Spy x Family

what was Loid thinking here?

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Something extraordinarily autistic, obviously. For our enjoyment, of course.

Twilight a shit

should ask Anya, but it was probably something like "Strix needs it"


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To get the plan going he tried making the relationship more real

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Damian and Yor are the biggest victims here
>His sincere feelings are being manipulated by a telepath freak who is using him to get close to his dad.
>Her sincere feelings are being manipulated by an autist freak who is faking pretty much everything, while she's being honest about everything except her side hustle.
Loid and Anya are the shitters and deserve to be dumped. I hope Yuri gives Loid the electric chair.

Anya isn't even smart enough to realize he has feelings for her

her sincere feelings of being only interested in her public image to not catch the eye of the secret police, so that she could keep her job as a hitman?

t. speedreader

BAD-END for Loidman!
Defeated by the Witch Yorticia!

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What a fucking glownigger

Is reading fanfiction of these two that unmanly?

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It's out btw

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Fucking eternal glower deserved that kick

English when?

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For the mission.

How do I get a body as hot as the on Loyd has?
Asking for a friend.

I'm going to FIX Yuri, I'm going to rape him till he forgets about his sister.

Kissing Anya thanks to romantic feelings!

How's your day going spy familia?

The classic honey trap.

delete this right now

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World peace

>lucky seven
based and checked

Ravioli ravioli
Don't lewd the telepathic loli

>Loidfags will say this is okay because Yor is hiding her night job

Exercise you fat fuck

NTRchads, we eating good these days.

Anya beats Goku

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He was coping.
He wants it real but can't do it unless he convinces himself that it's the mission. Same reason why he takes Yor on sunday dates. The man's coping

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Too much Anya school
Not enough Loid and Yor dates

>If that's how Yor feels about me, then I'd be remiss not to utilize that!
>okay now run classic-honeytrap.exe

Anya and Twilight are the biggest victims here
>has been failed to by an inept woman in her scholarly and nutritional needs
>has to put up with an inept woman that has gotten attached unnecessarily when they had an agreement which causes nothing but hindrances to the ultimate mission
Yor is a shitter and deserves to be released from her role as twilights wife. I hope yor realizes this herself and walks out of their lives.

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So Twilight is starting to have feelings for Yor isn't it? Seeing that he's been with so many women before his reaction in the previous panels is quite unusual of him

t. yuri

I run 18 km a week.

Please team up and kiss, I'm begging you.

Unironically yes. Beta's will whiteknight. But a proactive man like twilight will focus on their goals for world peace. World Peace over pussy, something a man should aspire to be

you should be running 18 km a day

I don't know why 4 is pushing so many of my buttons. Gives me the feeling that it will look fucking hot IRL

I don't think I can do that.


Very nice

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>Loid and Yor

Sunday dates aren't canon.

Yuri cutest boy

same. a shame since it would mean actually progressing the plot and cracking Loid's feelings

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How the fuck does it take you an entire week to run 18km? Run faster

is this going to be the new ritual post
looks like this has really turned into a general huh

>too much
Wrong, the peanut goblin is the best character

lost my trigger over a frostbite
pretty cool that I didn't lose five

what are the odds the extra chapters will be adapted? maybe as BD extras?

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That's not the point. How will Yor feel when Loid's cover is blown up? Do you think she will be okay just because she was lying about being an assassin?

she got 2 smarts
I'll be fine

Sorry user, nips love the Anya school chapters

I run 6 km three days a week, you retard.

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Not enough Anya school

You should cherish since for now Axeman's still saving the darkness for later. I know that its only mention off-hand but this motherfucker is making moves

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I'm going to cry when Anya is back to her real mother at the end.

What are you talking about? Anya school and the family chapters are the best.

Yeah but I want to see more of the flirting

Axeman please just a crumb of romance...

I'm surprised this manga is so popular, even though the story barely seems to have started.

Be more especific or he will give us more Franky shit.

a crumb of pain?

Pretty high, there was a lot of filler this week and the manga progresses so slowly I can see them try to string them together to pad the anime out.

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I want a fucking movie, original story.

caught up to the manga since you fags have been spamming the board. new chapter fucking when. i want to hear how he and franky became friends

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Perhaps we can get one soon, the show is pretty popular.

They are so cute

poor cake being used and abused. if only someone had married her before her expiration date.

I have an irresistible urge to breed Yor.

Soon. Trust the plan.

I still don't get this weird japanese thing with women in their mid twenties being called old ladies.

>that roll of tissues

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For me it's this page.

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Did he do it?

I need loid to breed me so fucking bad