Chainsaw Man

Currently reading through Chainsaw Man and i was just wondering.
Why does every girl besides Kobeni suck?
They're all bitches

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What you're really asking if why the most cowardly, most sweaty, most insecure, most physically underdeveloped girl is so popular. A question to which I have no good answer. I get that she can be endearing as a dorky little sister type of character but not why so many would want to bang that, not when grade A meaty bitches like Makima and Powa exist.

>when grade A meaty bitches like Makima and Powa exist.

>Rest are bitches
You answered yourself user

>why the most cowardly, most sweaty, most insecure, most physically underdeveloped girl is so popular.
The answer's right there user

Power is based

they all die anyway lol

Kobeni is

Shit, Reddit, dumb


It's not about the girls in the show, user. It's about you.


Watch as Kobeni ends up joining the same school Denji's going to now, if part 2 ever comes out.

my wife

mine! all mine!


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Denji is the best MC

Fujimoto loves terrible manipulative women

I don't CSM would popular, at all, if she died at any point in the story.

that snake devil contract is like winning the lottery.
that beast can beat the 99% of the devils and you only have to pay a fingernail.

Chainsawman is mostly about remarkably shitty people. It's why the cast feels so unlikable.

A retard. A cute retard

How is kobeni not a bitch when she wanted to kill denji inmediately when they wree trapped by that demon

They are the best kind at bed.

What contract does she have? Some luck devil? Did I speed read?

>The current work, and indeed no existing work, has provided evidence that fear of snakes or spiders is innate
>Research has found humans do not innately afraid of snakes
If CSM came out 10 years ago, Snake Devil would be one of the strongest devils.

at being gay

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We never found out

Cute devil, let's you get away with everything. Not even Satan wants you to die cause you're so cute

He's wrong in that Makima is more like A5 Wagyu

This is a Makima thread now.

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Denji's first gf in part 2

Made for bee bee see

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What killed the hype?

This dude cannot draw faces at all


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My man

Ahahahahaha and not a vote gone from our girl. That's definition genuine vs fake if you ask me.

Had a dream about episode 1 of anime. Some of my ancestors were strong psychics, so get ready for anime news soon.

Think you could tell me a little bit more about this dream?

Memebeni a cute!


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Starts as anime original with division 4 already assembled and in the middle of hunting a devil on the roofs of the city, sasuga action to sell new viewers on CSM. Then jumps to chapter 1.


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Potato will you be posting in these threads forever?

All the women in CSM are profoundly flawed. And it just comes down to which flaw you find cute/attractive/endearing rather than off-putting.

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Kobeni, all things considered, is just a normal girl with a healthy amount of neuroticism and transient ninja skills. She'd be a fine partner.


I can't get passed Power not flushing her poops, so it's a no for me


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me will fook off once the anime comes out

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Please be lying. you are my favorite poster...

dangerously based makimanon

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Change your diaper
Clean your room
Stop being a faggot

I want to eat Makima

reze though

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We dont care. at all.

Happened one time and then she learned. Being able to learn is the most desirable trait in a partner, no question.

Didn't ask

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i do

>Didn't ask
didn't care
>i do
you don't

Kobeni is hot as fuck too, if you don't like her or Reze the most you have shit taste

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all fun things must come to an end

i only post n /csm/ now cos /csm/ is not as popular as it used to be

Shitposter Devil will erase me from existence, and no one will even notice it

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End of an era...

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