>no one cares

10/10 writting.

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Why would you care, she has less personality than the hammer she carries. Only jjk girl with any worth is mei mei

Oh, she's finally confirmed dead?



>Why would you care, she has less personality than the hammer she carries

Nobody cares because she's coming back. Shonen writing is fucking garbage.

Why do people praise this shit for the female characters when there are way better ones in FMA, D Gray-Man or Soul Eater

most of the JJK fanbase are people new to anime

yeah pretty much, it had a decent showing of some of them but then gege went full fujo

Why do we praise any shounen for female characters?

How to fix Nobara explained in one simple pic

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literally who?

This has to be one of the most boring female character designs I've seen in a fantasy setting.

>doujins starring her keep coming out

Why do you guys have such a hate boner for this bitch? Don't get me wrong the series is complete garbage, but she seemed ok when i last read it.

>doujins starring her keep coming out
there's like 2 of them and they're fucking garbage
easy target since she's the worst character in the manga

I don’t hate her, I just don’t understand why redditors think she’s the greatest female shonen character of all time.
>good writing is when girls act like boys

I just want to know what the author was thinking by making her look so terribly bland. 0 visual appeal.

Because they usually don't exist or are treated as pointless love interest

Because she's literally Sakura

all his character designs are like that

>pointless love interest
nobara is just pointless

Because the cheap "controversy" astroturfing is the only thing this bitch has going for her. Same with every oh so progressive oh so revolutionary film/cartoon/videogame from the past 7 years. When it dies out (or when she dies, which apparently is now) no one will remember she existed.

fujo manga
why would they care?


because they were friends?

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What's the problem with that exactly? Where's the corresponding push to give men the narrative focus in shoujou manga?

can you repeat the question?

No, this may not be an excelent design, but at least I see this guy, or the not-kakashi guy with white hair, once and store their look in my memory. For a fantasy series there's a big difference between this and someone utterly and completely undistinguishable for a normal person.

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I think it's because she talks a big game but never really does anything aside from stalling people before she gets knocked out.

There are lots of shoujo where male characters are given strong focus

I don't read this but every time I see a post with her I go and masturbate to that mind control doujinshi

Or we just aren't retarded enough to think she'll die. Come back when there is actual stakes

it's shit writing either way
>oh she wasnt actually dead lol
0 stakes
>oh yeah she actually died and none of ehr fiends cared
either is shit

Kimetsu runs a million circles around most shonen in this department, and no one made a fuss about it.
On 2022 these kind of "debates" only coincidentally come up with works or aspects of a work that otherwise have very little to say on their own. Ie: Space Jam 2 and Lola bunny's tits.

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Every single female JJK character is essentially the same character in another body, of course no one cares.

Because they are ugly.
No, for real, that´s the standard, for the average twitter/MALfag there are only two types of anime girls: sexy girls and well written girls. If a female isn´t sexualized that automatically makes her well written for these fags.

Fujos are always threatened by women in their manga.

Sure, she just wears a bland uniform but this isn't a fantasy setting. JJK is set in modern day Japan.

urban fantasy is a thing

The first season made it seem like most of the women were going to matter to anime-onlies
Manga readers know that the Cat is a retarded homo that doesn't do anything with most of them.

I like her.
Its just that Gege humiliated her over and over until he fully just wrote her out of the story for inexplicable reasons other than him just not liking her character and not feeling like he should change her either. So she's just going to sit in stasis for years.

ANY month now.

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Her friends care a lot. It literally mindbroke Yuji

>megumi doesnt care
>maki doesnt care
>none of the other characters she interacted with during the manga dont care

Who's the groom?

what was the point of this character?

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It was to explain why she is wearing a uniform instead of dynamic, anime clothes

Reminder that Nobuna is a dyke.

They care. They're all just busy with the end of the world.

she's a tranny


>They care. They're all just busy

reminder that maki x mai is more popular than maki x shitbara

>muh money
Mei Mei is the most one dimensional jjk girl by far.


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lol. That is funny.
Seriously, though, the world is ending. Do you expect the heroes to just sit by her bed?

Wincest wins. Yea, it should always

I expect at least one comment "sucks that she's dead" rather than fucking nothing

Because people think a woman having personality means being a man.

too ugly for a modelling gig, loses all her fights, dies a virgin

what a loser lmao


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>If you're not a dainty princess you're a man.