Daily Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Chapter

Nozomu Itoshiki is depressed. Very depressed. He’s certifiably suicidal, but he’s also the beloved schoolteacher of a class of unique students, each charming in her own way: The stalker. The shut-in. The obsessive-compulsive. The girl who comes to class every day with strange bruises. And Kafuka, the most optimistic girl in the world, who knows that every cloud has a silver lining. For all of them, it’s a special time, when the right teacher can have a lasting positive effect on their lives. But is that teacher Itoshiki, a.k.a. Zetsubou-sensei, who just wants to find the perfect place to die?

Chapter 99: A Landing Amply Rewarded

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Previous chapter: Be mindful of first-timers; please use spoiler text for any spoilers.

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>Aoi Miyazaki
A Japanese actress best known for her pure image and roles such as in Nana and Virgin Snow. Because of this pure image, it caused great shock to her fans when she suddenly announced her marriage
at the age of 22.

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And that's all the Zetsubou Sensei for today. Have you been negatively impacted by a hard landing recently? How would you want Chiri to kill you?

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this chapter has 1 Tsunetsuki, 1 pantyshot, 2 Uropen, 2 Amakudari-sama, 1 Miss Sakurai Yoshiko, 1 stork and baby, 1 stick dog, 1 black tear, 1 Mr. Asou Tarou, 1 Mr. Abe Shinzou, and 0 eye of darkness
with her shovel of course

Shibuya Near Family Chapter 7: Does Santa get two weeks off, too?

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And that's all for today. Is there a conspiracy responsible for interfering in your daily life? Please tell us.

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whoa I'm horny


Rin-sama...please forgive me already and come back softly. Or spoil us with a hard landing I don't really care.. JUST PLEASE COME BACK ALREADY

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Shibuya Near Family Chapter 9: It was heart-pounding to see my classmates had brought their children

>Blurb: Ikko-chan is excited to see everyone in their finest hour!

>Sign: Coming-of-age ceremony


>Hey, hey!
>Grown-up, nice!

>Grown-up, nice!
>Grown-up, nice!
>Stop it, Ikko-chan, you're embarrassing yourself.

>You're a liar, mom!

>You told me I should go cheer for the grown-ups!
>I made a fool of myself!
>I told you to say "congratulations", didn't I?

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>Oh, uh...
>What on earth were you shouting to them?

>I want to become a grown-up already.

>[Shunikame Eru]
>Couldn't I skip some grades and enter Harvard at age ten?
>You can't. You have to be 20.

>And in Japan, there's the seniority-wage system, right?
>Being an adult isn't all fun and games, you know.

>also become much harsher.


>Clockwise from top right: Lunch-related, losing items, letting the hamster escape, skipping day duty
>What a dystopia!

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>What do you do,
>at a coming-of-age ceremony?
>[Mio Rothschild] (Can also be read as "Child who looks down on others")

>Well, back in my day...
>Clockwise from top right: Village headwoman's concert, commemorative cactus, address by the chief of the fire department

>It wasn't a big deal
>or anything.

>He's hiding something.
>How so?

>When people say something's not a big deal,
>It's definitely a big deal!
>Clockwise from top right: It's not all that tasty, I didn't study all that much, It's not all that fun

>That's true!
>Come now, it's not a big deal.

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>In there,
>without a doubt,

>some sort of terrible ritual must have taken place!
>(Grooown-up, Grooown-up, Grooown-up)

>It's a rite of passage!
>The path to adulthood is cruel!
>Even then, it's better to become a grown-up.

>Tablet: Unruly coming-of-age ceremony
>These people failed!

>The initiation separates those who become "grown-ups",
>and those who become "failures"!

>Certainly, looking around town...

>Over there!

>And there, too!


>There's no way they are anything grown-ups!
>Adults don't read something like Jump.

>Adults do not
>read Jump!

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>Do not say something like,
>"And kids don't read Sunday!"


>Actually, we're victims whose human rights have been trampled on
>by forcing us to become adults!

>There's still so much manga I want to read, and anime I want to watch!
>I want to chase after idols!

>If you're adults,
>couldn't you just read adult manga?

>Errr... That's not quite what that word means.
>How so?

>D... Damn you!
>You've made us inadvertently read adult manga!

>You're a disgrace to the anti-adult movement!
>This is your righteous punishment!

>Being an adult is hell,
>and not being an adult is also hell.

>Coming-of-age ceremonies are scary!

>I want to get as far from my ceremony as possible!

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>What this?
>She's regressed into a baby.

>I want to become even younger in order to delay the ceremony.

>2 years old.
>1 year old.
>0 years old.

>Is this the end?
>Before my birth?

>Is this me,
>in a previous life?


>So you were a middle-aged man from Saitama?
>Stop it with these silly fantasies and go to bed.

>Shibuya Duties Diary - In Shibuya, it seems like the bigger problem is passing yourself off as an adult while working.

>Sidebar: Looking across the generation gap is amusing. Seems like Sunday's going to like that this year as well.


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the last part is especially important

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>Is there a conspiracy responsible for interfering in your daily life?
Of course, everytime I try to leave this place I get visions of a white rabbit reminding me that I'm here forever

Thanks for the dump like always OP.

Please don't stop spoiling the readers.

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wise man

thanks, OP; with her thighs!
thanks, countanon
the NHK is plotting against my entire life

A useful image for d/a/lies

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abiru made me realize injuries are cute

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chiri made me realize getting injured is cute

I think you scared her off.


Cute! I feel the sudden urge to console her!

Thanks OP! For me, it's option 7.

>Shibuya Near Family TL/TS became a regular thing after all
I love you guys

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That punchline was a hard landing

If I can keep this pace up we'll be caught up in a few weeks

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Thanks op

Big head for a little girl.

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How do I acquire a cute Shibuya wife and daughter?

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is this kumeta's new work? is that a meme translation or real?

It's just a meme, I made it for a laugh

meant for

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It probably involves leaving your house.

Cute shota.