What went so wrong? Why does everyone hate it now?

What went so wrong? Why does everyone hate it now?

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it insists upon itself

Terribly written soap opera drama without the dumb fun to it.

>turned into brainless sex-addicted faggotry
>hentai OVA
Gee, I wonder why.

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should have just stayed a comedy versus whatever the fuck you call it now
I had some genuine good laughs

The plot is so lame.


They had sex. Aka turned a fun, fantastical series into a serious, "realistic" grind. The realism might have suited another series, but it clashes here.

Got mogged by Spy x Family

The anime or the manga? I don't hate the anime but it's just not my cup of tea. The manga is absolute garbage. Also, I don't think it was the most loved thing by Yea Forums to begin with

it's now a cringe shitfest,the rap episode gave me cancer. This current season is completely unnecessary

Pic related should have been the end point. The anime is still excellent (for now), but manga dragged on for too long.

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This, the anime is still great imo but the manga is fucked

Fag show
Nuke japan

it's just fanservice plots for people invested in the series, nothing actually interesting

I guess that sex scene was a real Instant Bullet to the head for this series

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>hentai OVA
Fuck you user. You got my hopes up for nothing. I though it was a legit hentai OVA.

>stealth helicopter

>The anime is still excellent
how can one say that after the rap episode????????????

don't care. it will never be animated anyway

Kek Carlos

Reminder Hayasaka doesn't love Prez and Prez only loves Kaguya.

Aka is a hack, and he's being a hack with Oshi no Ko too


only mangafags hate it, but they are always wrong

one can say that BECAUSE of the rap episode


>everyone hates it

how serious did it get?
some anime euphoria?
I remember dropping around when ishigami was struggling with cheerleader pity sex

-Focusing too much on Ishigami's shitty love life
-became a fucking soap opera

It goes from
>A buildup that neatly ends with a kiss ending the main goal that was presented at the beginning of the series
>Ishigami wants a girlfriend
>ishigami plays golf
>Ishigami breaks a girls arm
>Ishigami is such a nice guy
>Ishigami gets rejected
>more melodrama
>le evil brothers
>le evil brothers lose to those meddling kids and their stupid dog

It's popular with normies and the main girl had sex. That's why Yea Forums hates it.

>the main girl had sex

>not liking the cast busting out some mad rhymes
That shit was awesome and the song was sick.

Manga only

Browns don't understand romcoms.

I liked it because it used to be funny, but now it's Shinomiya family melodrama and Ishigami melodrama.

Oh that's a shame. Did they show anything in the manga or is it just after-sex?

Ishigami drama is more important than a simple bait and switch gag

aka stopped giving a fuck

Huh? I like it.

don't forget the arc just about the MCs having sex

ayy yo, white boy, get back in your pen

Not enough Miko.

Author gave up. Its all his fault. Also remember he wrote IB

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Wdym? I still like it.

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Not surprising.

the shit with kaguya's family politics isn't funny or endearing, every time it actually becomes the focus the manga drops in quality considerably, and the most recent arc was the worst offender of this yet

annoying fans

>Why does everyone hate it now?
it got popular and Yea Forums is the most contrarian website in history

he found death note?

>chapter 92 skipped
>chapter 112 skipped
>animate every single irrelevant gag chapter in between
Holy shit, it's true about Japan being allergic to their male protagonist showing even an ounce of initiative or interest in romcom.

Didn't show shit that is why Kaguyafags had to create false drama for attention because nobody actually gave a shit about their off-screen not-sex.

The drama arcs got longer and longer and worse and worse.

>getting mad about not seeing vaginal penetration in his high-school gag manga

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It was. It's just Fujiwara and Kaguya were lesbians. Which is nothing new for Fujiwara.

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>mangafags know how the story plays out
>they are wrong
Animeonlyfaggots are braindead.

I mean, not that I wanted here, but let's make it clear that high-school vaginal penetration can still be a gag in some stories.

Based if that were actually true.

Ishigami saga is the boat arc from Kaguya?

It's a seinen magazine so they could have showed something. Instead the entire chapter is them saying they aren't gonna do shit until the last page where the only confirmation is verbal and then everything goes back to normal.
Literally nothing but kaguyafags desperate for their threads to reach bump limit, even if that meant shitposting.

Yeah it's weird, the new season is pretty fun.

I remember I was there. Reddit and discord were happy for their self-insert and fantasizing about him getting his tiny dick in every other female character. Meanwhile Yea Forums was just a bunch of people who don't even read the manga turning threads to /pol/ and /r9k/ and pretending to be purityfags which anyone who has been on the internet for a week could tell was shitposting and falseflagging but Kaguyafags like to pretend they had some Tokyo Ghoul/Snk/Naruto level meltdowns despite most of their threads dying prematurely. Purityfags don't give a fuck about Kaguya (the character) and nobody is actually seething about their self-insert MC getting laid.