She may not be real but my love for her is...

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How many babies?

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That bra looks amazing

Is this series finalized, does it go anywhere?

It's over and I don't think they have material or intention in making a third season.

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I really should but rest of the manga, only have first four volumes in moon and Pochi's doujins but those don't really count

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That's the canon ending. Just like Secret Flowers an imitation became the genuine article through sheer force of will.


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I hate the kinds of anime where everyone always just posts the cute girls.
Then you go to watch them and there comes basic bitch boy mc with his cookie cutter personality and look.

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She seems very fertile.

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She seems like she smells good.

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What about her autistic magician second cousin?

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Hotaru is not this promiscuous. She is way more innocent.

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If she is not real, how can my semen spilled for her be real?

I miss her, wouldn't mind s2 desu

Did Chainsawman steel this design?

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the eyes are similar, but aside from that makima doesnt look the same at all

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I liked the most ambitious crossover of our time

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God, Hotaru's armpits are so sexy and I just wanna lick them...

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I like Hotaru's candy

hotaru could single-handedly solve the birth rate crisis

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I fucking hate this so much.

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Wasted design.

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gorgeous bbf

>A Japan full of sugar-crazed bimbos
That doesn't sound like an acceptable solution.

candy nails

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I don't like her eyes.

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MonHun with my wife!

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>"do as you like"
>uses animorph powers to transform into an anteater and inserts his long tongue in and around to slurp up all that smelly fat tit sweat
>gets so invested in slurping up Hotaru titsweat that I do not change back into a human in time so I'm stuck as an anteater slurping up Hotaru's inside-nectar with my tongue for all my life
oh nooooo it's a cuuurse I've been cursed with this anteater existence

1. no one says the anime is good
2. no one even talks about the anime
everything's a-okay

It sounds like a female version of DNA2. Only instead of Mega Playboys it's Mega Bimbos.

This is canon

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I want to bully her by tugging her loincloth. I want to threaten to expose her non-existent titties. I also want to ask her why she's wearing a drill.

Cowtits are disgusting

anime Hotaru >>> manga Hotaru

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of course not, they eat candy and tease a shota a bit


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Cute character sheet

What if she had a nude turnaround on her character sheet and this was somehow passed around in her universe? How would she react?

Honestly, she's a 10/10 design in a 6/10 series. The candy stuff was just too niche. If later on it focused less on her candy autism I didn't get to it.

And her tits?


Not just her

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>She may not be real

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are people actually watching things like this? Its always like "cute girl, boring mc and then they tease each other" every season. I have literally never seen an episode, this is just what I know from memes and posts here

lol no we don't watch anime here

I read the manga and watched the anime. Most of the enjoyment comes from Hotaru and her Yea Forums-tier autism for candy.
MC is kinda boring but far from the worst and the supporting cast are decent enough. Overall it is a pretty comfy show that I at least recommend.

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Call me a cuck or whatever but I think it's for the better she's not real. Not in the sense that if she were real she'd be 3DPD and therefore hardly popular among anons, but rather if she existed I wouldn't have a chance with her, and at most I'd turn into a creepy stalker.
In fact I believe it to be better this way. She's forever locked in the 2D realm and will always be a slave to whatever I desire. Ah, so cucked yet so free! Such beautiful contradiction!

>if she existed I wouldn't have a chance with her
that's where you're wrong.