What happened to his personality? He became a stoic character near the end.

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The story was about him finding himself. Unfortunately that meant going from a violent autist to a more calm and collected stoic type near the end. I guess you could say it's him going from a child with a bunch of weird shit in his head to maturity. Not that I prefer the latter

he got dealt a pretty miserable hand. practically gets born knowing nothing with nonstop weird shit happening to him regarding his past, then once he finally gets his answers they basically boil down to "everything is terrible". i think his status at the end is pretty reasonable, sure everything is terrible but he has SOMETHING now

Never developed much of a character. Both before and after he found his identity he had so few likeable qualities
Most characters in jojolion are wide mouthed puppets screaming out exposition and plot points
Honestly anyone couldve been josuke, plug in any random design and you have josuke

Jojolion was kino. If you wanted Jobin to evolve a super duper stand and fight Josuke then you're a child. Not to mention a speedreader, since Josuke promised Tsurugi he wouldn't harm Jobin.
>I need this fruit to save Holly, so now I'm gonna go cripple my adoptive nephew's father!
Wow what a hero, not.
I say this all as a former Jobinfag and who still loves the character. There's still time for you to admit your expectations were retarded.

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>Jobin just being sick of everyone looking at Josuke and telling him to get it the fuck over with
Did nothing wrong

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Sorry everyone

Best character.
It's okay.

Based joshu

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He never had a big personnality to begin with, but he became almost totally lifeless in the second half.
He had some interesting moments from time to time, but pic related is how I remember him the most.

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the photoshop edits have long been the best part of this community. That's a new one I hadn't seen.

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In all seriousness, I was pretty disappointed that that little redemption arc he had going with saving Yasuho got ruined. I would've liked to have seen a truly heroic Joshu

>He became a stoic character near the end.
I like to think he learnt how to act normally after the first couple arcs.
>That's a new one I hadn't seen.
I made it a while back.

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Alright, that's a good one

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I saw this before I started reading JJL, so I had no reason not to think this was real. Kinda would've liked it more if Joshu had some savant syndrome affinity for the spin; his stand is so cool and overall underutilized.
Would be funny if, assuming part 9 really is Josuke going on a journey, for Joshu to accompany him just so he can try to grow his arm back.

I would support Part 9 just being Part 8 Part 2 if it meant that Joshu would be a main character

>people unironically want part 9 part 2

once he found out who he was there wasnt much more you coulddo with his character

I expect it to be the Part 8's sequel
I don't want it
I'd be glad if I turned out to be wrong

i wouldnt have complained if we had any scenes at all of him trying to connect with his "sister" to try and piece some more information together

>yfw 50% of the series will be about boring failed concept twin peaks rip off Morioh once Part 9 is also about Morioh

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Yes because outside of these echochamber threads a ton of people really liked part 8.

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In JoJolands, I expect even more random characters to be Spin users for no reason.

I've looked too long, does anyone have the Mamezuku Eren edit like picrel

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Here u are.

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Blessed user, truly it's all about you existing in this world.

You know, I don't really understand the Evangelion and Gundam series, where the depressed kid who doesn't really want to fight becomes the protagonist. Because it doesn't make me feel good! I want the protagonist to be strong-willed and push forward!

— Araki

How smart actually is Araki? Unironically one of the dumbest takes i've ever heard. Especially when he pretends Jojolion is this original abstract name that he came up with and has to explain how and why it uses the word Evangelion like ever non-retard in the world doesn't know what that means.

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>You know, I don't really understand the Evangelion and Gundam series, where the depressed kid who doesn't really want to fight becomes the protagonist. Because it doesn't make me feel good! I want the protagonist to be strong-willed and push forward!
When did he say this, because it's not far off from Johnny Joestar's characterization.

From what I remember Johnny always had a will to kill anyone that stood in his way, he was just a bit of a bitch about getting into fights with stand users before properly developing Tusk

I understand where you're coming from but there is no denying that jobin is an infinitely better character than tooru and would have made for a better final villain

Personally I like bitchboy protagonists that evolve into chads who push onwards no matter what tries to stop them

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>Jojolion was kino.
And you chose the worst possible page to illustrate your opinion.

