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Why was ChiCUTE's win controversial?

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Butthurt emishitters

Tsunderes are better than moeblobs.

uuuuuum i will take two cheeseburgers extra onions, a mcflurry with M&M's. That will be it.

It wasn't. It was obvious from the start she was the best but a vocal minority just didn't want to accept facts.

because the novels spent over 20 volumes establishing maou's and emis relationship

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You have to in order to pull off a successful twist. Brilliant strategy on the author's part.

brilliant twist, or shitty writer?

God im still mad i feel like i want to hit the fucking author. so fucking retarded

More like “mending” their relationship of two people trying to kill each other which boiled down to Demons are actually a completely alien in mindset to normal humans since they don’t eat food, live off of despair, and were dying out because Maou was such a good king that despair was disappearing in the demon world so he had to invade the Enta Esla and planned to use humans as livestock to generate despair so his people wouldn’t starve.
But thanks to coming to Earth, he and Ashiya learned that that was a shitty thing they had done out of desperation and started looking for a different solution.

Autor just followed the established method for romcoms where the first girl MC meets on screen will be the winner.
Only retards didn't see the outcome.
Oh wait, emifags are retards.

I don't need you to explain why this shitty writing is shitty writing

>Autor just followed the established method for romcoms where the first girl MC meets on screen will be the winner.
maou meets emi first

>It was obvious from the start she was the best but a vocal minority just didn't want to accept facts.
Bottle babies

An underrated genius.

>shitty writer?

Only contrarian trolls support Chiho, like with Mari.

She is a precious angel. It's symbolism that maou ends up with her.

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Chiho winning is only disliked by the kind of person who reads KanoKari.

Worst girl winners tend to garner that kind of reaction. It's only natural.

let's point and laugh at this guy

Yes, but that's only half of the story. Emilia got taught since childhood to hate demons and resent Maou for having "killed" her dad, and a big part of the manga is about her coming to terms with the truth.
That's the issue here, the light novel was pretty much about those two and the change in their relationship. Chiho was just kinda there. She started and finished as the girl who liked the MC because nice guy.

>best girl Emi was set to win, backed by overarching development, the plot, and the narrative itself spelt out Emi end to readers
>final volume dropped and Maou and Emi had their duel in the last chapter before the epilogue to unload and move forward together regardless of the outcome, strongly supporting Emi end
>then suddenly mary sue Chiho wins unexpectedly because in OOC fashion, Emi summoned her and confessed her feelings to Maou for her
>Maou accepts (OOC too) and is turned into a human to be with her
>this wasn't foreshadowed and had no development that made readers even imagine Chiho end was even conceivable
Literally the biggest and most random aspull bait and switch ever. Readers have a righy to be pissed considering most of them stuck with the series to see Maou x Emi get finalized.

Only people with shitty taste support chiho

>Spend most of the story established Maou and Emi relationship
>Burger was never even seen as a love interest
>Suddenly burget won at the end with no romantic build up for the entire story, and not because she try or do anything, it was Emi who gave her pity win so it is shitty for both girls.
People who like this end are also people who like the GoT ending because of "muh subversive"

Emi was an annoying shit anyway, I had 0 interest in watching Season 2 until I heard Chiho wins.

Even the publisher was bad and shameless. They were banking on Maou and Emi as a couple during their marketing of volume 22. There weren't any promos and merchandise featuring Chiho, not even celebratory ones weeks after the volume had dropped.

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volume 21*

Because it was a last minute bait and switch. Literally no one saw her win coming, and majority of readers (both Japanese and overseas) were Emifags. How the fuck are you going to add the pic-related illustration in the volume where big tits wins? Apparently his new work is flopping after fucking fans over.

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Chiho was a mistake.

Hijacking this thread to say I want to fuck Lucifer.

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there's nothing shipping about the two main characters getting artwork together

>damage control
Post promos and art that market Maou together with Chiho for the last book. Protip: you can't.

who cares? shes just the love interest, not the main heroine and she got artwork in the official novel. next you're gonna say that naruto and sasuke should have gotten together since they share more artwork than anyone.

