If you think the ending ruined his character then you missed the entire point of the show

If you think the ending ruined his character then you missed the entire point of the show.

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The point of the show is that Mikasa is SUPER strong! You BETTER not mess with her!

Shit bait, you should ashamed of yourself for luring innocent newfags for your own amusement.

should be*

People will seethe at this post but will never eplicitly what's wrong with this statement.

AoT might not be the pleb filter it ws ment to be but it sure is a contrarian filter.

Please, explain to us what the entire point of the show was. Enlighten us.

it's a generic statement without any elaboration, retard. What do you expect?

Cool story, stay in your containment pen, SnKID.

True he was a psycho since childhood

i thought he hated titans?
why didnt he an hero when he realized he was one?

Mankasa Ackertroon

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>noooooo bro he was supposed to be a cuckold that's the whole point of the story!
It's amazing how what little remains of titantards are resorting to mental gymnastics to pretend the series wasn't a total shit show.

Within the context of AoT is described the inner struggle undergone by the protagonist. Over the course of the show, he becomes estranged to and antagonized by many people he once held dear. The story depicts a common sttuggle people face in managing interpersonal relationships, the perception of others, and how we may feel pressured or excluded and antagonized unfairly by others, regardless of whether there is actual truth to it or not. This is present even in the very first episode
These perceived injustices may drive people to engage of acts of retaliation, one of which may be adopting proactive distancing and antagonistic behaviour towards people they perceive to be unfairly treating them. To in turn view those people as "enemies" as well.
But one aspect of this behavior which many people tend to misunderstand, is that it may come from a place of self-defense and self-preservation, rather something they derive joy and satisfaction from. It may pain them to adopt this behaviour towards people who they otherwise would desire to have a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with, hence it may be viewed as an act of misery for them.
However in this case, Eren's entire philosophy is "They ARE our enemy and I MUST exterminate them"
Firstly, the aspect of perceived injustice brought about by others is not present. Instead of the emphasis on others wanting to be his enemy and being unfairly antagonized by others, and thus framing the subsequent acts of retaliation as justified, Eren expresses no interest in this dynamic. The existence of others' perception of him is not presented here, perhaps due to a lack of awareness, or even a complete disregard of such from the perspective of the character.

>this amount of headcanon and cope
Jesus SnKfags are mental.


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Second, the antagonization of others is not presented as something tentative, something they are hesitant to do or question the act of. It is presented as a matter of fact, "They ARE my enemy" To be accepted as something that cannot be changed, that he expresses no interest in being challenged about or changing their stance on. Is this truly a view the character wholeheartedly believes in with his own volition? Or has there been outside factors influencing Eren to think this way? A perceive intervention by divine entities? A revelation of sorts presented by an unknowable power? Whatever it may be, it is simply the truth in his eyes. All others are enemies, and they must be dealt with, every single one of them. One shudders to think what inhuman implications lie behind that statement.
And third, the reframing of perspective from struggling with the perception of others, to the perception towards others from himself, raise different clues to the implication of "freedom" as well. Does the he suffer from having to accept this "truth", is implying reluctance towards an otherwise necessary act he must carry out? Is he fully in compliance with antagonizing and directing hatred towards the world, but is hesitant to commit atrocities in the name of doing so? Or is he simply irritated by the thought of having to deal with the people of this world, viewing them as nothing more than a nuisance?
In any case, for both Marleyans and Eldians, it seems they must accept their place as the "enemies" And it would be well-advised for them to take this as a revelation, a warning, however false it may end up being, and study it closely in their best interests, potentially to protect their world and civilization as they know it from this new threat that may have just unknowingly revealed itself.

The entire point of the show was to ruin his character?

I really fucking hate isayama, he ruined what could have been one of the greatest anime of all time.

This lol
>why did i do all this

SNK was trash from the beginning, I told you back in 2013, kys snktranny


but why did he have to get cucked by Jean and cry about it?

Technically the anime still isn't ruined 0

You are talking about how pretty much the first 40 chapter, the initial story and premise, was taken from a 2006 mech visual novel? Then later stole the consciousness mind time travel transfer thing?

