Card Captor Sakura

How is she still so perfect after this long?

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Cute, funny, SEXY, I want to fuck her!

perfectly feminine and perfectly tomboy van diagram overlap.

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You'll have to convince her first!

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She's an elementary schooler...


yfw she eventually grows up and the Chink boy pops her cherry and defiles her...

Out of 10

The secret is her haircut.

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Do the vents cool her brain

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Her lower leg is too long.

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Tomoyo deserves better res

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Wish CCS had pantsu shots. Not over the top amounts of them, but when they would realistically be seen given the camera angles and her movement and whatnot.

thats not the same frame and this cuck doesnt deserve much of anything.

>dissing Tomoyo

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It had two

Wait what


>gets mad at me dissing a soon to be suicidal doormat of a character.
>responds with a cooler character with a better cooler accent.

I liked Kobato more

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Classic CCS had several pantsu .

I don't know how I missed them. What episodes?

manga had none


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cant find the gif but this was one of the few oficial pantsu . I think clamp forbade pantsu but some clever animators did it anyway .... we can say the are based legends .

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Was it of this cheerleading scene?

yeah go make/post the gif user

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Just checked it. There's no pantsu. Just a miscolored frill from her skirt at a few frames.

they repainted in the hd ver. I could not find the old gif on my back up hhd dang it .

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How old are talking about? TV version? Because even in the old DVDs there's no pantsu.

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Syaoran gets to do perverted things with Sakura's pantsu whenever he wants.

Hank Hill butt.

the fuck do you expect, sakura with a wagon?

had the gif since 2001 or 2002

Sakura's butt was pretty cute during the Watery catch episode. Wish she wore tight clothing that showcases her butt more frequently

This gif?

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actually there was another but it was so long ago I cant remember the other scene .

Well yeah, she's a pre-pubescent child.

Really good artstyle and expressiveness. Also being a very wholesome girl.

ywn wake up next to Sakura

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>painted nails even though she's 10

its another episode with a different cheerleader outfit(the one with just a shirt), but its cleverly censored, just a black void to hide the pantsu shot


Imagine Sakura using a Clow card to give you cute nails like this!

Trim those nails, young lady.

They only look slutty on her due to their length. That nail length is slut length.

What's sleeping with her like


Sakura doesn't wear panties. She's wearing spats and we saw them twice iirc.

Is this loss?

I bet it will feel soft and smell nice.

fuck that, if I can't have it, I'll draw it

what does her vagina smell like


i got quads so no correction

Funny how we have her official nudes but not any pantyshots


It smells like my dick.

sent ;)

N-no, nails like that are for girls.

No matter how much time passes something that was perfect will always remain perfect.

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