Dragon Ball Super

Is Vegeta right here?

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look at KINGEMPERORDEITY throwing a punch against the Cell Jr. while the other humans were already down

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No, DOGren.

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>inane moeshitter TardkuRAT falseflag
Y to the AWN.

His attack temporally put Jiren to the floor. That, technically, also made him stronger than Goku, even if just for a moment.

He is not wrong but interns of different races wouldn't Namekians be more broken on paper?

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In terms*
Pardon .

Just LOOK at what happens DEITYren starts being SERIOUS even just a LITTLE.
Final Flash? Deflected with a GLARE.

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Shitgeta lost.
Shitren lost.
Shithan lost.
Shitell lost.


shitku lost.
shitgito lost

On paper? Yes, they have lots of pros and almost no cons.
Problems? Namekians are mostly peaceful, so they tend to resort to have just a bunch of warriors strong enough to save them from villains the likes of Recoome.

Kamehameha? DESTROYED with an uppercut.

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>Dogfucker ramblings
P to the UKE.

is this the single most kino DBS episode?

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>need to make gay orgies to get strong when Saiyans can do God rituals that make them sub-GoD tier and can get x1000000 gorillion power level boosts from stubbing their toes

Shintani >>>>> Takahashi btw

Who is "Quee-no"?

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Post more Tate kino.

Name one victory against a main that Goku didn't achieve or at least was a major contributing factor to. You simply can't.

Who’s Tate Qui-No?

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>Tardkurats can only take OC and make edits
Kekaroo! ZERO originality, as always.

>argument through repetition

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The god ritual requires pure hearted Saiyans and 99% of them are evil.

Ummm... TFSisters?

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>cuntgang episode

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>99% of them are evil.
Not in NU-Dragon Ball lore, they’re all good guys deep down. Especially in the manga.

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Is this the same falseflagging BITCH who shat on a condom? Fucking get HELP.


What jobbing to CHADjack does to the minds of the people...

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I always knew they were on 'that side'. Their humor reeks of it.

Kill all trannies.

Favourite TFS joke?

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Someone give me the recent rundown on what's been happening, I know there was a mass banning but what about the /trash/ shit and janny stuff? I need context, NOW.

I have none. They're all unfunny shit.

STOP having this fucking HALLOWEEN theme NOW.

>Tardkurat shitposting on /dbs/ at 2 PM instead of working
Kek, actual basement dwellers. Get a job, Manolito.


>pukes cum
Did they ever explain this?

>In May 2022, a janny had a meltdown again and started deleting EVERY /dbs/ thread for hours, completely wiping the CHAD'S DEN off the face of the earth. Presumably due to the time it started happening, there weren't enough chads around to combat the tranny janny. The chad's took refuge in the /trash/ board. However soon enough, the janny took his meds and things started to calm down again. He was still watching the threads like a hawk whenever he was awake, but /dbs/ threads were back in their home of Yea Forums. However, the /trash/ threads remained and briefly became the dominant thread as people spammed Hunger Games while the Yea Forums thread stagnated. This was presumably both out of novelty, people sitting out their bans, and people being afraid of posting on Yea Forums due to the tranny janny watching it obsessively for even the most minor of offenses. But after days passed, activity in Yea Forums returned. However, some of the /trash/rats did NOT want to return to their home. They wanted to defect entirely so they'd be free of all janny oppression. In truth, they just wanted to off-topic shitpost forever. The /trash/ threads were devolving more and more, moeshit and porn was spammed everywhere, the Hunger Games barely consisted of Dragon Ball characters anymore, it was a travesty. Thus, the /trash/rats became OUTCASTS and it was deemed correct that they'd be barred entry to Yea Forums, just like they wanted it. To date, the threads on both boards still exist. It is unclear if this is a permanent change or not.

I think the wiki has something on it.

Muffin button is KINO.

>CHADlloween theme
BABABAAAAAASED. That thread looked funny, wish I was there.

You should see a therapist, Friezabro.

>first time senzu beans are shown
>huge pot full of them, Yajirobe eats handfuls
>everytime after
>”sorry we only had 3 lol”
what happened?

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They're too overpowered so they retconned it so it takes like weeks to make a single one

Sounds like some garbage from the Shitren wiki.

The CHADS of Yea Forums

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God I fucking HATE Gohan. STOP dressing like a NERD. STOP wearing FAKE glasses just to look nerdier.

More like the TARDS of Yea Forums

God I want to FUCK Pan.

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Sounds like some SCHOLASTIC KNOWLEDGE from the CHADren CHADki.




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How are the clothes SUPPOSED to come back? Do you want him to have no shirt? Then Kid Goku would be fucking naked every time he went SSJ4. It'd be a continuity error.
GT haters lose again.

CRINGE, you know theres a 400 pound man on the other side who wrote that dialouge

>western ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''art''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

>he's watching it with the dub
Discarded. Confirmed only dubshitting mutts don't like GT.

>Do you want him to have no shirt?
I want consistency and internal logic, that despite being in a rather wacky series has always been present, yes.
>Then Kid Goku would be fucking naked every time he went SSJ4
Nudity is not a new thing in Dragonball. It happened to Gohan a ton if I recall correctly.

You're going to have to accept that GT isn't very good, and was so fucking awful it got cancelled early and nuked the series for over a decade.
I will hold you while you cope. Come here.