What went so fucking right?

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I really liked this is a kid but now I realize it's not that great.

Koto. Nothing else, just Koto.

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It's unapologetically shounen. It also had good pacing that provided entertainment for nearly every episode.

With that last arc and ending? Nothing

Ah yes, Eugene, Alfred, Vincent, and Dennis.

Not much, it aged like milk.

>enjoyable main cast
>great villians
>great fights
>doesn't take itself too seriously
>main love interest is made clear in the very beginning so it was impossible for shipping wars to happen
Everything went right.

>good pacing
wut? That dark tournament was 40 episodes of nothing but back to back fights. It was like pulling teeth to get through it, it was so repetitive.

>watch fighting anime
>complain because it has too many fights

>introduces the equivalent of stand users with retardedly specific powers
>never comes up again

I've answered this before but in my opinion it's the fact that the main four's friendship feels genuine. So many fictional friendships in anime are just told to us and aren't really believable.

I watched a "spirit world detective" anime that pulled a bait and switch on me by never having any detective work involved and changed over to a fighting anime 10 episodes in.

>I watched a "spirit world detective" anime
Sounds like a you problem.

Yep, i tried to rewatch this recently and man ... it's not good. It didn't age very well compared to other shonen.

Now i'm glad he trashed the ending.

>rewatch this recently after rereading the manga during the storytime
>its even better than i remember
you guys hate fun

What about the final arc and ending?

Sounds like a false advertisement problem.

Should i watch the dub or not? I know Yea Forums is really autistic about this but everyone i have seen says the dub is really good and enhances the experience.

Absolutely watch the dub, it's infinitely better than the sub. Only people that tell you otherwise are genuinely autistic.

It's a shonen with such good characterization that even the female characters are great.

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No, watch sub. Americans cant VA

I couldn’t make it through the last arc. Demon tournament is really fun though.

Only nostalgiafags wold recommend the Amerimeem dub.
>le wacky gag dialogue
>shitty English wine aunt Botan
>shitty chuuni Kurama
>shitty scratchy voice man Koenma
>even more retarded sounding Kuwabara

Watch sub.

It's good.
Probably the best example of an anime being better than its source material.

See exactly, pure autism drives the subfags.

Togashi was forced by WSJ to extend the series so I’ll forgive him.

Even the Wall Street Journal was sick of Togashi's shit

>even more retarded sounding Kuwabara
Say that again, Urameshi. I frickin dare ya

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Barely. It's more like her intonation is a bit posh. Personally I get filtered by JP Kurama, hate me all you want.

>greatest tournament arc in all of anime
>somehow that's a bad thing
This is the most fag take I've seen this month,

Everything honestly its 90s shounen in its purest form and the entire cast is likeable.

Stranged I finally watched it in its entirety (dubbed) a year or so ago and thoroughly enjoyed it

faggot its even better when you get older

Togashi is a hack that just ripped off his more popular contemporaries without planning anything out

As a Yu Yu Hakusho fan I did always find it odd how different it becomes so early on.

Peak fujo kino, togashi’s speciality.

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I just started watching this. I'm 23 episodes in and I think it's really "okay". Will it get better?

Bleach did the same shit, stick to Ace Attorney if you want crime solving ghost stories.

Yes, you’re about to reach the “good part”. There is a tournament arc that is so cool that YYH is remembered fondly as a whole even though most of it is mediocre.

Well everything was going right until it went wrong starting with the end of Chapter Black.

Once the show introduces the Toguro Brothers prepare for raw kino my friend

It's a Japanese program so you should definitely watch it in Japanese as the director intended. This goes for all anime and is just common sense.

No. I'm at episode 87 and am just watching now because it's too late to back out. Almost there, might as well finish. Just along for the ride now to see how stupid it gets.

The shift is more gradual in the manga. But shonen were popular and the anime obviously uses the manga as source and blah blah. Basically, when your protagonist is a delinquent and cases revolve around punching things it's gonna turn into a shonen anime. If they ever reboot it I'd love for them to do more cases like the kids with the "territories" or even the final manga arc where Yusuke couldn't (but still mostly did) punch his way out of the situation.

One of the few good dubbed anime. Up there with Bebop.

Worse than hxh.

Kill yourself IMMEDIATELY dubcuck newfags.


Cool post newfag. Now begone.

Newfag spotted.

I'm rewatching it right now. Literally better than anything on this season.

Its good but you'll start to see Togashi's sloppy writing peak by about the midway point
>First overarching antagonist is an evil human who secretly wants the protagonist to kill him
>Next fucking villain is also an evil human who secretly wants the protag to kill him
>there's a tragic death scene during the tournament. Oh wait actually he kinda missed me lmao
>there's ANOTHER tragic death scene during the tournament. Except oh wait here I am lmao.
And both times the character could have stayed dead and the show would not have suffered for it.

I just got tired of how every fight turned out the same. Hero beats up bad guy, tables are turned and bad guy beats hero to within an inch of life, hero pulls some bullshit magic power out of their ass that was never before hinted at and wins easily. Repeat x60.

I like reading my anime too. It's called manga. Just fuck all the animators that worked so hard for you autists to read the fucking thing.

Just learn moon and you won't have to read anything. I just assumed anyone who uses this board already has.

>I like reading my anime too
So you're just admitting that you have an absurdly low iq?

Sheer autism

Nah my brain don't do languages good senpai.

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>fagget ass nerd
These are the newfags infiltrating Yea Forums. Liking japanese is for "nerds". Fucking kill yourself mongoloid normalfag.

READING is for faggets you retard. For someone that likes reading so much you should try comprehending it a bit more.