We will never get another anime composed by Susumu!

>We will never get another anime composed by Susumu!

What's even the point of anime anymore?

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what happened, did he died?

He Is Just Too Good 4 Us.
His Other Works R AMAZING Too

He outright said he fucking hates otakus that use his music to make AMVs and similar. No idea if that also means he hates having to use his music as OST for anime

>He outright said he fucking hates otakus that use his music to make AMVs and similar.
When did he say that/

No but the writers of the stories he made music for.
Does he make music for other series or releases separate album?

Do you have more context?
Kon himself made an AMV for Berserk 97 with his music, I doubt he hated this.

>Kon himself made an AMV for Berserk 97 with his music

Last year

>Please don't even combine them with cartoons for personal taste.
>It hurts my public image.
>I know you are trying to spread the word about me, but enough is enough. There is no point in spreading an inappropriate image attached to me. It will only diminish the quality of my fans.

tldr: he wants to gatekeep his music

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It's a reupload of course, not sure where it was originally posted or if it was on youtube too and just deleted.

That hurt.

>Don't put my music over cartoons
>Gets paid to put his music over cartoons
what did he mean by this

>There is no point in spreading with an inappropriate image attached. It just reduces the quality of the fans.
I wonder what exactly he was thinking of. I don't watch many AMV anymore so the few Hirasawa videos I have seen were actually cool stuff that was mainly centered around the anime he made the music for like Berserk.
Bet he meant isekai harem stuff or something. Wonder which video in particular it was that made him write this post.
>tfw his music filters plebs because they don't watch Berserk/Kon movies

what was the last time he did any music for anime?
Kon's films?

The Berserk movies I think.
Maybe the series too I dropped it after half of an episode and tried to forget everything I saw and heard.

is Paprika older than the Berserk movies?
i though the last ones were made before 10's

the practical reductionist by anonymous

Paprika is his last actual anime movie and it's from 2006, the Berserk movies are from 2012-13.
Yeah, in a few years we will have watched our last Kon movie 20 years ago for the first time.

Did someone put Hentai over Hirasawa music?

maybe he saw this youtube.com/watch?v=3CJkmR3Tf7Q
and felt offended cause it's goofy

as usual Yea Forumseddit ruins everything

shit, i remembered Paprika being from the 10's
time does fly

it's too good to be from the 2010s

Me too. Especially because I remember the time before that and how Paprika was the "new Kon movie" I discussed online when it was finally subbed. To think that it would be the last. And that I would still discuss anime in the exact same way 12 years later. Dream Machine never. All dreams are dead I guess.


Who does this faggot think he is? Just make the funny synth music and shut the fuck up pinhead.

Kill yourself normalfag.

What a pretentious twat. Sawano is better anyway

Susumu is high art faggots

No it's not.

It is pathetic midwit.

You're the idiot here.

No, it was mostly Cookie videos, and it's funny how quick people are to fly into outrage without half the facts
If your music was being used as a setpiece for vtuber/touhou/gay scat porn mashups you'd be upset too

I think he means out of context shit. Like combining his music with other series.

I like both. And Kajiura pre-2010.

>copy muslim/hindi chants
>add some synths like a JRPG final boss
>throw in a feature from the thai ladyboy you're fucking, many times (look it up)
>wala, high art
i'm fucking with you

I would be upset if it was associated with a vtuber in any way fullstop.

Where the hell do you listen to this guy's music? And don't you dare say Youtube, the quality is ass.

>Cookie videos
God is it that shitty phone game?
Why do I see that shit everywhere? It looks like ass, cookies are dumb and don't taste good and it's a phone game so the gameplay must be shit too I don't get why every asian artist has to post that shit.

Literally every random Italian or Russian music piracy site or just download the albums from the usual anime torrent place.

Isn't he talking about the billion memes that use his gut's theme for the incel shit ?

c'mon user, this is 2022, you should know where to look for downloading free music. I've been doing it since I was a poor kid

he's kind of a weirdo, he had the ticket for mainstream stardom and instead went and made weird music videos on his amiga computers or plays live powering his own instruments using a giant wheel he keeps turning. him saying he doesn't stand most anime is the most normal thing he's ever done.

>Cookie videos

Still retarded. Once you create something you shouldn't expect people not to be inspired to create something themselves. Especially since you should know personally that everything you create is from ideas you borrowed from the people who inspired you in the first place. AMV shit is still someone's craft, and it's pretty pathetic to get a big head because your work is valued more than theirs.

>>throw in a feature from the thai ladyboy you're fucking, many times (look it up)
This is the most crucial part

>Youtube, the quality is ass.
Never noticed. Not that it makes a difference on my 10 dollar headphones. Audiophilia is nothing but placebos

To be fair, most anime is probably boring to someone like that.

what a retard lol

he literally broke up 2 bands because they were getting too popular(too popular here means not playing in garage anymore)

I think they're talking about memes related to some shitty fanmade Touhou thing.


He never said that though retard.

to start this thread on Yea Forums every week

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He's still alive, taking care of his cats or plants,smoking vape and making music.

He also released an album just one year ago. It was decent.

He not even an anime composer retard, he only work on some anime because he likes the projects. He's an music artist and makes albums you idiot and also he stated he'll only work on projects he likes so like he knows most anime is shit and I'm sure rejects stuff he given all the time, I mean most likely why he only did tracks for new Berserk stuff and not full ost like 1997.

He's not wrong though, you should judge quality of music on his on music not the images attracted to it, based Hirasawa.

Kon made this? Damn
Japs seem to love yelling about this kind of shit unfortunately, but usually it's artists not musicians

who the fuck is judging his music based on fucking amvs

They might like it better just cuz it related to otaku shit or think it apart of the series when it's not.

If you think you can curate those kinds of misconceptions as an artist you aren't cut out for it

Hirasawa is clearly not anti-anime or anti-otaku things or he won't be friends with,work on things related to it and he talked about on Twitter before old toku and stuff he liked as a kid but he clearly anti-otaku culture which is completely reasonable and I don't blame him, it's like when people found out his last name is same as a K-On character and they kept bugging him about it and relating him to the damn show, which clearly would be annoying when you just want make music to people and you couldn't care less about moe shit.

I mean he knows that but would get fucking old for people just call you THE ANIME MUSIC GUY like OP just did.

he's a one trick pony anyway, there are better composers

Like who?