Make and request Yea Forumsrt.

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Reqesting Melty with her hair down and wearing white babydoll lingerie (example files.catbox.moe/4oyyav.jpg).

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Requesting Hikage as a hydra

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Requesting the right pic with Chariot du Nord getting her belly button licked by Akko Kagari.

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Requesting Misato as the Driver from Drive (2011)

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Requesting Makima selling her bath water online

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Requesting Ahiru from Princess Tutu with her regular dress "palette swapped" into a cute maid outfit, maybe with extra frills and a big bow on the back for extra cuteness.

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Requesting Aisaka Taiga with tits like these files.catbox.moe/2sw24o.jpg

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This dual thread thing has got to be the dumbest, most autistic thing I've seen in awhile in this autism infested website jfc.

posting in both so the OR cn actually see his shit


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Malarkey! Requesting Pitz as a janitor mopping up the unnecessary other thread

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well I can't deny the quality

So that's what happened to her tits.

>Says he'll accept which thread is chosen by requesters
>starts copy-pasting the requests when things don't go his way

how else do you fight a literal spammer, I'm only copying the ones I think are the same dude

>I'm only copying the ones I think are the same dude
Based on what? Convenience? holy cope but you do you

based on the requests being extremely low quality, i.e. it's just an image and "Requesting this with that"

Cursed but high-quality ryona

It's maid day, so requesting Kurumi Erika from Heartcatch Precure wearing a maid bikini

Ouch. Great job!

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You mean autistic screeching about bots? We had a phase like that already for the back half of the 2010s

I'm surprised that's still happening, I haven't been in the Yea Forums drawthread in a year

Ok but I only posted one request and it's your thread that looks like a Yea Forums thread, not this one

Requesting Aqua killing a Gashadokuro with her ass infused with Turn Undead

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Oh damn.

Lmao. Anyways I have no idea why you think changing the OP to include a bunch of "reddiquette" will fix the people in here. just 2-3 years ago these threads were fairly great, and the OP was the same as today. Its the people who have changed, lots of clueless low IQ requesters and unmotivated drawfags that only want to provoke people by rewarding them.

I flew too close to the sun is all. if it worked then it would have been nice, but it didn't

OR here.
Wow it's incredible. I didn't expect ro get such a fantastic work.
Thank you very much!
The training bandages instead of the chainmail it's a great idea and background is really stylish.

Requesting Seria Kumokawa looking sleepy and not realizing someone's drawn obscene things on her forehead

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Requesting Yoshi and Gamo reinacting the ending of "Of Mice and Men".

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Requesting otohime from muromi san as the mythological creature shes based on.

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Really good work but it needs some blood to be perfect.

Requesting Momo Yaoyaorozu as a Cavewoman posing like the picture being referenced

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Requesting catbox related, but with Tomoko Kuroki from Watamote.

some Details (NSFW): you might agree with me that the hottest part of the picture is that streak of based sigma cum crossing across her face. Please do take not of that. Also note her bust is not so... robust?

Link (NSFW): files.catbox.moe/ievceq.jpg

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keep your dick in your pants bro

Requesting Yui getting a relaxing massage, could be any type of massage

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Requesting a drawing or comic of adult Raphtalia nervously asking for and then getting a haircut from Naofumi, "like old times". Have her blushing but enjoying it.

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Requesting Jing Xialian from Appare Ranman bound and gagged like in pic related

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Requesting Tonde Burin and Hōrensō Man posing like this minitokyo.net/Pointing

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Requesting this girls from Delicious party precure wearing a Sukumizu

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Any office lady witch, which is a combo too rare, please.
It could be Kouhai-chan from Tawawa or someone from Douki-chan, for example. Optionally add a cloak in addition to witch hat.

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requesting mizuki usami from konobi wearing a spats

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these two interacting

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Been coloring too many precure drawings lately, any one has a a big tits color request? One character only. Nudes are a-ok.

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would you color this schoolgirl akko

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if you're tired of cures how about a cure to color?

Looking for girls with big tits.

my bad i missed that part. How about this Kirari?

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Nice, what's the source? Was this done here or wwd of /h/?
If nothing else is posted i will color this one.

it was from the Yea Forums drawthread, but im@s is done here usually so i suggested her

Cool, I'll put on my to-do list, it's a good pic

I request
you to
Draw two characters (of your choosing) hugging

Doing something that's historically accurate to the character

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Requesting FGO MC (Both Gender) in HEVC Suit (Half Life)

Requesting Gammamon being petted by his tamer Hiro just like the right reference.

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Requesting Melie from Radiant as a can-can dancer.

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Requesting succubus Inori

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Requesting a full body pic of Izusu tape gagged and handcuffed.

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I demand Tatsumaki getting mating pressed and her digging her nails in the fucker's back

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I'll do it for $40

Requesting Reze from CSM in a Demonica Suit

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Requesting the left image but with Elma from Kobayashi’s

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Requesting magical girl Shizuka Marikawa

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