Kunoichi tsubaki

God I wish I could spoil Ajisai and hug her all the time

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I will start a kunoichi school in a remote mountain region when I get rich from crypto.
I will NOT do anything inappropriate with them, however I may not be able to stop them from doing inappropriate things to me, seeing as they're highly trained highly skilled tricksters and assassins.

I had a similar dream except it was an orphanage in a traditional Japanese style construction with zen garden and all that shit in rural Japan, and I would raise the females as assassins and train them well so they could infiltrate powerful circles and government groups. On the surface, they will just be cute girls wearing kimonos, sweeping leaves or something, and keeping the orphanage clean and tidy



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Why do Kunoichis wear this?

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the last thirty seconds was gold

How does it feel knowing these delicate flowers in the process of blooming are wasting their prime isolated from the contact of bees (or whatever pollinators there are in Japan) and will wither and die alone?

They'll see plenty of action once they leave training and move on to their permanent assignment.

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cock goes in here

>Not wanting to be Ajisai

As an anime-only I have been wondering about some of the village logistics such as if all the girls they take in are orphans, where they go as adults, etc.
My best guess is that its more of a lifestyle than a job for them.

She's so small, I bet it would be fun to pick her up and carry her around.


I've been wondering, why did aniplex region locked the OP and ED 4 and 5, while 1,2 and 3 are available for everyone?

The official line is "Loli ninjas, don't think too hard about it"

I would like to know. 4 was very good and I wish they would release it already.

Yeah I guess so, but I can't help but have it nag me a little.

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Loli ninja Kaguya

Yeah, 5 was great as well


this girls seems in need of correction
does she need correction?

They have big brians, not that you would understand their logistics.

I wouldn't risk changing a thing about her

elites already run child sex market and buy children from desperate parents.

Little girls are very expensive and most parents are brainwashed against pedophilia, so it would be hard to obtain little girls to go into the mountain unless you are a trillionaire.

the little. child girl. market is owned by them, and if they catch wind of your mountain school a bunch of anime Americans will start writing articles about you "abusing" and "grooming" these little girls.
Of course this is only for the anime universe, the real world isn't that bad

Interesting post you have there, user.

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Im going to spoil my cute wife.
(With sex)

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The original ninja village was depopulated by horny brats eloping, so Hana and Konoha had to start from scratch with a whole new batch of orphans when they first split up the girls and boys. So technically there are no "graduates" of the Akane Clan yet.

so I can put my member through them

With her flailing around, unable to escape?

Yes but she can escape any time she wants to. Just chooses not to.

Patiently waiting for my wife Fuki's episode

That's exactly what happened in real life

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I am waiting for Team cock to show up.


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Mating press with Ajisai!

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Considering they have no memories of seeing men in their lives they probably grew up in these type of settlements, so they are probably orphans brought in as infants and I can't think of who their parents would be.

God I wish I could worship her cute feet.

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I didn't know Yea Forums had pedophile threads. Please get help faggots


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You're welcome, newfreind. Now you know.

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This is the help, newfag.

post the original!

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Cute and funny girl.

I don't get the redditors who come here and complain about loli. since the very beginning 4chins has been pro loli

2016 was a disater

This place got swarmed by different kinds of alphabed people because of the elections. They don't get the idea that they won't change this place.

God I want to nut inside this cow brat so fucking bad, preferably in front of her teammates

Hola MomoP


not canon

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my wife

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What a coincidence, mine too.

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