Funnily enough I dropped Tokyo Ghoul when he decided not to return to the cafe. I really liked how the grim world of ghouls revolved around that slice of life locations and I wasn't super interested in him just going around fighting after that.

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And honestly no, it's not childish to expect a character who has been built up the entire story as the foil to the main character in JOJO of all series, to get a crazy stand power up towards the end of the story to fight the main villian with
Happened in parts
In almost every part the villian or hero gets some kind of stand power up or enhanced ability and they have some kind of epic final fight, it is not childish to expect this in my ex shonen/seinen battle manga

Araki most likely got tired of a repeat of "redeem psychotic yandere" and went with his "some people are just pieces of shit". Joshu is not his first character who had promise but fails to make big changes at the end.

I thought that Tokyo Ghoul was 'pretty good' throughout the original series, and for like the first half or so of :re.
But during that second half of :re I couldn't put it down, it's phenomenal.
If you're ever looking for something to read, I couldn't recommend giving it another go more

Are you guys excited for that reboot of Jojo All-Star Battle? There's apparently 10 unknown new characters left. I'd really like to see Jobin w/PMK and Wonder of U in.

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At least not when the second half turns into a fighting gauntlet with no downtime.

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Speed King driving the fucking car was my favorite stand use of all time regardless of how mundane it is. Although it's weird because IIRC Speed King's legs are never drawn within the manga, they're just shown on a volume cover later. For a while it wasn't even clear if it had legs at all.

Ozone baby is peak stand battle

What was the first red flag for you guys? Mine was when a new group of rock humans were pulled out of a hat after Vitamin C despite them saying the rock humans were done with. Its not a massive issue, not a deal breaker but it gave me the feeling that directions/intent changed.

Anons, despite being a weak part, what moments of Jojolion you really enjoy? The most enjoyable parts for me are the Vitamin C arc and the beetle battle.

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rock humans in general. i just thought they were dumb, not a massive issue but i could tell they would lead to some bad stuff eventually

I like Jojolion but I'm really not sure what thematic purpose rock humans are supposed to serve. Are they really just "remember pillar men"?

I like almost all of the battles and most of the main and supporting cast. I really liked when holly saved Josuke in the hospital.

I really liked the Ozone Baby fight

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I'd say up until Vitamin C it's one of the strongest jojo parts ater that it's mostly enjoyable till the final arc wher it kinda shits the bed. Overall best moment woud be the vitami C figh and the kira/josuke flashback.
is also very good

His manga manual

The start of part 8 was really good imo.

Jobin is a shoo-in.

go back and kill yourself

Doobie Wah fight. It is one my favourite fight in JoJo

You deserve rope user.

What about the shopping mall? Why was that plot point dropped?

What makes no sense is how most of current day humanity knows nothing about rockmen when rockmen like Dolomite and Aisho exist. Even Tooru hung around Yasuho, yet millions of years in coexistence with humans and yet no one has blown their cover?
The pillar men made more sense as Kars and Eisidi killed all pillar men except 2 so humanity had no competition for thousands of years and eventually forgot about them.

The resolution of the fight was bad.
Aisho gets fooled by a Paper Moon King illusion, and dies. That's it.

That was one of the best endings

Clearly not the most clever.

but the funniest

I don't think that was supposed to be funny, though.

What doesn't make sense is how the rock humans seem to know so much about each other despite the fact that they don't raise their own young.

Pure soul

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>Even Tooru hung around Yasuho, yet millions of years in coexistence with humans and yet no one has blown their cover?
The whole relation between Yasuho and Toru made no sense.
She didn't even know his last name.

Aisho's backstory and the ending carried that fight.
I didn't care much for Yasuho's scrapped ability and them running from their breath for the next couple chapters.

probably because he was a weirdo rock creature, wouldnt be surprised if he intentionally kept 90% of his "identity" secret

Yasuho is a whore slut who’ll let anyone put their fingers in her

>Hey Toru, we've been dating for a while now. Don't you think its time for you to tell me your family name? In fact, I haven't even gotten to meet your family yet either.
>...I think we should see other people.

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Agreed. I don’t remember much about the fight itself but you could tell aisho was genuinely kinda hurt by Yotsuyus disappearance. That part really stuck with me