Mob Psycho Season 3 confirmed!


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>warner bros
It’ll be shit

>PV on the 12th.
I'm so fucking hyped for this.

You're late to the party user,that announcement was months ago.
Warner bros was in production comittie for S1 and S2

Very good, very hyped.

There are only a few chapters left to adapt though. Is it going to be a shorter season or will there be additional shenanigans included (hopefully by ONE)?

IIRC, people calculated the page count and it turned out to be enough for a 10 episode season, but if they decide to adapt Reigen spinoff then I guess it will be enough for a regular 1cour season.


PV and broadcast date tomorrow?

>Toonami STILL won't get it despite also being WB

>still watching toonami in 2022

People still care about toonami..?

This should be enough to cover the remaining chapters, right?

With room to spare, either extending the fights or having an anime original episode or two.

I want the third OP to be as catch as the previous two, that's about it

Wait there is a spinoff ?


The remaining chapters make up 25% of the entire manga if you go by page count. The chapter length got extremely unbalanced at the end so he could end on Chapter 100

The amount of misinformation I've seen regarding people thinking that the manga ended at S2 and this is an anime-original season is infuriating

Yeah we know, it was announced half a fucking year ago

I can't see them tacking on the Reigen spinoff to the main season, it would totally ruin the pacing to have the big emotional ending of Mob and then continue on for 2-3 episodes of the relatively low-stakes Reigen story that Mob isn't even in. I can see them doing Reigen as a 2-3 episode OVA however

I'm very excited for anime-onlys to see pure kino.

I wonder what they think will happen in this season


At least 17 people care.

I already know they're not gonna make justice to this spread.

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Fuck I thought the trailer just dropped, I remember something was supposed to be released in May
well at least it's only 2 more days
Yup. It was quite enjoyable too, so feel free to read it if you want something to read while waiting for the new season. Almost felt like an epilogue to the main manga

Fuck yeah. Finally a great fully adapted manga

Why does everyone want this series to fuck them in the ass? It's not bad, but it's nothing outstanding. Is it just the allure of contrarianism ue to ONE's other project becoming massively mainstream until it completely shat the bed a few years later?

I'm thinking a psychic threat comes along that mob has to deal with while learning about human connections and dealing with emotions like the last two seasons. Oh and his crush doesn't really pan out but he's happy in the end because he's learned to accept himself or something

The comedy is good and it's one of the only series I've seen to actually present "special powers aren't as useful as human empathy" in a way that actually sells it instead of just lip service. I understand it's not for everyone though

That might be why I don't get it.
>"special powers aren't as useful as human empathy"
is an enormous cope from people who don't have special powers.

Mob Psycho argues that yes you might be able to control people if you are born into certain circumstances that put you above others, but it also shows how hollow controlling people with power actually is. Yes you can make everyone do what you want and "rule the world" but what does that actually leave you with? No one actually has any genuine respect for you and you haven't worked for anything that you can feel proud of. To truly have a fulfilling life you need to practice kindness and emotional understanding, which is something anyone can do no matter how advantageous or disadvantageous their birth circumstances are.

season 3 of what dude the story already ended

Claw is a plot tumor not the point of the story. Psycho Helmet Cult is still unresolved, Mob never confessed his crush

Yes, empathy is important, but special powers would be able to create a just world overnight. If you really have empathy, you really understand the importance of seizing the world.

I'm not going to lie but I hate how it ended.

When will dubfags fuck off? You retards don't belong here.

All you can do is control people through force to act in a way you consider just. It's not something that would outlast your influence and fall apart after your death

That's why immortality is important.

>It's not bad, but it's nothing outstanding
By almost every metric it is. Why be such a contrarian?
>Is it just the allure of contrarianism
Jesus christ get a grip.

But everything after Claw Boss was so bad everyone literally dropped this crap.

E-celeb worshipers, just let them praise it.

>E-celeb worshipers
What? Are mangaka ecelebs now?

I wish mob psycho got the murata treatment


It's shit but I'll probably end up watching it.


What was the S1E1 opening scene about?

so it would get better art and fights

that's what the anime already does so there's no point in redoing the manga

Honestly the Mob Psycho manga looks a whole lot better than the One Punch Man webcomic. ONE is clearly at least trying with Mob Psycho where with OPM he does the bare minimum

Doesn't seem like it was about controlling people making you unfulfilled, the premise was Mob trying to achieve things without his power since it never got him what wanted. He represses his power is because his crush had no interest in it, he joins the body improvement club, he chastises other espers for destroying things they can't make, he rejects his inner self that thinks he's only valued for having power. Since it is a coming of age story, I feel like it's arguing mainly in favor of proving self worth beyond what you're born with rather than specifically practicing kindness to be fulfilled. It's saying by asserting your special power to get what you want, you effectively prove the power is all there is to you, your worth is tied to that and that alone which leaves you with nothing if that power ever fails you, making it important to find worth outside of it.

I'm unreasonably excited. MP100 attracts bizarre shitposting, but everything about the series has always felt genuine. We're getting the PV in a day or so, correct? I know it's coming on Mob's birthday.

>I want Mob to become generic Capeshit

>Another anime gets a third season that nobody asked for or even wanted

how? i thought the manga already ended
is it anime original? wut?

Watching any broadcast television seems insane to me. Commercials are unbearable.

I just hope they don't cut stuff or rush stuff like season 2. I'm still salty about the Mogami Arc that shit should have been 3 episodes instead of 2 and they change my favorite parts.

Manga ended on Volume 16, which was between the release of season 1 and 2. Season 2 only goes up to volume 12.

I was salty about it at first but I think its the only thing they could have done from a pacing standpoint, watching Mob get tortured in the mental world woks in manga form but if you just have an entire anime episode of Mob getting bullied with no resolution it just feels like filler. I also appreciate that the anime cut down on the fights with Claw members because frankly a lot of them were pretty boring and the World Domination arc drags on way too long in the manga.

>but if you just have an entire anime episode of Mob getting bullied with no resolution it just feels like filler.
I love it 10/10

>I also appreciate that the anime cut down on the fights with Claw members because frankly a lot of them were pretty boring and the World Domination arc drags on way too long in the manga.
that form of thinking is the reason the phrase "the fans don't know what they want" exist.

This is the only anime ever that i fell sleep while watching it

comfy anime.