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>who cares
You do since you replied and are mad that the publisher used Maou x Emi to bait readers while Chiho got nothing. Asspull win that's hated by the majority that turned the author into a hack is an infamous legacy.

>are mad that the publisher used Maou x Emi to bait readers
im not mad about their artwork together though? it just seems stupid to bring it up as a legit argument. they get a lot of artwork together because they are the main two characters.

>while Chiho got nothing.
she got the consensual kiss and was the endgame girl.

>hated by the majority
it has four stars on amazon jp

keep seething losers

Emi is the co-protagonist, that doesn't mean she has to get together with Maou.

Yes, she should. See

She literally has no presence in the story and got handed a pity win. That is an insult to even people who like her because she just got insert as the winner without any build up
It does when 99% of the story build up their relationship.

>im not mad about their artwork together
Sure you aren't. Don't pretend you didn't drop the series years ago because you believed and expected Emi to win due to the blatant shipping that she gets with Maou, from practicing early to be farther and mother to Emi's mom scheme to have the most intimate development within the story. And of course, supported by LN and official artworks and marketing that Maou and Emi got that's typical for main OTP couples. That's why you're anime-only.
>endgame girl
Infamously hated.
>four stars
DB shills and fake accounts to damage control the low ratings it had for a long time.

>another animeonly pleb who has no idea what he's talking about
Chihofags can and will never be able to defend and make sense of Chiho winning from a writing perspective.

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>It's symbolism that maou ends up with her.
Emi is literally an Angel tho

chiho was upfront about her feelings while emi wasn't. cope.

Maou didn't care and always preferred Emi. Cope cop-outfag.

>next you're gonna say that naruto and sasuke should have gotten together
that would make more since than literally any other pair in naruto

This vs tomodachi ga sukunai. Which had the worse ending?

emi is upfront with her feelings. she hates maou, until she learns the turth

I fucking swear that after 5toubun the retards in Yea Forums who treat fucking everything as a waifu war and gloat without having read the source material exploded in number.

Lol Chiho spent vast majority of the time being jelly at Emi. Even Acies closer with Maou than Chiho.

>always preferred Emi.

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oreimo will always be king of shit endings

>after 5toubun
holy newfag

Yea Forums's been having waifu wars since the dawn of time

>gloat without having read the source material exploded in number.
I read the final volume. The only reason he didn't confess to Chiho earlier was that he wasn't a human. They're planning to marry, but it's put off till later because they don't have enough money. Chiho even tells Maou that Emi is in love with him and that he can take her as a second wife, but Maou rejects such a thing. He only wants Chiho.

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Because it was undeserved, nonsensical and threw away the character buildup Emi had.

It's true, though. In tsundere fashion, Maou kept up his Demon King persona mainly for Emi's sake.

Looks like you only read the final volume. The final three are so different in tone to the rest that it's not even funny.

I read the entire series. What happens in the previous volumes doesn't change the contents of the final one. We find out Maou didn't confess to Chiho earlier simply because he wasn't a human, not because he didn't like her back/liked Emi instead. Even when given the option to have Emi as a second wife, he rejects it. Chiho won, it's time to move on.

So, basically it's just

>changed the MC motivation and personality to justify Chiho ending in the last volume
>Chihofags eat it up despite their girl got no big moment to even show the progress of her relationship (because there isn't any relationship to be begin with)

The answer is always butthurt emifags

>Read a series of book
>Other books don't matter, only the last one.

Emifags will never be included in winner collages.

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>watch anime
>like chiho the most
>see this thread
>know chiho wins
nice, i can read the LN now and not get fucked over like when i read quints

because she exists

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So you enjoy your girl being irrelevant for most of the story until the author asspull her win out of nowhere? I thought you dislike Quints?

its ok when my girl wins, see also ichigo 100%
its only bad when the girl i like doesnt win

technically it's a harem ending if you read the LN.

Emi helps Chi get her love and on the last pages, Chi tells him that Emi loves him and he should be with her too since they're going to be together because of their daughter anyway.

so its a harem ending. technically.

The only thing she cares about is not losing her first spot.

He didn't reject it though. He basically made a 'huh' noise after thinking about it.

The door was left open for her being his second wife.

unless the japanese LN was different, the newest english one must have been changed?