaining genre of music at least in the mainstream to still have some power and edge to it. No one cares about emo faggots imitating pterodactyls to try to make up for their voices not being deep enough. Unlike other genres rap is based as fuck because it openly has a lot of misogyny, dark humor, constant clowning of other people, displaying the desires of humanity without sounding pretentious, instead sounding cool as fuck and hype. Other genres try too hard to sound fancy and get their heads stuck up their assholes. Rap is simple and raw but that's not a bad thing.

more like 4
the 80s were 40 years ago

based trips checked
all the people in this thread are just the type to "like all music except country and rap" anyway

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No one wants to listen to your shitty mumble rap, SoundClown.

>No one cares about emo faggots
you mean rappers?

That's rhapsody you uncultured swine.

>rap good because it mainstream and edgy
jesus christ, are you 12?

>yuh im popping the xanny
>i think i am dying
>yuh i am depressed
>yuh i am a sadboi
And the many variations of these ad infinitum, and you've got yourself a new soundcloud mumblerap hit.

Wrap and heep-hup are the lowest forms of music. Literal african ooga-booga garbage

What were you expecting? Wu-Tang Clan feat Chika feat The Prez?

I'll take fun crappy Japanese rap over nignog rap any day

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>without sounding pretentious
But it does though. 90% of rap is self-felation.


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Yes but chika swearing made me chuckle a bit


Kongming's rap was shittier

I do

Gantz OP still goes hard

Your fat assed mom and I

Pure wigger cope. Your favourite rapper gets buck broken daily to keep his record deal.

there should be more raping in anime

aesop rock
mf doom
slick rick
tribe called quest
tech n9ne
kanye west

any others?

any prog rock animes?

Their rapping were shit


See this is true but not in a manner you, Yea Forums, or any mainstream rapper may be willing to accept. What do I mean by that? Well I'm an Objectivist, as in the "Ayn Rand is the 2nd greatest philosophic thinker to ever live" kind. A central point of Objectivism is that the Ego is not to be denied or adulterated. The Ego is the crucially important locus upon which a genuine self esteem and mental heath rests. Rap music is the only popular cultural force that aggressively extolls the Ego. However as you are all damn well aware much of rap is pathetically swamped in ebonics, unreason, hedonism, and narcissism. Narcissism IS an issue a should not be dismissed but a truth I have come to find is that Rational Egoism is the REAL enemy of narcissists, for it is the narcissist that seek an unwarranted affirmation of the Ego. The issue of narcissism has never and can never be solved by the conventional approach of simply denying the Ego. As stated the thing is simply too crucial to a man. The A. denial or illegitimate approach to the ego and B. failure to subscribe to the supremacy of reason are two central potent casues of non-diseaseborn mental illness.
Rap music is still in it's infancy, if it is to flourish 3 things need to happen: "Ego" needs to be word dropped semioften, a FAR wider and potent vocabulary, and wanton hedonism, narcissism, and irrationalism need to be aggressively denounced.
Observe this
Watch as these fans of rap note the decline of the mind in the closest thing of what I describe rap has reached "Conscious rap", and the rise of mumble rap.

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Raps are always shit

Listen better raps

I like most of Rapbit's Rap versions of anime theme songs...

I bet my raping is better than yours.

What’s chikas rap name

Come on reply to it you fuckers

Interesting post but I have nothing to reply

Thanks I guess

every rap is shit

its a nigger "music"

meee :3

Kill yourself ayndrone

>Japanese rap

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Lil Titty

Devilman Crybaby? what is that? never heard of it

Why is all rap so popular despite being so shit?

"Conscious rap" was full of the "wanton hedonism, narcissism, and irrationalism" you denounced, full of simplistic horseshit, it's always been pleb music to the nth degree it's just somehow devolving even further


I said "closest" for a reason user