Sousou no Frieren ch 92

It's out

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Time for elf loli adventures

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No loil today

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>No loil today
I sleep.

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The End

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Did Denken really never tap that?

bored now, turning everything into gold

Smug gold demon

There is already another thread

Wait is this the same little demon girl that got snuffed out by Himmel and crew

So was this the result of empty nest syndrome, because he didn't start acting up until he knew denken wasn't coming back

Something like that I guess. He found working with Gluck/Denken to be amusing, but now that Denken's gone + Gluck is getting even older and probably going to die soon, Macht would rather just 'freeze' everything as it is because he doesn't want it to change anymore, or he just doesn't see much merit in things 'continuing' as they are.

So no one else noticed they were being turned into gold? Or was the process only slow on Gluck so he could get some final words in?

And how is this going to help defeat Macht ..

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I mean didn't we see him instafreeze someone a few chapters ago? Probably just giving his bud the chance for a few words and a smoke.

It's a shit new fag thread

people have been turned into gold in an instant before
Macht can do whatever he wants. It's magic. He don't gotta explain shit

Cool way to go, Gluck is based

What makes you think that

> can still talk even though 90% of his body is covered by the gold

Jeez, I hope that Macht turns their insides gold too, not just their outsides. I can't remember if we've seen any of the people broken open before.

Why does every magic staff look the same with the same stupid orb

No. It's the demon Macht met that was studying evolution.

because the author isn't really that creative with designs, I mean just look at the backgrounds.

How are the author previous works? I feel like he could write some good shit after more experience and learning to draw some emotion

The gold is indestructible and doesn't melt

>Macht trained Denken with the same type of challenge Freiren used to train Fern

>Why does every magic staff look the same

> backgrounds
they are default assets you get from clip studio and the like. Its like the castle with the bridge meme in korean fantasy novels.
robot manga was good didn't write anything else

Chekov's Bracelet was brought up again. I can only assume its gonna involve Denken ultimately flipping the Master/Student dynamic and teaching Macht what 'malice' is leading to his death.

Honestly I'd rather that demons were just mentally incapable of feeling such things, it'd feel a little cheap if they had the capacity for it the whole time and it just never manifested for some reason.

Demons are monsters. We cannot coexist with them.
Kill them all.

Is elf same level autist as demon i wonder, while autism shows you are strong in frien universe its also your downfall. Where all the elf? No even city built just some village like frien had.

everything is pretty much setting up Frieren and Macht as analogues of each other.
Both take an abnormal interest in humans for their race, both trained their students in the same way.
Both have lived among humans for a small part of their lifespan, seen them grow old and die, and ultimately the question is how much of an influence it has had on each of them.

As I said before if this loli is really Sage of Destruction level and also friends with the Demon King why wasn't she given the rank of Sage. I feel it has to mean something

Rate Denken's waifu.

If it does manifest, it would be the result of over 2 human lifetimes worth of effort from Macht, so I don't really think that'd be cheap.

I feel the twist will be that the Demon King can feel emotion and that emotion is what a Demon needs to become Maou

I mean it's not like he's made any real progress so far anyway, the most anomalous thing about Macht at this point is mostly just that he's bored enough to bother with this shit in the first place.

So 'serve the city' as per the bracelet was interpreted as 'let the city just be as it is'?

him 'serving' the city is such a vague way of putting it that he probably could have gotten away with acting pretty much however he wanted as long as the city stayed where it was. In this case, 'freezing' it by turning everyone to gold is indeed probably not interpreted by him as a bad thing, just like how him killing humans gets no reaction either, since he's not doing it out of hatred/malice for them.

>Both take an abnormal interest in humans for their race
That's not really that accurate for elves, but everything else works.

She probably didn't care enough to follow orders and they didn't have a means to force her to.

He was able to recognize that girl liked Denken romantically, so that's something.

I mean, considering that she was basically the only girl he interacted with on a consistent basis it's not that much of a guess. Just like someone guessing that a male and female cat that are living in the same house will probably end up having kittens.

I may be one of the few, but I totally enjoyed the flashback.
Gl├╝ck has the biggest pair of golden balls in the whole's manga universe. In my headcanon, even Macht was truly fond of him.

Not that user, but he guessed the girl liked Denken, not the opposite. And them liking each other is borderline incest as well.
As such, would be more proper to think the girl should not be romantically involved with him.

it's entirely possible that him turning people to gold doesn't actually kill them and instead puts them in a kind of stasis and that's why it is entirely indestructible.
It would actually be funny if his super devastating magic that everyone is so scared of is entirely for preservation and only is so intimidating because he never really cancels it.

Are they still in El Dorado?


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Seconding . Gluck's daughter seems to show interest in Denken, she's near him in every panel they are together in. Gluck might have planned some of Denken's training as a way to make the man his daughter was interested in of high enough standing to marry her.