Deep bow as a formal expression of apology

>deep bow as a formal expression of apology
>in a country that is not Japan
Stop this shit already.

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It's targeted for Japanese audience so it's okay.

>why does this Japanese cartoon not cater to my American taste

I don’t think the anime ever touches on it but literally everyone is speaking Japanese, uses a written language loosely based off Japanese, and has an entire country that has culture based off feudal Japan. When Rem is saying “Subaru-kun”, she’s actually saying it, it’s actually important because she’s only one who addresses him that way.

Subaru isn’t the first person to be isekai’d into that world.

Ia she really saying kun or their world equivalent of kun?

I forgot, the anime cuts the scene where you learn the guy with on arm (Al) is actually from Japan. He’s been there for like 20 years.


>Everyone speaks Japanese
>in a country that is not Japan
Stop this shit already.

Didn't they bow in medieval Europe?

The protag in this anime ruins it. Konosuba is better.

If you had to go through what he did you'd be way worse.

Oh yeah he's based as fuck


You don't know me or what i've been through fag. The protag in this show is a complete bitch and thats that.

i have many
many doubts you'd died multiple times

While not medieval, the French court (and likely others, but I know about Louis XIV at least) made an entire art how to bow to your superior, for how long, how low, how much hand spasms etc. to gain favor and show correct respect.

>a complete bitch
>challenges a giant dog on his own, lands on top of a flying whale’s horn just to tell it to eat shit, and provokes a deranged maniac who can tear apart trees with shadow hands multiple times

The character is also Reinhard, who is probably autistic enough to bow anyway, if not having the "blessing of appropriate etiquette" or some shit.
Subaru told him already at this point that he's from "beyond the waterfall."

Right, they should make him kneel in the American dub.

Would fit Reinhard pretty well.

Julius does a little bow before facing Reid in arc 6, hell even Lye bows in a theatric fashion in arc 5. Bowing is probably just a basic part of knight etiquette in this world.

they kneel in yurop

I always figured those were more western-style.

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tinned peach syrup

The series is trash. The MC is annoying as hell and doesn't behave like a real person, and once you get tired of the Higurashi-like gimmick there's really no reason to keep watching it.

How about OP stop being a faggot?

>not grabbing the other's dick firmly upon greating as a sign of trust
are isekaisensei even trying?

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>using inferior eating utensils
>in a country that is not Japan

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Man you animeonlies are gonna hate the Kararagi SoL stuff in season 3.


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>season 3
If it ever happens hopefully we get a-team Whitefox and not whatever Korean paddy farmers they got for the majority of season 2

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Mainly as a form of respect but no where near as extensively as the japanese. In England it lasted until mid 20th century.

They did, retard

He put the slut where she belongs but still based enough to be into femdom with big tiddy blonde hime-sama. Definitely based

Tappei is a gentleman with fine taste

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It will definitely happen but I'm actually afraid of the quality it's going to have. I have a lingering suspicion that someone else will do it and fuck it up.

>season 3

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No Aqua you dumb bitch, not a season 3 of Konosuba. A season 3 of Re:Zero.

>I have a lingering suspicion that someone else will do it and fuck it up
I hope to god Mappa/Wit/Trigger don't get it.

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Some shows actually do the work of explaining the characters are speaking different languages in actuality but yeah it's rarely mentioned.

This part you assume instead of being a pedantic faggot

I've been promised!

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that's america

>in a country that is not Japan
retard, anime is made in japan

I wonder if its an effect from multiple isekai'd, or if the creation of Kararagi was that influencial.

It's not about taste it's about quality of writing and consistency.

Kararagi isn't influential so much as a result of the influence
This hasn't been strictly confirmed because the events 400 years ago are basically the main mystery of the story, but the world was pretty much radically reshaped by a single guy from Japan who is probably Subaru to the point where the time before it is almost forgotten.

Isekai is the lowest form of entertainment. Even lower than fucking porn. To be fair, it's hard to say which it's worse, idolshit or isekai

While there's that, I meant influenced in a more "modern" way. Iirc Kararagi is basically sort of like Re:Zero's United States but Japanese styled, being much younger, with elected officials rather than rulers, exporting entertainment, etc.

They also speak Japanese.

Its interesting, while he can speak the language, any sort of english or modern lingo is lost and he can't read anything, though the writing system may have evolved from Japanese characters.
The calendar, clock, and money system is foreign though.

What I hate is honorifics in settings people shouldn't be using them, but I still think translations should retain them in those cases, the writers being retards doesn't give the translators a right to be retards

in re:zero there is 3 writing systems, i think one of them uses the latin alphabet

You do now bowing to express contrition is not a uniquely Japanese thing, right?

He's a fucking loser though and needs Subaru to carry everyone


Didn't read the LN, but from the anime it looked like the mc had depression already before he even came to the other world. Is it characterized differently, did the anime embellish anything, or what?

yes, he was broken before he got there. Not that broken, as the author has this QA

>Q: If Subaru grew up without ever going to the other world, would he live on without having an occupation? What would happen to Subaru if he went through “a life in a different world starting from no occupation” sort of thing? Specifically speaking, if he were to be a middle-aged man with views of a high school student that tried to rush into the different world, he would probably fall into nothing but despair, huh.
>A: Nope. If he never went to the other world he would get scolded by Kenichi(his father) around the time he’d graduated high school and would withdraw from being a hikikomori. Kenichi would then support Subaru by rehabilitating him in his workplace. After about 2 years, he would enter university, graduate as a loner, become a working adult, and with stability of those reasonably essential qualities, he would honestly be living life as a full-fledged member of society, and then he would cling on to a kouhai with such a heart that-a Rem kind of heart-she would find his incompetence cute. They would have a normal marriage, and then he would live a suitably happy life until he died. There’s no way his dad would continue to be that irresponsible towards his son, you know?

he's fixable, he's literally the "I can fix him type".

He was mentally unwell and self loathing from the start.
>he's fixable
He was, whether he still is is another matter. He's definitely a long term project.

>he's fixable, he's literally the "I can fix him type".
>He's definitely a long term project.
that's hot

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>A few sports players who want to be political now represent 330 million people.

So he's the type to be reliable in times of peace and exceptional in times of trouble? I wonder why he was in such a bad state to begin with then.

Lack of self worth. Any achievement he got in the real world was attributed to his father’s genes, not his hard work. His dad was basically a regional celebrity because he was a ultra chad.

He was looking for validation from Emilia but never got it, Rem then gave it to him which made him fixated on her.