Ayakashi Triangle


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AT is on the huge decline in views.
It has lost about 50% of readers comparing to the 1st chapter in J+ (ch. 89).
People waited for 'darkness' but Yabuki had given them 2 boring flashback chapters with annoying loli.

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Sniff pits/Fuck/Lick

Lucy and Matsuri aren't for fuck.

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I want to fuck Mei the most and marry Kanade the most.

By the way: What's Suzu's origami thingy and how do I make it? I don't even know what I should google.

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I want sharkbro father to be my father-in-law

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Sadly, Matsuri will become a boy soon. Suzu needs his essential part. And we'll lose our cute Matsuri-chan.

Matsuri will split in two and Suzu will keep both, thus this becoming an AYAKASHI TRIANGLE.

Marry Suzu

Fuck Mei

Kill the no-fun-allowed loli

I don't see how anyone would choose differently, unless they're pedos of especially bad taste.

I can't be mad. Suzu has earned a good dicking.

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I heard this series is super interesting. What's interesting about it?

You already have the correct order.

The main heroine is very very horny and aggressive.

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There are few "interesting" chapters but TLR Darkness is a way more "interesting".

This manga has become pretty boring after moving to Jump+.

>after moving to Jump+.
Which was three chapters ago, some people just have the attention span of a gnat.

When the first Jump+ chapter wasn't 20+ pages of Mei raping Reo raping Suzu raping Masturi raping Soga groping Mei, the doomposters found a new cask of whine to dump all over AT threads.

>Matsuri will split in two
But unlike Suzu, Matsuri doesn't have dissociative identity disorder. How will he/she split?

The 1st chapter was okay. But the other two were pure dog shit.

kill suzu , fuck and marry Mei , ignore the dumb loli

kill kill kill

Male and female personas


Like original male Matsuri and the amnesiac girl who doesn't remember her own name?


Suzu is a sex fiend, not sure Mei would be too interested, so might as well get one good one.

Fuck, Kill, Marry.

Mei is best girl and is for marriage only.

A decline was to be expected, as the switch in formats was always going to draw a temporary bump in interest. Still, the latest chapter failing to match a 5-page throwaway Mato Seihei chapter is a bit worrying.

Kill, Fuck, Marry

This 5-page chapter is more lewd than both ch. 90 and ch. 91.

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>How will he/she split?
Both have identical memories up until they split. Female Matsuri still remembers being a guy, but reluctantly sees herself as a girl because she'll never change back and her old life it already taken. The rest of the story is Suzu actually cheating on guy Matsuri with girl Matsuri.

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Yabuki completely pussied out. Very disappointing.

Just fuse them and marry them all.

>5-page throwaway
People aren't less likely to read a short/bonus chapter.

This series doesn't need to get more graphic, but Suzu's advances on Matsuri could stand to get trashier--grabbing his ass, sticking her hands down his clothes, hugging him from behind to smell the nape of his neck, etc.

I'm not complaining someone else got the spotlight for two chapters, but she should actively try to seduce Matsuri more than once before the end of the volume.

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Mei is the real deal.

the others are worthless

Nobody cares about the loli. Make more Mei-focused chapters and the numbers will spike again.

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We doing generals now?

It will keep dropping for 2-3 more chapters and then stabilize

Kill, Marry, Kill

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For me, it's the friend with small pupils!

Those were not the options presented.

can't decide...
>Kill - Fuck - Marry
>Fuck - Kill - Marry
>Marry - Fuck - Kill
>Fuck - Marry - Kill

Yayo is very underrated.

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Matsuri needs to be tongued by a properly-trained Mei and overcome it to prove his love to Suzu.

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Genderbend bros, I don't feel so good...

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Could some kind soul post the original version of the middle pic?

suzu's got a fat ass and is willing to dyke out for the boy she loves
marry and fuck forever

It all comes tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling doooowwwwwnnnnn

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Fuck Kill Marry and then Kill Fuck Marry

>seduce Matsuri
No, Suzu will just keep throwing herself at him in vulgar, offputting displays of female sexual aggression. She'll never, like, set the mood and move in smoothly.

its cute that suzu is constantly snacking
is there an explanation for why she just has a fat ass and not a beerkeg stomach?

Nobody asked

>original version
The English version has the highest quality.

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"highest" quality is what I meant. Also thanks.

I think it mostly gets converted to life energy, just like the big tittied friend from that ghost manga.

>She'll never, like, set the mood and move in smoothly.
I never said she had to. Aggression is seduction to Matsuri.

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