Frieren at the Funeral

Why didn't you faggots told me this existed. Its so good

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Cause we have shit taste
But I do believe there is a thread every new chapter

Fuck you all
Where's the thread discussing the newest chapter? Shit was great

Have you been living under a rock for 2 years?

Apparently yes. I don't know its hard to find the good shit amidst the moe, ecchi and shounen shit that plagues this board.

This and dungeon meshi are the contemporary epitomes of fantasy adventure

I feel like it's been really stale as of late.

Sad elfs doing sad things should be a genre.

New chapter coming through.

>amidst the moe
Fuck off and kill yourself, you don't belong here if you don't like moe.

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Because it's boring as fuck.

When it first came out I thought it had good art, now I feel it's kinda bad, particularly how stiff the characters look

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midas demon namek

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The latest chapters are really boring, also the author legit forgot how to draw emotions except for frieren, even stark is emotionless now

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If you use this board to find manga then you're a fucking retard

You are bad as shounenshitters

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Kill yourself.

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Where do they get these raws? The colors seem too saturated. I've noticed this with some mangakas that have posted color pages on twitter, too, the colors are much stronger than in the magazine.

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Pretty sure it was caused leveling. Really shouldn't level color pages for digital raws.

It's very one-note and bland, actually. I can see how you could have gotten baited at the start but as a seasoned manga evaluator I formed a hunch within the first couple of chapters.
I stopped when it started introducing demons, but by the look of this thread it's gotten even less interesting since.

I've just noticed it with a few sunday series, so I thought it might have something to do with their system. Here's a comparison from Mao for example, I got the one on the left from Rumiko's twitter.

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Oh hey it's the loli demon who was friends with the Demon King.

I wonder what it means that she is of comparable power, was liked by the King but didn't gain the rank of Seven Sages. Considering the whole memory erasure and future of demons thing I wonder if she's a candidate for their next Demon King.

are there titties in this? I only respect series that are both well-written and have bare titties in them

Then you don't respect anything serialized after 2006.

that is correct

It isn't as good as Dungeon Meshi IMO, particularly the art and world building.

not stimulating enough for the typical hypofrontality Yea Forumssshole

this manga is a shonen, shitter

>moefag gettin all uppity
lmao kys

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Based scoundrel is based.

I liked this arc.
It does feel like another series, though.

Make me faggot
thanks for the dump, kinda hoping next week chapter wraps up the mind reading bit

I have been enjoying it a lot, even the the latest arc, I don't see anything wrong with it, it's interesting as always. It's one of the very few manga able to draw a lot of emotion out of me.
Hoshi no Samidare, which has since long been claimed here to be very emotional, wasn't able to do the same as Frieren, to whom people complain about the lack of thereof. Likely it has something to do with how people perceive other sentient beings rather than some objective metric to determine the better one.


Frieren has threads every week.

Macht is boring. People would care 10x more if he was a cute demon girl instead.

>anons start saying how bland and boring it is as soon as the cute girls wander off screen
so it really is just moeshit with a gimmick

Well the pace can be a bit too slow. Like this chapter provided litterly nothing.
It just spells out shit that could have been figured out earlier.
But it's hard to judge before the arc is done

I think parts of Macht's chapters had that transoent feel the early frieren chapters did, and I appreciated that.

OYP threads are great for finding new things to read

Ah so you noticed too

I agree. All the characters are just wearing blank faces. It disrupts the immersion, well, mine at least.

Frieren is literally a shounen manga, it's published in Weekly Shounen Sunday.

It's good but the TOURNAMENT ARC filtered a lot of people here who forgot it was always a shounen series and they say it's bad now.

>Manga is about an Elf learning to appreciate the everyday things she experiences with the people she travels with despite it being a comparably short time for her
>People complain about the pacing when flashbacks don't rush to a conclusion
Really makes you think.

Using this board to find manga led me to Made in Abyss, Dungeon Meshi, Heterogeneous Linguistics and Touge Oni, as well as the inferior Mushoku Tensei manga which led me to the superior LN.
I probably would have found the first two on my own when they got popular, but I'd already skipped over MT based off of the summary before a few posts made me go back and give it a chance.