Why is kagami so mad all the time?

why is kagami so mad all the time?

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>what is a tsundere?

Sexual frustration

but why

>surrounded by smelly retards
Gee I wonder

She want her friends and sister to be better, but they keep fucking up and disappointing her.

Ive been using LS to study nip on animelon and in a way its even funnier when understanding the raw translations.

what are you doing on this website?

I know what a tsundere is, Im asking, in your opinion, what lead to her being a tsundere

>what leads to a girl acting a certain way
uuuh genes, childhood trauma, environment I guess?

youre no fun

Kagami is not a tsundere. She is a normal, well-adjusted, emotionally balanced teen girl.... except when Konota is around. Konota is the source of her irritation as she constantly is trolling her. Konota is a bully.

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Everyone around her is retarded

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came here to say this

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Tsukasa is thinking.

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the fun ended in 2007 bro

>you can never go back

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shes a tsundere with no one to dere
so for now its all tsun, all the time.
also this

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Imagine if Kagami was fat

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you again?

came to say this

damn I wish cute OLs were real

Why didn't we save her?

That'd be a first.

She needs to get her cock purse smashed - by me.

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she's just like me....!

There was a whole episode where she talked about her periods, did you not see that one?

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I didn’t realise how much I needed this image in my life until I saw this, thank you.

because Konata ignore her advances

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Cuz she's a cunt.

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Is she thinking about why exactly is she stuck in her shitty anime?

She just want's to have hot lesbian sex with Konata already. But she's too embarrassed to make a move

No bitches

I think we can all relate to that.

no that'd be misao

Gracias amigo

Oh she can be my cute cunt, if you catch my drift.

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>masturbation session always interrrupted by her retarded sister

Which Lucky wud u fug.

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same shit different thread, can someone just post the konata dad image again i lost it

Sexual frustration. I completely understand her.

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she found out who puo puo was

About what?

because you touch yourself at night


I just need Konata in my life.

What zero dick does to a woman.

Would she rather me touch her?

the cute one

About you!

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You took my post and didn't do it right. Although it is nice that she's thinking about me.

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Sex with Tsukasa.

i could take care of this for her

But I'm not Kagami...