Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi

Dumping chapter 50 of Kunoichi Tsubaki.

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Hinagiku is fucking worthless

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cute nervous gambler

How does Yamamoto keep getting away with drawing such lewd sexy children?

Mokuren a cute

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smart benis :-DDD

I'm gonna use those cunnyitchy feet for a jutsu

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I love Oniyuri's realism.

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I love how smug and cocky Hinagiku is

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>She never cheat to begin with

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Imagine the three of them ganging up on you

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>weeping on shame

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>These rules are pretty hard to follow
Is Mokuren a bit dim?

She's literally the only one who got every single bet right. Even Benis would have lost the last one.

I want to rape Hinagiku and make her cry.

Uh oh, she went full Kaiji Villain mode, its over for her.

Tsubaki has the fittest core.

That's Hinagiku!? She looks way cuter when she's gambling.

What's the point of this shot?

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fig and meat bro
fig and meat

to show us the dried meat and the fig

>I just made sure to bet the opposite of what Tsubaki was betting

Aren't Ajisai's toes abnormally long for a little girl? They're the same size as the captain's.

>when she has her sleeve down
Is what you mean.

Why is Hinagiku so shit? She ruined the whole chapter!

What meat and what fig???

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Not that user but oh yeah

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How can't you get it?
Meat *wink wink* and fig *wink wink wink wink*

does every manga have a hinagiku?

I want to fuck Ajisai's dad.

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Patiently waiting for my wife Fuki's episode

Benis was likely bluffing to look cool, as she does. She even acted aloof about the whole situation despite being in it to reclaim Touwata's jerky.
I bet she figured out that Kibushi always counters the majority of bets.

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Why is Hinagiku such a bitch?

Oh, your right. Such a simple thing but it makes a huge difference.

Literally the Ed, Edd and Eddy from Kunoichi Tsubaki

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So Mokuren is smart or was it dumb luck?

>turn into a die

They... they can do that? That seems way more impressive than any other ninja feat.

She's autistically smart

Can they turn into an onahole?

One of these days, Hinagiku is gonna get fucking exiled

Considering we had Asagao turn into a fish it wasn't too far off. It's certainly a stealth feat far above the classic camo sheet.

already sent to the village prison. Next is flogging.

That's the identity transformation.

wait what?

what happens if I swallow her when she's a tiny die?

Tsubaki did it in the first episode.

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At the end of that chapter where they were up early, saw a sign by sensei for the day's task, and muddled it so that no one else could know what the task was.

She'll die if you stick it in like that.

>a week of prison time
Hinagiku is a bad influence on her squadmates.

>Gambling for food
>Not each other's underwear
Fuck this shit

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Hinagiku your ass is gonna be sore once I get a hold on you

>ywn have two hot lesbian moms constantly pampering you
it hurts

that won't stop her


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Same-size vore.


They're more like doting big sisters than lesbian moms. Though I suppose there's little difference

She does things to me

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Underwear, clothes, whatever, as long as they all end up naked

But the tightness... The tightness is indescribable.