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i occasionally pop into snk general on occasion to laugh at people who are still there somehow

>Pretty buzzwords from my English class
Don't try too hard, you know ending was underwhelming and your 'deep and thoughtful analysis' is just you lying to yourself cause deep down you know story went to shit post timeskip and can't cope about it. It's alright user you can acccept it was shit and move on insteading of praising it like some masterpiece that only you and your people understand.

It's literal mental illness in there

DBS general somehow manages to be worse.

You are right. it's the entire fucking arc.

DBS generals are still funny. SnK threads are just depressing to look at

Basically: youtu.be/mukhzo9OIL8

Is there any discussion to be had over there with the constant fucking shipping wars? One look at /snk/ and you'd swear Attack on Titan was a romance manga.

Well, it's a ironic shitposting zone.
Can't say the same for SnK.

What about One Piece threads? Haven't read the manga yet or watched the anime, but from what I hear they're beginning to unravel like the SNK fandom did during the Rumbling Arc.

Why does the show even focus on him at all anyways? He’s one of the least interesting characters along with Mikasa and Armin. Didn’t watch s4 part2 but I assume it just focuses on him more

>Why does the show even focus on him at all anyways?
Because he is the MC. Most MC aren't usually interesting. They just need to be generally likeable and move the plot. The side characters are usually the interesting one.
>Didn’t watch s4 part2 but I assume it just focuses on him more
No, he fucked off til the last chapters. You will only see him in flashback at best.

Maybe I’ll watch part 2 then. Although I didn’t really enjoy the conflict with Marley either

>Maybe I’ll watch part 2 then. Although I didn’t really enjoy the conflict with Marley either
You wouldn't enjoy part 2 either.
It's cape shit-tier writing. They even making cape shit type jokes while fighting Eren.

>lefreedom guy gives up on his freedom

DBS's spic memes are at least funny like 5% of the time
All SnK has is pretending to like literally who characters to trigger shipfags.

Was there any reason as to why Eren didn't save the Eldians that were still on the mainland? For a guy who feels super guilty about genociding the world, he didn't do much to lessen the carnage despite it being within his capabilities to just teleport them all to Paradise with the power of the Founding Titan.

He only really cared about his small group of friends (fuck Sasha and Hange though)

To be fair, shipfags were pretty rampant even before the ending. Now they're the only ones left since there's not much to talk about (outside the occasional people who are still somehow seething)

>why Eren didn't save the Eldians that were still on the mainland?
Nu-Eren doesn't give a shit about his people, only his friends and the pales who kill his seniors which caused him to have a mental breakdown in Uprising arc..

Dbs genefal are shitpost central, pretty fun, /snkek/ is full depresion/cope/cuck posting

>He only really cared about his small group of friends
Yeah his super good friends Reiner, Annie, Pieck, Gabi and Karina.
He was the coolest guy.

Why? It's just people shitposting for fun not mentally ill retards upset because they thought Isayama guaranteed their ship was going to happen the way they wanted it.

>you were le incel all along
the message was to go outside & have sex. Don't be a loser like eren.

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You're wrong, is just that the final arc feels artificially bad.

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the point of the show and erens character being ruined had nothing to do with eachother. isayama fumbled the ending and ruined his main character retroactively with the last chapter. erren had plenty of reasons to develop into the edgelord he was post time skip. ignoring all that and saying "he never really changed" just to cope with the fact that the ending truely was aweful is pathetic.

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He looks so much like Grisha here wtf mappa where is Carla

Couldn't he have taken a break after Chapter 90 when they made it to the sea? Like there were a million different directions he could have taken the manga with some time to actually think on it, but the post-timeskip plot ended up kind of being a mess despite there being no real reason for it to be like this.

>SnK copes
you fag could have gotten Kino like Pic as a MC

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I feel sorry for Eren almost as if he was a real person he's a victim of isayama I feel as if he was raped by its author poor Eren

I think he was legit excited about the change of setting and cast though. Marley arc had pretty solid art, and you could tell he favored the warrior cast all the way until the end. It was in WfP when it started meandering, wasting time on boring sub-plots and characters, and you could tell he was getting burned out and hadn't planned things out in enough detail or got overwhelmed by the scope of the story and started rushing to wrap things up. So yeah, in hindsight he should have taken a break and continued after the ocean as SnK: Part 2 or something, but at the time he probably vastly overestimated what he could pull off.