Can good art carry a mediocre story?

Can good art carry a mediocre story?

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yes just look at baki


It's not art.

Yes just look at JoJo

Good art is worth less than good storytelling so the art has to be a lot better than the story is bad

Clearly no, although chara design does generally bait trend surfing faggots when it comes to seasonal anime.

Blame! says yes, and most of Nihei's works desu

Sure, just look at anything by Inio Asano or Shinichi Sakamoto.

Asano is a good writer. Inb4 some shit, don't bother you clowns


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dog life was pure edgekino until they shit the bed with the ending.

A mediocre story, yes.
A bad story, no.

Nah you can't hide a shit story forever with good art, at least for me.
I can tolerate shit art with a fun story. God art with art with a crappy story it's just a waste of time, almost 90% isekais manga and one punch man are examples of this

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No, especially since if you have good art but suck at writing you might as well just draw someone else's story, or just draw pictures, not a manga.

thats not even a drawing and no artistic merit whatsoever.

kokou no hito it's great in all aspects

yeah just look at vagabond

pic clearly not related

to an extent

For sure, this is a visual medium after all, and it at least weights 50% of your experience

Art can carry a story but at the end of the day you'll still know if the writing is retarded or not

yeah, pic story is boring, writing is amateurish and dialogues are cringe but art is cool

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go ask opmfags

Chainsaw man and fire punch

Why do you think so many people like Y/N?

terrible example, because the art is shit in both works

Sakamoto is a literal genius though.

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Yeah, I didnt even know what was happening in all of the fights, like what is this?

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>like what is this?
pure kino

Genius in tracing 3d models and using photofiltered shit

It's the other way around, dumbass

As someone who generally dislikes action manga due to difficulty following the action scenes, I found Chainsaw to be an easy read.

Of course

you're joking, right?

Impossible, where would Sakamoto even trace this from?

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Of course I was joking!!! It is #47 ranked on MAL so it has to be one of the best mangas of the last decade.

I don't care about if you like it or not, I meant you're joking that you can't tell what's going on in that page, right?

Unlike you I lean to the right.

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I miss him

Depends on one's personal preferences.

I can tell that he chopped her head off, but it still look like sketches and not a finished work

Good story can carry bad art,
Good art can never carry a bad story

Explain the hype Vagabond gets then.

Only reason I'm still reading Vinland Saga


I dropped it after the advertisement chapter.
Fuck that shit.

Not sure.
But a good story can carry any art.

>advertisement chapter

6-page side chapter advertising a shitty game.

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Rent free.

>Can good art carry a mediocre story?
Yes, it's how the ecchi genre has survived and thrived

Yes and vicecersa

i liked the art in berserk, the story was a fat joke.

Shit thread, since it implies a simplistic parallel rating of "art" and "story" can be a good summary of the type of manga that KnH is and which people might enjoy it.

As if "art" here is merely polish that serves no purpose except to hide a lack of storytelling ability and "story" is just some boring slog about some dude who's autistic about climbing mountains for some reason.

"Art" and "story" are woven and support each other here; it's not just shallow rearranging of parts to pretend to be something better or to flew your skill as an artist. A common reason people remember KnH is not because of beautiful traced pictures of snowy mountains but because of the various psychological aspects of a character so alienated from the world of humans he can only find solace in isolation.

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KnH is the Drive of manga

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Just look at yourself
Mediocre twat

literally me

Vagabond is a bad story. It's
Easy. Vagabond isn't a bad story. Is a mediocre story with pacing issues. Some arcs are better than others, and over all its a very simple story, but it's not trash.

Yes,but somehow it doesnt work the other ways though. If a series has shitty cover i wouldn't touch it in the first place,meanwhile i got baited by good cover all the time